Cheesehead Radio: Hawks and Doves with Brady Henderson of ESPN Seattle.

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Ohhhhhh, Brandon Bostick. The sting from that playoff loss last season can’t be completely blamed on your greasy fingers, but it sure serves as a snapshot of everything that shoulda/woulda/coulda been as the Green Bay Packers were just two minutes from a Super Bowl appearance.

The Cheesehead Radio gang will talk LIVE with you about the Bears game, the Seahawks debacle last season, and prepare you for the rematch in Week 2 with none other than Brady Henderson of 710 ESPN Seattle, a visit sure to bring some insightful discussion (and perhaps just a little taunting). You don’t want to miss this great show prepping us for the Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks rematch next Sunday night.

Join us on a special night  (translated: not our usual night )…but still LIVE at 8:00 CST on Tuesday, September 15!


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