Some of the Ways That the Packers Can Take Down the ‘Hawks

Packers v. Seattle

The Packers are off to a 1-0 start and now we get to see the game we have been waiting for for seven months. The only game that could get Packer fans to look past a Bears game. The Seattle Seahawks come into Lambeau Sunday night and take on the Pack in a rematch of that fateful NFC Championship Game.

But this is a different team in Green Bay and a much different one in Seattle. Gone are the key players in the playoff loss. Gone is Jordy Nelson due to a knee injury. But Seattle is in much dire shape, and they are as ripe for a revenge defeat more than they ever have. Their window is closing rapidly and could close even quicker with a defeat Sunday night. The Packers have numerous advantages in this game, but there are three matchups that will decide this game and those three should propel the Packers to victory.

The first matchup of this is the “Legion of Boom” against the Packers receiving corps. I use quotes here not just because of the title, but because there isn’t much boom right now without the Seahawks most important player. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are nicked up. Cary Williams is streaky at best and Kam Chancellor is at home holding out for more money. His replacement, Dion Bailey is a replacement level player right now and is a key reason that the Seahawks fell to St. Louis last week. He is a big hitter like Chancellor but not nearly as good in coverage or sound tackling. The Packers can use that to their great advantage while exploiting guys like James Jones and Davante Adams against down the seams.

Our next matchup takes place in the trenches, where each team will vie for the edge in the physical game. The Packers defensive line had some tough moments against Chicago, especially the ends where Mike Daniels, Mike Pennel and Josh Boyd were non-factor. BJ Raji had a solid game, and Datone Jones returns this week. Luckily for all of these guys Seattle’s offensive line is a complete liability to their team. They have only one above average player in Russell Okung and a bevy of unproven players down the line. They traded their center and messed up the chemistry for Russell Wilson, and Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews are looking for any opportunity for a good shot at the quarterback who beat them last season.

And our final matchup takes place between two backs who are more or less the same in every way except age. Marshawn Lynch is well known for his power, and his ability to drive a pile forward is second to one. That one is Eddie Lacy. And Lacy has even more ability to take it the distance. He’s quicker, has better hands, better vision and never stops moving. Even when he’s stopped his legs keep churning. Lynch used to be that way but that has dwindled. Just look at the fourth down stop of him last Sunday. Lacy looks to assert himself as the best power back in the league and there is no better way to do that than against current holder of the crown.

All in all, there are a lot of other matchups to watch out for, but these three are squarely in favor of the Packers and they are the ones who control their own destiny this weekend. A 2-0 start will go a long way, and it will be even sweeter if they can drop the Seahawks to 0-2. Sunday night will be one that we will always remember for its hype, its meaning, and hopefully its result.


Mike Wendlandt is originally from Iola, Wisconsin and graduated from Drake University in 2015 with a degree in History. With a significant journalism background both in writing and broadcasting, Mike can be heard as the play-by-play voice of Central Wisconsin High School sports on WDUX FM 92.7 and on Twitter @MikeWendlandt.

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8 thoughts on “Some of the Ways That the Packers Can Take Down the ‘Hawks

  1. I think we need to start the rookie Jake Ryan. I really liked what I saw of him in preseason. He can’t be worse then Barrington or Palmer who both were late round picks. He has the speed to cover backs and will look to impress playing alongside Mathews.Even though it’s early in the season this is a MUST win for us to gain back respect. We have to stop having Rodgers pull our ass out of the fire every week and play solid defense. Special teams will be tested by the rookie from Kansas State Lockett who I really liked in this years draft.It will take a complete game on both sides of the ball and special teams and where better to show it than in front of the Lambeau faithful. GO PACK GO!!!!!!

    1. I thought Palmer played a little better as the game went on but like you I’d like to see some Jake Ryan. He’s played ILB and OLB in college, put him at OLB and see if he can hold an edge because Mike Neal was pathetic Sunday. Find a spot for him Dom!!

      1. I agree they have to find a spot for him, and as the season progresses, they will. Some guys are just natural football players ()Ryan) some are manufactured (Perry, Neal). We need more football players and less physical specimens making money by playing football.

        1. Excellent point All. Both Neal and Perry were really 4-3 DE, heck Perry told teams he preferred to be drafted by a 4-3 defensive team. Ryan will take time, just hope it’s sooner than later. Much sooner!

  2. I worry about Russel WIlson. If Jay Cutler was able to out-maneuver Packers defenders to avoid sacks and even pick up yards on the ground, how are they going to catch Wilson if he leaves the pocket?

    1. I agree with that. But one big thing that will help is the tape we have of stopping him in the Title Game as well as the return of Datone who is much quicker than Pennel or Boyd and can help contain.

  3. MUST keep pressure on Wilson, he will pick apart this secondary of Packers IF they play as badly as against Cutler and Bears. Barrington’s OUT FOR THE YEAR according to sources, that means a LOT of Palmer and Matthews as ILB’s. Barrington was EAT UP by the Eagles’ pass game in pre-season, he’s obviously not gonna be missed against Wilson and ‘Hawks passing game, let’s hope Palmer can get some stops against Lynch and D-line can get pressure on Wilson on every pass attempt. PRESSURE on Wilson and containing the end of line against the rush–that’s how this defense MUST play to win. Rodgers MUST take advantage of each opportunity to score–no more Eddie Lacy against the D-line 3 straight times and punt, it won’t win this game. It cost them a FG opportunity in the title game that would’ve been the WINNING kick instead of tying the game and going to OT. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, that’s how Packers keep the Hawks in the loser’s column, not by retreating or playing conservative as McCarthy has done too many times in the past.

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