Packers Fall Flat on Thanksgiving Loss

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  1. dwango

    With so many more teams tougher than Chicago coming up, a wildcard in the playoffs would be a surprise – and the playoffs would be a short trip. Why MM changed a system that worked to one that doesn’t (ie., calling the offensive plays) is a real head-scratcher. The offense is just that – offensive and it had better be fixed quick or this season could well end on game sixteen.

    • Searcher

      I hate to agree with you but I fear that, unless things get turned around post haste, you may be right.

  2. oathkpr

    These guys are paid MILLIONS to play like that? Gee, did they have to play on Thanksgiving day? Awww… They shouldn’t be ashamed, they shouldn’t be paid for such a lousy performance! I’ve been a Packers fan for over 50 years, and the way the team played Chicago yesterday was one of their worst efforts ever!

  3. shavager

    The REIGNING MVP got outplayed by JAY CUTLER, no less! That’s how pathetic this Packers team is playing right now–that’s McCarthy’s responsibility! Schemes ain’t working, can’t get WR’s open against press cover despite lining up in stack formation–they ran Jeff Janis deep last week vs. Vikings and had FOUR defenders trying to catch’im, WHY didn’t Janis get a long ball again to stretch Bears defense? WHY wasn’t Lacy AND Starks in backfield on goal line stand with time running out–that’s a 100+ yds night for Lacy forcing Bears to defend him, gives Rodgers option with Starks in screen game on goal line, instead Packers throw the ball away FOUR consecutive times–Rodgers’ play made CUTLER look like a MVP instead. This team WILL NOT make playoffs like this and it all falls on Mike McCarthy–his team looks lost and so does he–his media responses after the game were as bad as his team played. P.S.–Our so-called MVP looked worse than some rookies have this season, this is NOT the MVP Aaron Rodgers playing QB right now.

    • Searcher

      I’m not sure it’s on MM. Forget that final drive, we should never have been in that position against the sodding Bears. The ball was there to be caught on numerous occasions and the receivers just dropped it.

      • shavager

        It BEGINS and ENDS with McCarthy–HE is the person Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy ultimately hold responsible and McCarthy’s just NOT getting the job done. Press cover–Pack’s WR’s just can’t get open–WHY doesn’t McCarthy run more 3 stack sets with 3WR’s on one side, two on opposite, WHY not FOUR WR’s on one side, one opposite? At least that forces secondary to react and opens up defense for at least ONE receiver uncovered. Put JANIS in that 3/4 WR set–and just WATCH defense panic trying to cover plus play safety deep for long ball–that’s at least TWO defenders having to focus on Janis—SOMEBODY has to get open. Run blocking—Pack constantly zone blocks on run plays–I actually saw the WHOLE O-line pull to left behind Sitton and Bakhtiari on ONE run play vs. Vikings–they MUST get run production and it’s time to pull guards, use misdirection plays–especially to help out Lang and Bulaga–they’re just NOT getting production behind these two unless RB can get outside. Pack lines up for snaps–most fans know the play that’s coming–it doesn’t help offense when “D” also knows its coming and that’s an adjustment McCarthy must fix. I don’t see McCarthy still in GB after next year, especially IF this team blows chance for playoffs–a ‘potential loss’ to Lions and losses to Cards and Vikings will finish it this year without a playoff, if that happens McCarthy gets one more year and he’s gone unless they drastically improve next year. Packers just can’t sit on competing like some teams do IF they want to keep the fan base behind a coach. We don’t want to be Buffalo Packers–Marv Levy’s team went to FOUR consecutive SB’s with Jim Kelly at QB–didn’t win a single title but at least they QUALIFIED for FOUR consecutive, the Packers have only been able to qualify for playoffs before getting kicked out.

      • Searcher

        I read all this and it’s well argued and plausible (except I don’t see MM leaving any time soon, regardless of what happens next year) but MM’s scheme put the guys in the right positions on the field last Thursday but they didn’t make the catches. He didn’t drop the ball, fumble the ball or fail to make the interception.

        We just have to think positive: there’s still time to get things right. Maybe the team will get hot in December which is, in fact, way better than peaking in September.

        (Blimey this sounds so optimistic, but what else is there beyond giving up and we’re not doing that until the fat lady is on her last verse.)

  4. Searcher

    For the first time I’m actually glad there’s not a game today. I’m not ready to sit through another frustrating debacle like that. Hopefully I’ll feel differently by Thursday when the Packers will probably be brilliant.

    Doesn’t Aaron usually play very well indoors? (Forever hopeful.)

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