Much of the Same For the Green Bay Packers

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  1. Archie

    Excellent review. SEA and KC will be at Lambeau the next two Sunday nights. We will know who and what we are once those games have been played. Personally, I expect back-to-back resounding home losses. If so, this could be the year GB finishes as an 8-8 also-ran in the division. What will the homers say then about their esteemed brain trust? With a QB like AROD the Pack will always do well against the weak and even mediocre teams. But to beat the top 10 teams you need to have a good team. Packer defense and ST are usually not up to the task and days like yesterday show us why. When you can’t tackle and can’t make proper run fits, you have to ask yourself, what is it these guys do in practice? Do we train them wrong? Do we give them a stale scheme? Or do we pick them wrong on draft day? Or all of the above?

  2. Jersey Al

    what’s worrisome to me is that the Bears did the Packers a huge favor by not running Forte at the goal line. if the Bears score a TD there, we might all be extra, extra cranky this morning.

  3. Peter Maiz

    Special teams did much better but stopping the run is still the eternal issue. Maybe with all the players back, we’ll limit Lynch. The dilemma is that the more the D struggles, the less time Rodgers is out on the field.

    • Jersey Al

      getting Guion back would have been the most help, but that’s not happening till game 4.

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