TTSO Packers Podcast #65: Making a Podcaster

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In this week’s Titletown Sound, Jeremy talks with Chris about his recent article on Mike McCarthy’s future with the Green Bay Packers, Bobbo joins in as they preview the upcoming game with Washington, and the guys answer your Twitter questions and hear you out on the new voicemail line!

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One thought on “TTSO Packers Podcast #65: Making a Podcaster

  1. I was wondering when the scardy-cats were going to rear their heads. If a person would look at the CBA, that person might discover how this might happen to any team. It is the Pack’s turn to deal with “parity” within the league.
    Also, today’s player is not the players of prior to the CBA. Attitudes are different and ego’s are more important than team focus and function. Last year some of these same players were saying the same things they are saying this year.

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