The Green Bay Packers preseason is over, the 53 man roster is set for now (until of course Datone Jones and LeTroy Guion return from suspensions) and the Packers season opener against the Chicago Bears is just 5 days away.

Whether listening to a local radio sports talk show or following Green Bay Packers fans on Facebook or Twitter there is certainly a ton of excitement in cyberspace and on the AM-FM airwaves.

Indeed, it’s a wonderful time of the year; perhaps even better than Christmas, especially if you are a Packers fan who is accustomed to winning. My Super Bowl wishes have been hung with care, and visions of winning dance in my head.

My annual season long predictions have been carefully constructed, reserving the right to correct and revise, given the fact the NFL landscape can change drastically from week to week. Without pretending to have a crystal ball, here are my personal predictions for the 2015 Packers’ season.

Week 1 at Chicago Bears:  As we all know by now when Cutler left Vanderbilt he packed up his toothbrush, but forgot to pack his potential. Thus, the kid from Santa Claus, Indiana is unable to deliver the presents for John Fox and the Packers win this game to start out 1-0.

Week 2 vs. Seattle Seahawks: Eddie Lacy is the key component in this critical game and I predict he will rush for 100+ yards and this time the Packers prevail in OT to go to 2-0.

Week 3 vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid’s teams are well prepared every week. However, Aaron Rodgers is a two-time MVP and Alex Smith is not. The Packers cover the spread and win this one to start the season at 3-0.

Week 4 at San Francisco 49ers: Colin Kaepernick still haunts some Packers fans to this day. On the other hand, besides Kaepernick, is anyone else left? This season Packers Fans will not leave their broken hearts in San Francisco. Packers win at San Fran improving their record to 4-0.

Week 5 vs. St Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher is still in the process of rebuilding this team. He’s been at it since 2011. The Packers easily win this game at Lambeau and are now 5-0.

Week 6 vs. San Diego Chargers: As usual Phillip Rivers will play a good game, and former Wisconsin Badgers RB Melvin Gordon will meet expectations, but it’s not enough and the Packers win to start the season 6 and 0 out of the gate.

Week 7 Bye

Week 8 at Denver Broncos: Given the altitude the Packers will have difficulty elevating its game. Manning will throw for 3 TDs and the Denver “D” saves the day in a good ol’ western shoot out and the Packers lose for the first time this season.

Week 9 at Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton keeps one eye on Clay Matthews and his other eye on Julius Peppers making it difficult for the Packers to contain. However, Aaron Rodgers and company win this game with only seconds left in the 4th to move to 7-1.

Week 10 vs. Detroit Lions: The Detroit Lions need to win this game, but in the end they don’t even come close. Packers win behind Eddie Lacy’s career best rushing performance and take control of the NFC North with a record of 8-1.

Week 11 at Minnesota Vikings: Are Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikes for real? The second place Vikings fans thought so until Bridgewater is picked off to seal the deal for the Pack and win this game in a squeaker, and, thanks to Mason Crosby’s reliable leg, are now 9-1.

Week 12 vs. Chicago Bears: Matt Forte has another big NFL game in both rushing and receiving yards, but that’s not enough and the Packers go on a roll and win big improving their record now to 10-1.

Week 13 at Detroit Lions: Don’t choke on your drumstick when the Packers fall behind early and lose this game by 1 point, falling to 10-2 on the season, but thank God Grandma has pumpkin pie and a nice couch to sleep on.

Week 14 vs. Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones still believes Dez Bryant caught the ball and his squad is the team to beat. However, thanks to a late 4th quarter interception, Packers win to improve to 11-2 and give the game ball to Tony Romo.

Week 15 at Oakland Raiders: The fans look mean, but that’s about it. Packers win and are now 12-2.

Week 16 at Arizona Cardinals: With playoff implications on the line for the Cardinals, Carson Palmer and the Arizona “D’ is plays lights out.  Packers lose the game and now sit at 12-3.

Week 17 vs. Minnesota Vikings: In this season finale Adrian Peterson has another big day, however, Minnesota blows an early lead and falls flat in the second half. Packers win the game and finish the season 13-3.

Given these biased and bold predictions, here’s one more: The Green Bay Packers will not repeat past mistakes, will earn home field advantage throughout the playoffs and will play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 50 and win 27-23.



Todd Stelzel, a loyal Packers fan since 1966, is a contributing writer with You can follow him on Twitter at @ToddStelzel for more Packer news.