Packers Therapy #259: God Gets It Right

Packers Therapy Podcast

To Russell Wilson’s chagrin, the Almighty smiled on the Packers, perhaps because they drank the right water. In any case, Chris and Dave revel in a win neither really expected. The duo heaps praise on a host of Packers, but turns thumbs down on officiating they believed tilted toward Seattle. The betting lines are back, but the guys need to take a bye next week (due to work conflicts). Join them for the next show after the 49ers game.


Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is the longest-running Packers podcast on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don’t always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.

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3 thoughts on “Packers Therapy #259: God Gets It Right

  1. To say “God smiled on the Packers” is taking it too far, the Packers got the result they deserved by outplaying the Hawks for a change. As for the refs calls–I’d say it was more correct than favoring either side, EXCEPT for the fumble recovery after Elliot’s INT return and fumble. Hawks’ O-lineman Britt came out of the scrum with the ball, the refs should’ve declared Elliot recovered his fumble and Elliot turned the ball loose to get up from pile allowing Britt to pull it out, otherwise all we’ll hear from Carroll is HIS player recovered the fumble and he got cheated. That was the only questionable call that stood out, we all know once the ref signals who recovered the ball, an opposing player can come up with it ’cause the player with possession turned it loose. IF James Jones had caught that potential TD pass in end-zone WITH HIS HANDS instead of cradling it in his chest, the score would have been even bigger–Cobb, Jordy would’ve made the catch with HANDS, before any body part touched down out of bounds. Doesn’t matter now, but it’s just one small mistake that counts later on. On the whole of the game–Packers defense FINISHED for a second straight week–something they’ve failed to do consistently since ’10 SB team.

    1. First off the “God smiled on the Packers” comment was done by A-rod

      totally “tongue-in-cheek” as a little jab towards Russell Wilson’s comments after the NFC Championship last year about God being a Sea Hags fan. Concerning Elliot’s fumble recovery the referee did say we had recovered it right before he stepped away from the pile and signaled it was GB’s ball.Carroll has also commented on the 52yd PI penalty saying we shouldn’t have been awarded that and K.D. Wright shouldn’t have been ejected our player should have been for defending himself when he was getting his helmet twisted and shoved into the ground. Just like him saying that the refs made the correct call in the “Fail Mary” game.

      1. Yeah I realize that but I wouldn’t have gone that direction. I don’t mind players like Wilson or Tebow crediting God with their abilities or health but I can assure BOTH, God doesn’t care about football. Carroll’s crazy about the 52 yd penalty–Sherman deliberately grabbed Montgomery’s arm before the ball arrived and that’s textbook pass interference. I think anybody who looks at the film of Wright grabbing the facemask would have to admit he acted as if he was trying to tear off the head of–correct me if I’m wrong–I think it was Richard Rodgers–TE. His actions went beyond an act of aggression, it looked like an assault. Everybody in the nation saw Golden Tate shove Sam Shields from behind in clear offensive pass interference before he grabbed at the ball MD. Jennings INT’d. IF you had opportunity to see replay on NFL Network, Steve Mariucci, former SF head coach and former Packers QB coach–had the network run the replay in slow/stop motion–he pointed out that Tate’s right hand was NOT on the ball when he came down with Jennings–his right hand was on Jennings right forearm, did NOT grab the ball until BOTH were on the turf, that was obviously NOT “simultaneous possession” since clearly Jennings had full possession before contacting the turf. Various news reports pointed out Hawks’ Marshawn Lynch credited Jennings with an INT, he didn’t think Tate had any claim on the ball. Carroll’s got more to worry about than the fumble and PI play–his O-line’s NOT up to the job and I don’t really think Jimmy Graham’s gonna help much especially IF teams watch how Packers laid back on his read option and didn’t overrun the pocket on pass rush.

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