After ripping through Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs (before letting up and giving up three late TDs) the Packers defense showed the ability to be better than just “ok.”

Dom Capers showcased the depth on his bench, using a multitude of packages that included getting players like Chris Banjo and newly re-signed Joe Thomas some meaningful snaps. The Packers sacked Alex Smith seven times in this game and held Jamal Charles to 49 yards rushing.

Off of this performance, the early sports handicapping picks established the Packers as 9.5 point favorites to beat the 49ers in their own building. Apparently, their memories are shorter than those of Packers fans, who still throw up in their mouth a bit when Colin Kaepernick gets mentioned.

For that matter, 49ers fans certainly haven’t forgotten how easily the demon Kaepernick sliced through the Packers defense in record-setting manner. Perhaps it’s the 49ers fans putting up the early money on this game, resulting in the odds dropping down to 8-8.5 points currently.

It’s an understatement to say the 49ers are not the team they’ve been the past few years, when they broke the Packers hopes and dreams of gridiron success. But does any of that really matter now?

The Packers are on a roll and the 49ers are struggling. The Packers will exorcise their demons on Sunday, but this is not a game I’d like to wager on with the points.