2-Pack: So, You’re Tellin’ Me There’s A Chance….

Packers Talk is pleased to announce our newest podcast, brought to you by Alex Petakas and Nick Bornheimer. Alex & Nick unpack the Packers’ 35-18 victory over the Redskins and look forward to a rematch with the Superbowl 50 favorite Arizona Cardinals. Was it a ‘smoke and mirrors’ triumph over a bad Washington defense, or is the Green Bay offense revitalized?


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One thought on “2-Pack: So, You’re Tellin’ Me There’s A Chance….

  1. Yes there is always a chance that is why people buy lottery tickets. The chances of the packers winning Saturday in Arizona are about the same chance of winning the Powerball jackpot. Sim and None but mostly very slim. Her is why. 1. the O line can’t block the ends. 2. The receivers run terrible routs and are never open. 3. Rodgers holds on to the ball too long. 4. There punter is terrible. 5. Lacy is too slow to the line and would be better on short yardage plays like a full back. 6. The AZ cardinals are not the Redskins.

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