The Green Bay Packers have recently dominated the Chicago Bears, but it hasn’t always been that way. From 1985-1988 the Chicago Bears all but owned the Green Bay Packers. They beat the Packers in 8 consecutive games adding more fuel to a fiery rivalry that shows no signs of burning out soon. In the mid ‘90s, Brett Favre and the Packers went on a 10 game winning streak against Chicago, earning Favre the nickname “Bear Killer,” and Packer domination over the Bears began once again.

Even though Packers fans are grinning, here are four Green Bay Packers games that stand out as perhaps some of the worst losses to their dreaded division rival: The Chicago Bears.

Bears 23 – Packers 7 (October 21, 1985) – This was the year Packers fans were introduced to defensive lineman William Perry. Bears head coach Mike Ditka used the 300 lb. Perry as a lead blocking fullback blasting open holes for two Walter Payton short yardage scores, but in the second quarter Ditka improvised. Perry took the hand off on a dive play plunging into the end zone for a touchdown and “The Fridge” was born.

If this play didn’t make Packers fan gag on their pizza, then they sure as heck choked on their hot dog when Ditka pulled the same rotten trick in Super Bowl XX, a 46-10 laugher vs. the New England Patriots.

Everyone on the sidelines, in the stands and at home watching the game were laughing except for at least two guys: Walter Payton and Me.

After carrying the load when the Bears were no good he was not given a chance to top off a spectacular career with a Super Bowl rushing score. Instead Ditka gave “The Fridge” the ball. Oh, a few years later after Payton had passed Ditka publicly apologized, calling it a shame. If Packer Nation didn’t despise Ditka before, they did now.

Bears 12 – Packers 10 (November 23, 1986) – In Week 12, Green Bay defensive tackle Charles Martin wore a towel with Bears numbers written on it, such as No. 34 Walter Payton, No. 9 Jim McMahon, and others. Following a McMahon interception Martin came up from behind, body slammed the Chicago QB, separating his shoulder and ending his season. Martin would be suspended two games for this senseless act.

Even some Packer die-hard fans were appalled by the play, who thought Charles Martin’s behavior was at the very least borderline criminal, given the “hit list.”

In another game against the Bears, Packers fans and even the head coach had had enough. Here’s how this ugly Packers loss unfolded:

 Bears 61 – Packers 7 (December 7, 1980) – In this game, the Bears scored eight offensive touchdowns. After the Packers had suffered the second most lopsided defeat in their history, head coach Bart Starr charged across the field to confront the Bears. Starr was upset because Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan had the Bears blitzing from all angles in the fourth quarter, even after the Packers inserted backup quarterback David Whitehurst with the score 48-7 in favor of the Bears.  “We wanted 100 points,” defensive end Dan Hampton said. “It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of pr_ _ _ _.”

If Green Bay Packers fans couldn’t bear the Chicago Bears before this game, they sure couldn’t now. If this isn’t called “running up the score” then what would it be called?

In 2013 hopes were high for the Green Bay Packers and their fan base, but in early November pleasant playoff dreams turned into gut wrenching nightmares.

Bears 27 – Packers 20 (November 4, 2013) – Heading into a Monday Night match-up at Lambeau Field, Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler was out with an injury and Packer Nation thought they had this game in the bag. However, on the first drive to start the game, Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sacked on the first drive. He went to the locker room and returned to the field, but did not play.

The Bears would go on to win the game, ending a six-game skid to the Packers and beating them for the first time at Lambeau Field, since 2007.

After Packer Nation learned that Aaron Rodgers would be out for 7 weeks, they would eventually smile like heck when he returned in Week 17, ironically against the Bears for the NFC North title and a playoff berth on the line.

The Bears nearly had us, but in the end Green Bay prevailed. Thank God, the Pack won or I’d really start to hate the Bears.

Given these four painful losses, Mike McCarthy’s recent slip of the tongue regarding the upcoming Bears game doesn’t bother me in the least. “Go Pack Go” or in other words, according to Mike, “Kick some _ _ _.”



Todd Stelzel, a loyal Packers fan since 1966, is a contributing writer with You can follow him on Twitter at @ToddStelzel for more Packer news.