Our good friends over at the Italian Packers Fans Network put together this interesting video compilation of how the Packers shot themselves in the foot against the Lions.

By their own admission, Detroit played a bad game, but the Packers found a way to out-bad the 1-7 Lions.

The video shows 9 bad throws by Rodgers along with 7 drops by the receivers. A worthwhile watch:

Here’s a translation of the slides in Italian:

Slide 1:  Last Sunday, the Packers lost at home to the Lions for the first time since 1991.

Slide 2: How in the devil could that have happened?

Slide 3: There are multiple causes and things to blame when you lose three games in a row.

Slide 4: But as often happens, individual mistakes often determine the outcome of a game.

Slide5: Mistakes (bad throws) by Aaron Rodgers’

9 mistakes (bad throws) by Rodgers

Slide 15: Drops by the Receivers

7 drops by the Receivers

Slide 23: Total errors of execution: 16

Slide 24: This is how you lose at home to the Lions after 24 years.




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