Green Bay Packers Focus On Moving On Without Nelson

Randall Cobb Training Camp

Just three days ago, the bigger problems in Green Bay were which inside linebacker was going to start next to Clay Matthews and where the cornerbacks would be lining up. Nobody could have predicted that the focus would shift towards the offense on Sunday.

Now, all hell has broken loose. The sky is falling. Fans are acting like it’s the apocalyptic end of the world, all because Jordy Nelson tore the anterior cruicate ligament in his right knee in a preseason game. START THE LOOTING.

Although, it is not the end of the world. In fact, someone get Aaron Rodgers to explain this in five letters.

R-E-L-A-X. Relax.

To be honest, Aaron Rodgers might be the only one who has a logical reason to fret over Nelson’s injury. It’s never easy on a quarterback, even of Rodgers caliber, to lose a player that he has as much chemistry with as he does with Nelson. Let alone for the entire season.

It’s obviously not a good thing that Nelson tore his ACL in the preseason, but if any team is prepared for just such a scenario, it would be the Packers. Green Bay has more than plenty of depth to step up and fill in for Nelson.

Nelson is one player. While we’ll miss him this season, the offense is still a strong force to be reckoned with. The loss of Nelson leaves one hole on offense, while the defense has multiple to worry about filling before the beginning of the regular season. There’s a lot more to worry about in Green Bay than just the receiving core.

The Jeff Janis hype train has already left the station and is accelerating to the point that it’s going to derail into the sun. I myself have been excited of the thought of Janis finally getting more playing time with Rodgers. Janis fits the mold of a deep threat and could eventually become a big part of the offense this season. It would be ideal for him to plug in the spot that Nelson left wide open. But the expectations are definitely high for a guy who played eight cumulative snaps on offense last season.

The true receivers to be enthusiastic about are Randall Cobb and Davante Adams.

Cobb’s production should see a good size boost compared to Adams’, whose production will be drastically higher than last season. Adams takes on the #2 receiver spot on the depth chart. Now the lead outside receiver, Adams could possibly be taking over the short screen pass plays that Nelson use to have duties for.

The loss of Nelson is a significant injury but to say the Packers don’t have a chance of making the Super Bowl without him might be a bit much. Don’t forget, Green Bay has a quarterback that makes mere-mortal receivers look like demigods, an ever increasingly better offensive line, and a hulk. The super bowl is still in sight. The Packers should remember that as they continue their season without Nelson. You can’t quit after just one injury.

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3 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Focus On Moving On Without Nelson

  1. The Packers depth behind Cobb and Adams have caught about 10 balls in NFL games. If you combine Adams 38 catches to go with those 10 you have less than 50 catches at the WR position for the Packers. Unfortunately TT won’t do a thing which IMO is a mistake. He probably won’t do anything at the back-up tackle position, another mistake.

    I have a theory and that’s for a team as young as the Packers year in, year out it would benefit the Packers greatly to add a FA here or there. It doesn’t have to be a break the bank FA, more like the signings the Patriots do year in and year out.

    The Packers definitely need to add a veteran WR this year and a tackle. I love the Packers talent but it’s pretty much unproven. It would be smart of Ted to bring in a few players once cuts begin. You can’t replace a Jordy Nelson but you can soften the blow. The question is will Ted do anything about it with his $18 million in cap space? Sad but most likely true, No.

  2. Does losing Nelson for the season suck? Absolutely. Do they have other players who can probably (key word) pick up most of the slack? Maybe. Do I think Ted Thompson will be scouring the waiver wire once roster cuts take place to see if there is someone he can sign to offset the loss of Jordy? Absolutely.

  3. I totally agree with Nick below. You can’t replace Jordy’s years of perfecting his game and replace him with wide receivers that have hardly played the game at the NFL level. Aaron will struggle much more without Jordy. Let’s hope Adams is that guy.
    But if truth be told, Ted needs a proven professional at WR even for a one year deal. Another problem is Masthay. He’s back to some unacceptable punts. When will this be fixed? In 2016 after our punting is the joke of the league?

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