What are the odds. When we last saw the Green Bay Packers in a meaningful game, they were desperately trying to secure an onside kick to preserve a playoff win against the Seattle Seahawks and earn a trip to the Super Bowl. We all know how that went, as Brandon Bostick tried to take matters into his own hands, so to speak, and dropped the ball.

Fast forward to this afternoon. After a sloppy first half, where untimely penalties and missed tackles gave Chicago a sense they had a puncher’s chance in this game, the Packers righted the ship and took a 15 point lead thanks to a Clay Matthews interception and return and a subsequent Eddie Lacy TD run.

With only 1:55 left in the game, the Packers defense, porous at best all game, allowed the Bears to quickly march down the field and pull to within 8 points with 34 seconds left.

Suddenly, the mind flashed back to that day in Seattle. Here are the Packers, in their first real game since, finding themselves in the exact same position of having to recover an onside kick to seal a victory. What are the odds? I think you could go to an Online Sportsbooks and place a bet on the Bears to win the Super Bowl two years in a row at lower odds.

The Packers lined up for the kick. Four players were to form a wall up front with Davante Adams behind them, entrusted with the job of recovering the kick. What I found interesting was that the Packers had J.C. Tretter, an offensive lineman in that front four. Sure his job is to hold up the onrushing Bears, but what if they kicked the ball right at him, I thought.

But the Bears followed the normal path, kicking a bouncer intended to get high enough to give their players time to run under it. This time the Packers front line did their job, blocking out the Bears defenders, allowing Adams to comfortably swallow up the ball in his midsection and fall to the ground. The Packers sideline breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Victory preserved.