As I watched Aaron Rodgers dismantle the Kansas City Chiefs defense last night I thought to myself, “Man, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about Rodgers.” Then I looked around at my favorite Packer media outlets and realized no one has really written much about Rodgers recently either.  Packers Twitter doesn’t discuss QB1 in great excess.  In fact, Rodgers is often disqualified from radio and podcast conversations because he is so excellent.  You can’t discuss the key to any game in reality, because Rodgers is the key.

So let’s talk.  Rodgers is on pace to eclipse 4,100 yards and throw for 53 TDs against 0 interceptions.  While it’s unlikely that the 2015 season actually plays out like that, it would be not only Rodgers greatest season, but the best season from a QB ever.  Sure the national guys are talking about it.  Sports Illustrated featured Rodgers on the cover and Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless yell about Rodgers all the time.

The last time Aaron Rodgers threw an interception at home was (on a double-pass trick play) was on December 2nd, 2012.  The first Hobbit movie came out that week.  “Die Young” by Ke$ha was the #1 song in the country.  Ke$ha has since become Kesha and is suing Sony Records to try and get her career back, or something.  He has thrown for 45 TDs and 5400 yards at Lambeau since that play happened.

I understand why it’s more interesting to write about the rest of the team.  It’s hard to expand on: “Aaron Rodgers is awesome, right?”.  It’s much easier to write about the rapid development of Damarious Randall, BJ Raji’s resurgence or how the offensive tackles are struggling.  Those are are the topics to research, to analyze, to expand upon.  “Holy sh*t, have you seen this Rodgers guy?!” is just too easy.

It’s unwise to continue to take Rodgers for granted.  His level of play really should require us to stop and smell the roses.  It’s unprecedented.  Whatever you want to say about the “new” NFL and how its rules promote passing and inflate the statistics of quarterbacks but Rodgers is the all time leader in passer rating by 9.4%.  9.4%!

If you value passer rating as the measure by which to grade QBs (I don’t but you certainly could) Rodgers is 9.4% percent better than all of the other quarterbacks to ever quarterback.  Granted this is a rating that tells me that Neil O’Donnell was better than Bart Starr but I digress.

There are franchises out there that have Jay Cutler as their quarterback, seriously.  Just because Rodgers is so consistent and so efficient doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be discussed.  Just because he’s the key to every Packers game doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be part of the conversation about the keys to the game.

Take the time to appreciate Aaron Rodgers.  Take the time to talk about him with your friends that are Packers fans.  You can talk about the rest of the team too.  The rest of the team has been the most compelling conversation since about 2011.  There will come a time when the Packers don’t have an All-Pro QB, but it’s not today.  Feel free to wax poetic about the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.


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