Pulse of the Pack: Down But Not Out

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The Packers got a good old-fashioned ass kicking by the Arizona Cardinals and the unrest is back in Green Bay.  They’re playoff-bound but what is the expectation after the terrible showing in Arizona?  The Packers looked as bad as can be remembered and now need to put this debacle behind them and focus on a week 17 game against the Minnesota Vikingsn for the NFC North title.  Can they bounce back and will it be enough momentum heading into the postseason?  How valid are all of the concerns and calls for change in Green Bay?  Jacob and Jason discuss on. . Pulse of the Pack!

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One thought on “Pulse of the Pack: Down But Not Out

  1. I miss the glory days when the Packers were a multi-tiered offensive juggernaut. Eddie Lacy and James Starks have the potential to be so much more than just rb’s on 15% of the plays and extra blockers looking for assignments the other 85… Why isn’t A-rod dumping the ball off to them when he can’t find a wr downfield? And what happened to the screen pass? It was our bread and butter in the mid-late 90’s and 2000’s. The Pack is simply not capitalizing on their offensive talents, and in a season when this is a short list already, the good teams and good coaches will beat you every time.

    I’m tired of watching the best quarterback in the league (maybe all time)–our quarterback–fail to carry the entire offense on his back. Even when he’s at the top of his game, if you want to go anywhere in the playoffs, you need a multi-tiered offense with rb’s getting more carries AND 4-8 catches for 40-80 yards per game.

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