Dispelling Five Packers Offseason Myths

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I understand that the @JSComments section of Packers fans are the vocal minority.  I get that Packers fans, as a whole, are a pretty smart group.  In fact, I’ve found that they are about as passionate and as well-informed a group of football fans as you’ll find in the NFL.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some prevailing lines of thought about this team going into the offseason that aren’t very accurate.  Whether it’s emotional overreaction or “mob mentality”, there are some theories about what’s going to go on at 1265 Lombardi between now and late July that just aren’t going to happen.

It’s not just Packers fans and internet commenters either.  There are national media and draftniks that are misplacing Green Bay’s priorities heading into the offseason as well.  Let’s take a look at five off season Packers myths.

1.  The Packers aren’t going to prioritize wide receiver in the draft.

Yes, the Packers receivers struggled this season.  Davante Adams had a very serious regression from his promising rookie season.  Adams dropped six targets, and also only converted 53.% of his targets into receptions.  It wasn’t a great look.  Luckily for Adams, his two best performances were in the season finale against Minnesota and the first playoff game against Washington.

He’s not going to get cut.  Adams is absolutely not going to be released going into to the 2016 season.  He’s still a second round pick who won the Packers a huge regular season game against the Patriots and a playoff game against Dallas as rookie.  He’s still 23 years old and he only has a $1 million cap hit.  Sure, he might continue to lose snaps to Jared Abbrederis, Jeff Janis or Ty Montgomery, but there is absolutely no reason to release him.

Green Bay is also not taking a wide receiver in the first two rounds.  I’ve already seen too many mock drafts with Josh Doctson or Corey Coleman to the Packers in the first round.  While I have no issue with those players, it would be an incredible misuse of resources.  The Packers have six receivers under contract that are going to be a part of next years team and a seventh that the QB would like to re-sign.

Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Ty Montgomery, Davante Adams, Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis are all going to be part of the program.  Montgomery, Abbrederis and Janis are all key contributors on special teams, making them doubly important.  Adding a first or second round pick to that mix would make absolutely no sense.

The Packers were #1 in offensive DVOA in 2014 and second in passing offense DVOA with Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers and Randall Cobb as their top 4 receiving options.  In 2016 they’ll have Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers and Randall Cobb as their top 4 receiving options.  It’s fine.  Not only is it fine, but the Packers can add a “move” tight end and have already added Montgomery, Abbrederis and Janis to the fold.


2.  James Jones is not coming back.

As much respect as I have for Aaron Rodgers, and appreciate some of the personnel decisions that he has pushed for, he’s not going to get his way on this one.  The Packers aren’t going to keep 7 receivers next season, and Jones can’t contribute on special teams.  The Packers don’t need a veteran at the #3 receiver spot when they can continue to try develop Ty Montgomery and Davante Adams into stars.

Jones proved against Arizona that he could be taken away by a good corner, and that he wans’t vitally important to the offense.  I understand that he won’t see the opposing team’s #1 corner with Jordy Nelson in the fold, but Davante Adams whipped opposing #3 corners as a rookie.

The “nice” thing about Jones is that it seems that no one else wants him either.  He’s more than likely going to be a “street” free agent.  If something bad happens to one of the Packers wide receivers during the season, it’s likely that Jones will be able to be added mid-season.

3.  Mike McCarthy is not going anywhere.  Dom Capers is not going anywhere.

After the Vikings loss, there was a lot of talk that McCarthy’s message was getting stale.  Mike McCarthy has built this Packers program on principles that never change.  His message never changes.  His “nobody’s underdog” mentality never changes.

Yeah, I understand that the Packers didn’t have a great year.  I understand that McCarthy’s offense, for once, was more the problem than the solution.  They also almost beat the Cardinals on the road in the playoffs.  They outplayed Arizona.  They were prepared, because McCarthy prepared them.

The fact is McCarthy is a Super Bowl winning coach that just had another double-digit win season, despite being the most injured team in the NFL.  His offense has been exceptional.  If you put the 2014 offense together with the 2015 defense, you get a Super Bowl favorite, not a Super Bowl contender.

That’s what the Packers are hoping for in 2016, because Capers and his defense are going to be back.  Despite missing Sam Barrington for the year and missing Morgan Burnett and Sam Shields for big stretches of the season, Capers had a top 10 defense in DVOA.  The Packers defense was fantastic in the playoffs as well.  Their performance against the #1 offense in the NFL, Arizona, was particularly impressive.

Capers is going to be back, and he’s going to be armed with the most talented defensive backfield he’s ever had.  Nick Collins and Charles Woodson are the best players he’s ever coached, but the Packers are now rock solid at both safety positions and are five deep with talented corners.

4.  The team is not far off, they don’t need an “overhaul”.

Like I said before, this team is close.  They were just as good as the Cardinals by the end of the season, despite having to play a true road game and despite playing without their top four receivers, one of those receivers being one of the best 6 receivers in football.

The ultimate team, from the perspective of a Packers fan, is the 2014 offense teamed with the 2015 defense and special teams.  There’s no reason that we as Packers fans can’t get that.  Offense isn’t a problem.  All 2014 starters on offense are under contract for 2016.  So are Ty Montgomery, Jeff Janis, Jared Abbrederis, JC Tretter, Justin Perillo and John Crockett.  That’s before any weapons are added via the draft or free agency (lol?).

The defense is a different story.  The strength of the defense, as I mentioned before, will return.  That’s the defensive backfield.  Micah Hyde, HaHa Clinton-Dix, Morgan Burnett, Sam Shields, Damarious Randall, Quentin Rollins and Ladarius Gunter are all useful players.  That’s without re-signing either Casey Hayward or Sean Richardson.

The front seven is the part of the roster in question.  McCarthy has made it clear he wants Clay Matthews to move back outside.  I’m hoping that means he wants to add a “chase” linebacker to his front seven and not that he’s fine with Sam Barrington and Jake Ryan at inside linebacker.  Green Bay will return long-term pieces Mike Daniels, Datone Jones and Mike Pennel.  Chrstian Ringo might be ready to step up from the practice squad.  The Packers have decisions to make  on Nick Perry, Julius Peppers, BJ Raji and Letroy Guion.  Raising the level of the front seven could move the Packers defense from “good” to elite.

This is possible because:

5.  Ted Thompson’s methods are fine.  He got unlucky this year.

Thompson has, yet again, put the Packers in a fantastic position heading in to the offseason.  If he releases Julius Peppers (and I think he will), the Packers will have between $37 and $42 million in cap space to do whatever they want with it (that includes saving $5 million to sign draft picks).  They can certainly use that space to re-sign Guion, Raji, Perry, or even Peppers at a reduced rate.  They could also use it to add an interior pass rusher, edge defender or off the ball linebacker.  They could bank it and use it to extend Bakthiari, Lacy, Tretter, Hyde or even Datone Jones.

Also, because of Thompson’s attitude towards free agency, the Packers are likely to receive two additional fourth round draft choices on account of losing Tramon Wililams and Davon House and replacing them immediately with better players in Quentin Rollins and Damarious Randall.

It’s likely that Thompson is going to head into this offseason with $40+ Million in cap space, a ready-made top flight offense and 6 picks in the first 130 of the 2016 NFL draft, and three more picks after that.  Green Bay will again be among the title favorites.


Ross Uglem is a writer at PackersTalk.com. You can follow Ross on twitter at RossUglem


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75 thoughts on “Dispelling Five Packers Offseason Myths

  1. Ross, that all sounds well and good but it doesn’t look at REALITY: In the past five seasons Packers have WON 56 games, LOST 23–sounds pretty good, right? Well, 22 of those “wins” are against division rivals who’ve had a combined record of 122 WINS, 123 LOSSES over this period! Packers have qualified FOR playoffs simply because division rivals haven’t been much competition. In the past FIVE seasons against teams OUTSIDE their division, Packers have WON 15 games against WINNING TEAMS, LOST 13 games against WINNING TEAMS–that’s barely above .500 ball in ANY sport–that’s a reflection McCarthy can’t consistently beat good teams and they’ve usually been beaten ON DEFENSE, just as they were Sat. nite. Ted Thompson has drafted QUANTITY OVER QUALITY nearly every draft–willing to settle for the MOST picks he can get instead of actually going for some BEST ATHLETES available as he touts. Instead of giving Capers some actual top level athletes to make this defense stout, he’s settled for lower level talent that don’t stand up when starters go down. He could’ve traded some later picks to move up in rounds and settle for just 3-4 “BEST” available athletes that could really improve this defense in weak areas, especially with rebuilding teams needing quantity of picks, yet he chooses to fill his bench with cheaper players by stockpiling those picks. His team continues to compete, they will NEVER reach that higher plane of competition and accomplishment without getting some better talent on the unit that continues to let Packers down year after year–DEFENSE. LET Peppers go, get some better talent for ILB, TE and O-line in next draft and this team CAN make that next step. Nearly HALF of Thompson’s picks since ’11 have MOVED on after their rookie contracts–MOST are not in the league anymore–that’s a LOT of money, roster spots wasted for picks that could’ve been used to better this roster by trading for a few earlier picks.

    1. Trading up is just as likely to fail as the options that TT has used in the past. Jerel Worthy was a trade-up and praised as a pick but flamed out after his injury. And the defense wasn’t really a problem this year when healthy.

      1. Mike–this team gets POUNDED over the middle by every good team-even WITH Matthews in the middle, they design the runa away from him or use his aggressiveness to overrun the lane. They don’t have a single ILB who can run with TE’s in this league EXCEPT Matthews. Let me give some FACTS: SOME of Thompson’s picks since ’10 and athletes he missed out on–he picked Quarless, Newhouse, CJ Wilson in ’10–missed on JPierre Paul, Earl Thomas, the GRONK, Navarro Bowman, Jimmy Graham, Geno Atkins, Emanuel Sanders, Kam Chancellor,–Quarless will be released, the rest are GONE from Pack while these athletes are TOP level. ’11 he chose Sherrod, Green, House, DJ Williams, Schlauderoff, DJ Smith, Elmore, Taylor, Guy and Randall Cobb–ONLY COBB remains on the team while potential stars like Cameron Heywood, Julio Jones, Pat Peterson, Aldon Smith, JJ Watt, Nick Fairly, AJ Green, Mike Pouncey, Ryan Kerrigan, Julius Thomas went to other teams. ’12 saw Thompson pick Worthy, McMillian, Manning, Datko, BJ Coleman among his picks–allowed Luke Kuechly, Donte Hightower, Bobby Wagner, Harrison Smith, Bruce Irvin, Doug Martin, Orson Charles, Alshon Jeffrey to get away. In ’13 he chose some players, most of whom still remain in rookie contracts–Jones, Lacy, Bakhtiari, Hyde, Boyd, Palmer Barrington–only Bakhtiari and Lacy are starters, the rest are depth players who haven’t really helped outside of Hyde. But Thompson missed on Tyrone Mattheiu, Tyler Eifert, Zack Ertz, Giovanni Bernardi, Jarvis Jones and others. Thompson chose 9 picks in ’14, Davante Adams, Linsley, Clinton Dix are proven starters but Adams folded this season like a Jarrett Boykin. Other picks like Carl Bradford at LB, Thornton at DT didn’t do anything before hitting IR. Overall, Thompson’s made 46 picks since 2011-19 ARE GONE NOW, of those picks–9 can be pencilled in as STARTERS, the rest are DEPTH players–some who’ve been good, some that are real drop in level of play when on the field. While he’s chosen to SIT on most of his picks, opponents in division and conference have put together teams Packers can compete against but their level of talent has surpassed that of Packers. With the loss of Williams/House at CB this past offseason, Thompson made MUST picks of Rollins and Randall, this next draft will be a NEED draft again to rebuild a defense that never seems to remain at a top 10 or even middle of pack despite Thompson drafting, signing some 55+ NEW defenders for Capers to rebuild–I promise you–Bellichik, Tomlin, Arians, Coughlin, Payton would have FAR BETTER defensive units with enough players to BUILD 5 COMPLETE defensive teams than what Dom Capers has done with them.

        1. Another FACT. The Packers were 4th defense against TEs this season. You pick the wrong season to bitch about that. For once they were pretty damn good at that and against RBs. Versus #1’s and #3’s was where they dropped the ball so to speak.

        2. You think the draft is a science? It’s not! It’s educated guessing! TT has done an above average job with drafting (Damarious Randall WHO? Quinton Rollins WHO?) How many high draft picks work out? Not as many as one would think. The more players you have to draft, the higher the percentage goes UP that some will have an impact. Thats the simple fact & truth of the matter.
          But thats not his ONLY job! He’s kept the Packers so financially secure & steady especially with the salary cap.

          1. MOST of the top draft picks in recent years are DOMINATING at their positions. Randall and Rollins were picks in the TOP 75 players and drafted for NEED–to replace Tramon Williams/Davon House in secondary. P.S. just take a look at some of these athletes Ted Thompson allowed to fall to other teams: JJ Watt, Navarro Bowman, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Tyler Eifert, Zack Ertz, Maxx Williams, Emanuel Sanders, Julio Jones, Jimmy Graham, Geno Atkins, JPierre Paul, Earl Thomas, Maurice Pouncey, Gronkowski, Harrison Smith, AJ Green, DeMarco Murray, Aldon Smith, Nick Fairly, Patrick Peterson, etc..–these guys were RATED HIGH, they’ve PANNED OUT HIGH talent players who dominate their positions. WHO did Thompson pick instead of some of these: Ricky Elmore, Marshall Newhouse, CJ Wilson, BJ Coleman, Derek Sherrod, Alex Green, Caleb Schlauderoff, DJ Smith, DJ Williams, Lawrence Guy, Ryan Taylor, Jerel Worthy, Jerron McMillian, Terrell Manning, Andrew Datko, Khyrie Thornton, Carl Bradford, Richard Rodgers, etc…definitely NOT world beaters at ANY position and with exception of Richard Rodgers, Bradford and Thornton-_NONE are in GB and MOST aren’t even playing NFL football. In recent TE ratings–GB doesn’t have a single TE rated in top 32 best players despite working out Eifert, Maxx Williams and others before taking Rodgers a round earlier than he was projected. Of Thompson’s picks made since 2011–46 total, 19 are GONE and ten are starters. So nearly half are off the team and only a few are quality starters right now. That’s not a great turnaround for all the money and roster spots used for them. IF not for Aaron Rodgers, Packers would not compete for division based on results from Thompson’s drafts the past five years.

            1. I love how you guys love to criticize AFTER the draft. How about giving Ted some credit too? He had Aaron Rodgers FALL to him @ #24 when Favre still had a few years left! What about Clay Matthews? Did he not trade UP to take Matthews? I guess you dont like the Mike Daniels selection or how about undrafted Sam Shields?
              Its easy to sit back after a few years & judge drafts. If you are so profound at it, why aren’t you doing it for some NFL team since you know it all?
              I remember yelling for Barry Sanders over Tony Mandarich. So what?

            2. Matthews and Daniels were NEED picks, just like Datone Jones was. I’m just saying all you slobbering out of your green and gold snuff tins over his draft strategy, Thompson’s taken QUANTITY over QUALITY when he could’ve gotten some “best athletes” he touts as his strategy. Instead of coming home with 6-7 picks, half of which are GONE by end of rookie contracts, he could’ve gotten some better talent to improve this team. C’MON MAN–Thompson’s given Dom Capers over 55 NEW defensive signings over past FIVE seasons–that’s enough players to build FIVE COMPLETE DEFENSES. You gonna tell us a Bill Belichik, Bruce Arians, Lovie Smith couldn’t improve on this defense with that many new options to fix it? Either Thompson’s poor at signing talent or Capers CAN’T teach defense.

            3. What Mandarich had was a STEROID problem! Stop being only a 2nd guessing, Monday Morning GM! Its NOT an exact science! Compare what TT has done compared to what other GMs have done. Did Phil Emery draft well in Chicago? Heck no! So you need to back the truck up & put your engine in idle.

            4. Mandarich was NEVER the player he was drafted to be. QUIT sucking on that green an gold koolaid, while Thompson’s made his draft picks over past five seasons, Schneider in Seattle, the Cardinals and Panthers have built DOMINATING teams in NFC, while Bellichik’s replaced FA’s, injured starters with talent to make a run at SB this year–despite 37 DIFFERENT O-line combinations of players to protect Brady and his FOURTH option at running back. Let me remind ya’, a “rebuilt” Patriots team came within three points of knocking off a SB bound Broncos while Packers can’t even play on same field with Denver. THAT is a drastic difference in drafting/building a team to WIN NOW! Thompson can’t spend much more time building for “future”, Aaron Rodgers career depends on winning NOW and Thompson’s gonna have to put some better talent on field to continue competing.

            5. Schneider got darn lucky with Wilson! Schneider is Ted’s flunkie who’s dream job is to be the Packers GM after Ted leaves!
              Cardinals and Panthers have had the LUXURY of also having Top 5 over all draft picks in recent years! That also helps the REBUILD & is why the NFL has the worst teams draft 1st draft system!!!
              You think its all an exact science of picking college players who will blossom in to ALL PRO NFL players? Want a history lesson in how many Top 5 picks have BUSTED over the years? Remember the Manning vs Ryan Leaf debate? How about Alex Smith vs Aaron Rodgers? Dont be so pompous that you think the draft is an exact science! It is NOT!
              McCarthy sucks! Plain & simple. The Packers have plenty of talent to win the Super Bowl.
              Ok Mr KIA (Know It All), when Bakthari got hurt, he put in Barclay. Barclay got burnt like a moth to a flame yet McCarthy never gave him extra help to chip block. Then he decided to move ALL PRO Guard Sitton over to LT, a position he had not played since HIGH SCHOOL! He got burnt too & McCarthy still wouldnt add help to block Rodgers blind side.
              Why not move BULAGA over from RT to LT since Bulaga was drafted as a LT & started his final 2.5 years at IOWA (Power 5 B1G) at LT? But no, McCarthy wouldnt. He wouldnt MAX PROTECT to give our golden goose Rodgers extra time since the WRs couldnt win their 1-1s & get separation. Any coach at any level knows that if your basic 5 man offensive line is getting beat like a scrambled egg, CHANGE THE BLOCKING by adding more blockers by not sending as many pass catchers out OR design more roll out pockets for your QB!!!
              McCarthy says AFTER the season he needed to do more of that sooner!!! Any 1st year Madden player can figure this out! But not McCarthy! Hes too stubborn or too ignorant to adapt!!! He has his plan & thats it!
              Balance offense? Really? Look at New England!!! They passed 10 of 12 plays. I saw them once throw 16 straight passes to start off a playoff game! Is that balance? No! Its playing to their strength!!!! Am I saying the Packers should pass 16 plays in a row? No, but closer to that than the “balance” McCarthy tries to FORCE the Packers to have especially with an over weight Lacy running the ball.
              You can pass to set up the run!

            6. Schneider didn’t ‘get lucky’ with Wilson, he’s built a team that can win with DEFENSE and ANY QB who can manage a game like the Ravens did with Trent Dilfer in past. Alex Smith has proven his worth as a starter, he’s NOT Aaron Rodgers but he IS a playoff caliber QB on a team that’s not quite ready to challenge Denver or Patriots this season. AND the solution to Packers’ O-line problems–was sitting on the BENCH in J.C. Tretter–the BEST O-lineman who was NOT a starter but actually could be starting over Bakhtiari who was Packers MOST penalized O-lineman. Tretter should’ve been on O-line ANY time starter went down instead of either Taylor, Barclay, or Josh Walker. I’d let Barclay walk in FA, either draft a future O-lineman or bring in some FA’s to upgrade depth. Taylor and Walker are both young players–maybe with more experience they improve but Barclay hasn’t show much in TWO seasons as an option. And YES, McCarthy can’t prove to ME he’s that great of a “offensive genius” as some fans want to believe–he’s just NOT very good at adjusting to what defense is throwing AT his offense OR making changes when his plan’s not working for Rodgers. He apparently FORGOT what “west coast” offense was–and it AIN’T throwing the ball deep every three-four plays or lining up and throwing EVERY DOWN either. It’s based on BALANCE on both sides–pass and run games–but it depends on taking advantage of what DEFENSE gives you to force them to react to offensive success–and establishing some consistent drives to open up passing game WITH the run game OR the run game WITH the passing game, depending on which scheme is working best against them. Packers were too quick to abandon run game in some games after the bye week when opponents all saw Broncos dominate Packers with ‘press cover’.

            7. I give up! Youre back to being dumber than dumb!
              Of course he got lucky with Wilson! A THIRD ROUND pick who was able to come in right away under a ROOKIE PAY contract for the 1st FOUR YEARS!!!! Thats LUCKY ya dumbass!!!

            8. Need picks? Sometimes the BPA & the position of need actually coincide. Matthews pick was actually one of few that TT actually traded up for if memory serves me correctly.
              Please dont make it sound like it was Favre that turned the Packers franchise around. It was the fact Bob Harlan was wise enough to go after & get Ron Wolf as the GM. He knew Wolf had to have the power to go along with the title of GM.
              You think Favre coulda done most of what he did as a Packer without Reggie W, Santana D, Sean J, Andre R, Don B (FAs who Wolf signed)? Hell no!
              I remember hearing about Wolf trading a 1st round pick for a nobody named Favre who was the 3rd pick of the 2nd round! Tell me you knew that was the right move without a doubt and you are a damn liar!
              It was Wolf who changed the Packers from consistent losers to consistent winners.

            9. Didnt a lot of other teams PASS on the players you mentioned? YES THEY DID! Get off your high horse shavager.

            10. Go compare other teams drafts during that same tenure Einstein! Its NOT an EXACT Science! Why don’t you tell us BEFORE the draft who will be studs in the NFL so we can pay attention to them & see exactly how much you really know talent? Or how much that you are nothing more than a Monday Morning QB, er, GM!!!!
              You think Ted’s ONLY job is drafting? You are really stupid.

            11. 2 top 75 players that were both drafted way HIGHER than their projections! Give the man a break & STFU!
              What I want from you is a list of 10-15 players who will still be available when the Packers pick in the 1st 4 rounds who are going to be ALL WORLD STUDS before the draft! Lets see how you pick out those who are going to “DOMINATE” in the NFL before the draft since you know so much.

            12. The LAST THREE DRAFTS: Do these names sound familiar–they DOMINATE in NFL at their positions: Shariff Floyd, Xavier Rhodes, Corderelle Patterson, Tyler Eifert,Jarvis Jones, Giovani Bernardi, Zack Ertz,Laveon Bell, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Eric Ebron, Odell Beckham, Ryan Shazier, CJ Mosely, Kelvin Benjamin, Jace Amaro, Stephone Anthony, Bernardrick McKinney, Jalen Collins, Eric Kendricks, Denzel Perryman, Maxx Williams, Randy Gregory, Tyler Lockett, etc..that’s JUST FROM FIRST TWO ROUNDS the last 3 years, while Thompson chose his six athletes in first two rounds: Rollins, Randall, Clinton Dix, Davante Adams, Datone Jones and Eddie Lacy–do YOU really think these Packers picks hold up talent wise against those picked in first or second round while they settled for what was left? Rollins, Randall and Clinton Dix are very good athletes, Lacy is starter ’cause he’s ALL the Packers have right now and he’s disappointing since falling off his rookie season, Datone Jones and Adams would be backups on any other team. Keep in mind Thompson brought in some of those “best athlete” players for workouts, then settled for less talented players–and it’s showing up on the field when starters go down. C’MON, you really think Packers have done such a great job drafting? Bellichik has used 37 DIFFERENT O-line combinations this season to FIX his O-line to protect Brady, was down to their FOURTH option at RB, yet they made a AFC title run with a better record than Green Bay against a team that totally dominated Packers in every phase of the game in Denver. Arians and Rivera have built better offense/defensive teams in Arizona and Carolina in the same time period that Thompson’s squandered Pack’s opportunities to improve this team. Instead of 6-7 draft picks to fill out roster, I’m saying he would’ve been better off trading several late picks to grab a THIRD “best athlete” available BEFORE the later rounds. Don’tcha’ think a LB core with a Ryan Shazier, Jarvis Jenkins or CJ Mosely be far better than Jake Ryan, Nate Palmer, Joe Thomas or Carl Bradford? Or TE position with Tyler Eifert, Maxx Williams, Eric Ebron, Zack Ertz instead of Richard Rodgers? Let me remind you: Ertz, Eifert, Williams, Ebron ALL are listed in top 32 TE’s in the league while GB doesn’t have a SINGLE TE mentioned. And while Lacy WAS rated a top back, it’s obvious Laveon Bell, Bernardi or Todd Gurley of Rams are far better talent that would make this Packers team a dominant run game offense.

            13. Why dont you pick names out BEFORE the draft huh smart guy? You are nothing more than a Monday Morning “Wannabe” GM!!! You think you know shit when you dont! Look into your crystal ball & tell us who are the hidden NFL STARS of tomorrow??? Come on MR Know -It – All (after the fact!)
              You think you know something when in all actuality, you dont know anything!
              You think your opinion matters? It doesnt. You think you gotta say something about everything? You dont.
              You point out guys the Packers had ZERO shot at drafting! ZERO! They’re lucky to get 7 picks in a draft & there are 31 other teams! Open your eyes & shut your mouth!

            14. You’re a motor mouth idiot who’s only interested in complaining about other’s opinions and offer NO obvious solutions to fixing the team’s problems. Get ready to CRY your crocodile TEARS when Rodgers is GONE and this team collapses, ’cause they couldn’t compete for division, much less make playoffs IF he wasn’t playing. FYI–in the last five years–teams like Cleveland, JaX, Titans, Dolphins, Atlanta, Washington, Tampa, Oakland and St Louis have had draft positions in TOP ten–ANY of those teams would’ve entertained opportunities for MORE players by trading away a second or third round pick for a couple of late rounders–they are BUILDING team to compete, Packers have a team that’s short only two-three dominant position players to really improve this team. So go ahead, be satisfied cheering on the “Buffalo” Packers under Marv Levy McCarthy–but at least Buffalo’s Levy GOT his team to FOUR CONSECUTIVE SB’s, Mike McCarthy might not see another one in GB IF this doesn’t get some better talent at several KEY positions including ILB, TE, O-line and D-line and they ain’t gonna get’em by sitting and waiting on LEFTOVERS.

            15. Youre just dumber than dumb! You think your opinion matters? I am not even a McCarthy fan dumbazz!!!!!
              At least the Packers have been to the playoffs the last SEVEN straight seasons!!!! Only the Patriots can say the same thing!!!!!
              You must not have grown up in the 70s or 80s when the Packers SUCKED like a $10 prostitute! Your life depends on whether the Packers win or win the Super Bowl, then you have no life to begin with!!!
              Youre one of those MR KIA’s (Know It All’s) who list a few facts but wont say how problems should be fixed or the holes should be filled by whom?
              You wont give me a list of your 2016 NFL DRAFT selections on who EXACTLY the Packers should draft & who exactly will turn out to be ALL PRO STUDS!!!
              You only look back while living in your glass house & throw stones.

            16. I’ve been a Packers fan SINCE Lombardi’s 1962 Champions, I suffered through those 25 years of FUTILITY and poor teams until Ron Wolf traded for Brett Favre–I SAW Favre play a preseason game for Atlanta Falcons vs. Rams in Jacksonville, Fla before Wolf made the trade–Favre was ONLY QB on the field that could move EITHER offense that day and I told a friend “this kid’s gonna be a star in NFL”. When I heard Wolf had traded for Favre, I jumped for joy expecting some exciting football, had NO idea he was gonna be a HOF star but you could see he was something special behind center. And YES–I EXPECT PACKERS TO COMPETE FOR SB AS LONG AS RODGERS IS THE QB, but GB’s window of success is CLOSING EVERY GAME, THAT is why I think Thompson needs to QUIT building for “future”, build for NOW–he should be focused on winning a SB NOW, this season and next before considering any further in team development. WIN NOW like the Cards, Hawks, Panthers are, to hell with three-four years down the road! AND P.S.–I GAVE YOU SOME SUGGESTIONS on top players to watch for–ANY top players out of SEC, their players are dominant whether from Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Texas A&*M or even Florida–rare are players from those schools who don’t make very good NFL stock. And that’s leaving out Miss State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and others.

            17. Dominate? Patterson dominates? LOL
              Bernard dominates? Eric Ebron? Benjamin? Amaro? You need to look up the definition of “dominate”! You are dumber than dumb!

            18. ALL of these players are ranked higher than ANY of Packers players at competing positions and better than most competitors. I remind you–Ebron, Amaro, Ertz, Eifert Travis Kelce, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Jordan Reed, Maxx Williams–ALL players Pack had opportunities to draft were ALL ranked in TOP 32 TE’s in the league according to Sports Illustrated: Kelce at #3, Ertz at 9, Eifert at 11, Jenkins at 14, Reed at 18, Williams at 22, Amaro at 27–and NO Packers TE even made the list. And that includes a top ten list with Gronk, Graham, Olsen, Bennett, Cameron and Witten in those top ten athletes at position.

            19. Just because players are ranked higher, so what? Whats your point now? You jump from point to point like a GD pinball!!!! You are all over the map.
              Some of these guys were off the board before the Packers had a chance to draft! And if you remember correctly, in 2011, it was NOT the offense that was in question! It was the defense as the defense couldnt close out games! So of course Ted went after defensive help 1st & fore most. Are you saying he shouldnt have? I suppose Ted shouldnt have drafted Rodgers either in 2005 when at 24 he slid all the way down & the Packers still had Favre?
              Dont be an asshole! Ted is not the major problem. Its McCarthy! Is Ted free & clear? No. But the Packers have plenty of talent to win the Super Bowl. What was the biggest difference between the Packers in Arizon in week 16 & the playoff game? 2 things – Bakthari returned & much less turnovers for the Packers.

            20. I’ll say this real s-l-o-w so you can understand–GB’s been sitting on 6-7, 8 draft picks every draft when they needed improvement in only several positions–in past FIVE seasons Thompson has drafted 46 players–19 are GONE from the team–and most OUT of the league–that’s 19 picks money and roster spots WASTED, NEARLY HALF his picks. Twenty seven remain including those left in rookie contracts and those drafted last season and ’15. They needed UPGRADES at ILB,TE, OLB, DB, RB and D-line, O-line positions. They have NOT improved either TE or ILB position and Lacy’s so out of shape he’s regressed in production and performance. They got ONE D-lineman who’s panned out as a star in Mike Daniels and Pennel’s future is looking better but IF they don’t resign BJ Raji or Letroy Guion, WHO is this D-line gonna have left? NOBODY except Josh Boyd who’s yet to show much. They got talent in Randall and Rollins but they likely lose Casey Haywood and possibly Chris Banjo in FA and Richardson’s likely never gonna play in GB with his neck injury, so Thompson’s gonna have to bring in some street FA again unless he’s gonna dip into FA market. The WHOLE O-line’s UP for new contracts at end of next season–they not only have to look for future players, they NEED an upgrade over ALL bench players except J.C. Tretter who’s ALSO a FA now. Thompson’s had an AVERAGE of NINE picks over last FIVE seasons-just imagine how much better this team would be with just 3-4 BEST ATHLETE available from two or three drafts instead of some that are now gone. And it’s NOT like those Thompson picked were even considered top talent–Ricky Elmore, BJ Coleman, Andrew Datko, Alex Green, Terrell Manning, Lawrence Guy, DJ Smith, DJ Williams–gone AND forgotten. And with Palmer, Bradford, Khyri Thornton not providing much in bench depth–Packers will need upgrading for backups IF they want to contend when the injury bug hits.

            21. Say it real slow? When you are TYPING? Time to put you away in the old folks home?
              Again, where is your LIST of these STUDS that the Packers will have a chance to pick in this years NFL draft.
              You know it all so I want to see this list of players you KNOW will turn into absolute studs at the next level.

            22. You wanna defend your boy McCarthy, he sure looks very foolish now doesnt he when he relied on Davante Adams all year instead of giving Jannis or Abbey more of a chance?
              Case in point in Mikes idiocy.

            23. Miller–he ain’t “my boy” McCarthy–right now I think Chuckie Jon Gruden could WIN a SB with this Packers team when McCarthy can’t. I’ve been calling for McCarthy to PLAY JANIS ALL YEAR–McCarthy didn’t beat “press cover” on his offense UNTIL he put Janis on the field and defense HAD to adjust to Janis SPEED–something NO Packers WR has outside of Jordy Nelson and Montgomery–both who were lost earlier. Right now, IF I were Ted Thompson I’d be looking for a TRADE partner to unload Adams and get some value with a late pick or depth player for D-line or O-line. Abbrederis doesn’t have SPEED but he does have QUICKNESS in route running, he gives Aaron Rodgers a more dependable option than Jones when Cobb’s on field and better hands than Adams does. BOTH Janis and Abbrederis should’ve been on the field after the Broncos game when McCarthy saw ‘press coverage’ was gonna be defensive plan against his offense.

            24. Now thats a post I agree with. A lot of Packer fans wanted Janis out there especially after Jordy went down. I like Gruden but do you know who’s dream job it was to be HC of the Packers? Sean Payton of the Saints. If only things were different then & the Packers got Payton as HC, I woulda been a happy camper.
              McCarthy is a joke. Ive been saying that even during their SB run 5 years ago. His clock management skills suck. If there were ever a time to go for 2 on the road in the playoffs, it was last Saturday in Arizona after the Packers stunned the Cards with the Hail Mary. The HM was a kidney punch. Demoralizing to the defense. Keep them out there flat footed? 2 yards? You win or lose with the ball in YOUR hands? The Packers defense was tired & after everything went right for the Cards TD drive to take the lead, they had all the balls bouncing their way. GO FOR 2!
              McCarthy is way too conservative.

            25. Well, I’m with ya’ on Sean Peyton OR Chuckie Gruden–BOTH are hard-nosed aggressive coaches who WON’T tolerate players NOT getting their job done. McCarthy’s lackadaisical attitude on sideline contributes to his team’s mistakes/penalties since he rarely shows much concern over STUPID penalties and it leads to LACK of discipline play. I’ll tell ya–NEITHER would tolerate a Dom Capers defense they have to CALL OUT for FIVE consecutive years for POOR tackling as McCarthy has. P.S.–Packers LOST against Cardinals because CAPERS switched FROM ‘man to man’ cover on defense TO ‘zone coverage’ something this Packers defense has NOT been good at for the last 3 years under Capers–they leave holes over middle of defense your GRANDMOTHER could make catches in–just look how open Fitzgerald was on the 75 yd play–there was NOBODY within 30-40 yds in secondary–they were all covering deep zones and closest secondary player BLITZED on the play when defense MISSED tackles on Palmer. And you’re right, especially WITH a lead-McCarthy will go conservative like he did in the NFC title game last year–IF they had advanced the ball just 8-10 maybe 15 more yards AFTER Burnett INT’d Wilson’s pass and downed the ball in Hawks territory, Crosby’s TYING FG at the end could’ve been the WINNING FG but McCarthy chose to RUN Lacy three consecutive plays against a STACKED box from Hawks and blew an opportunity for a critical FG with that possession. Worse than that, he’s too stubborn about his play-calling–every opponent KNOWS his playbook by now and he gets caught up in running same plays when opponents expect it–IF we can see it coming, I don’t understand why he thinks THEY won’t see it coming.

            26. As a matter of fact, before McCarthy was hired as HC, I wanted our 1st year DC as HC. Remember who it was at that time? In his 1st year, he turned that sloppy defense into a very respectable one that everyone could clearly see vastly improving quickly & by leaps and bounds.
              Answer: Jim Bates.

            27. 2 top 75 players that were both drafted way HIGHER than their projections! Give the man a break & STFU!
              What I want from you is a list of 10-15 players who will still be available when the Packers pick in the 1st 4 rounds who are going to be ALL WORLD STUDS before the draft! Lets see how you pick out those who are going to “DOMINATE” in the NFL before the draft since you know so much.

    2. Records against WINNING TEAMS isn’t the same as overall records where EVERYTHING adds up to .500 which would then be AVERAGE.

      REALITY McFLY: The Packers are ACTUALLY 15-15 over the last five years against teams with winning records. So not even as good as you had them. BUT that is the FIFTH BEST WINNING PERCENTAGE VERSUS WINNING TEAMS IN THE NFL over that span. ALSO THE FOURTH MOST WINS and the SECOND FEWEST LOSSES against the teams with winning records over that span.

      1. Your mouth explains your ignorance. The Packers have won MORE than a 1/3 of ALL wins over the past FIVE seasons against DIVISION rivals, who WON 122 games, LOST 123 games over that period-not exactly the epitome of WINNERS. IF the Packers were in the NFL west division, they would’ve made ONE playoff appearance and probably finished 2nd-3rd most seasons. Playing in the NFC North gives them an opportunity for wins/playoff opportunities because their division rivals have rarely had winning teams.

        1. Blah-di-fucking-da. You are a know-nothing motherfucker. You point out something EVERY really good team team does that controls their division for a long – beat terrible teams regularly. I point out what they do against other teams LIKE THEM not lesser teams and show how irrelevant your FACTS are to the argument and still you cannot understand. Hence using terms like ‘dipshit’ and ‘motherfucker’ because you are to stupid, no ignorant, to understand. Nice try though, fucktard.

          1. Hey Obama BOBO SUCKER–Packers have won ONE game in playoffs in past FIVE years against a GOOD team–the Cowboys in ’14. Against teams with winning records in PAST FIVE SEASONS–they’ve won 15, LOST 13–YOUR EDUCATIONAL LEVEL’S ON DISPLAY WITH YOUR VULGAR RUDENESS and LACK OF UNDERSTANDING 15-13 is barely above 50-50 against winners!!! GO TO VEGAS AND PLAY THOSE ODDS dimwit–see how much YOU win! About as little as Packers have in playoffs! The problem with McCarthy’s team? He doesn’t have enough PLAYMAKERS on defense to hold a lead against better offenses, he doesn’t have enough good O-linemen or depth to run his offense and run game. Ted Thompson has been willing to settle for MORE players instead of BETTER players–and it shows up when backups have to play.

            1. Hey COCKSUCKER your reading comprehension and understanding of basic math is on the same level as your mouth when it’s near a cock, IT SUCKS. 15-13 is better than ALL BUT 5 OTHER TEAMS. Even your shitty understanding of math should be able to figure out that with 32 teams in the league and discounting the Packers that mean better than 26 teams. You don’t have enough brains to hold a argument unless you disregard all facts all rely on fantasy.

            2. Don’t SUCK ON THAT BOBO SO HARD–IT’S CONSTRICTING YOUR BRAIN!! PARITY–can you even spell it??? PARITY–the NFL has brought the level of competition DOWN so every team can at least compete at some level at beginning of the season, what they CAN’T control is the injuries that quickly end potential of some teams, they also can’t dictate to GM’s who to draft or NOT, jerkwad!! McCarthy’s complaining now about Thompson NOT getting some BETTER help in free agency–’cause the Pack’s drafts haven’t FIXED anything in the past FIVE seasons!!! The Packers are FALLING down the list as a successful team every season–just look at their POINTS PER GAME AVERAGE: 2011–35 POINTS PER GAME, defense gave UP 22.4 points PER game; in 2015–23 POINTS SCORED PER GAME, defense gave UP 20.2 PER game. While they’ve IMPROVED in defense, they’ve BACKED UP from the highest scoring offense in the league FIVE years ago AND LAST YEAR to 15th of 32 teams–MIDDLE of the league. And it’s NOT just Jordy Nelson missing either–Patriots made the AFC playoffs using 37 DIFFERENT O-line combinations and FOUR different starting RB’s. WHY couldn’t the Packers play on that level–’cause Thompson DOES NOT have the bench level players that can compete against most teams in the league. The O-line CAN’T run block against the better defenses and CAN’T hold pass blocks long enough for Rodgers to find WR’s when press cover is used against the passing game. That means MORE failed third down plays, less scoring since they can’t maintain drives. On defense, this Packers team CAN be beat every game right down middle of their defense as long as they play Capers’ soft zones–too many WR’s are WIDE OPEN against the soft zones–Bridgewater, Stafford, Rivers, Manning, Newton, Palmer all took advantage of Packers weak middle to advance the ball and score. THAT was what beat’em in playoff game against the Cards–NOBODY in the soft middle to cover Fitzgerald who sat down BEHIND the D-line where the LB’s had blitzed and secondary had went deep against other WR’s. Capers made a HUGE mistake switching FROM ‘man to man’ in middle of third quarter for the ‘zone’ pass defense–it took just a quarter and three plays to beat GB’s defense that had been dominating the passing game. They’ve made the playoffs FIVE consecutive years ’cause of the division they are in–but won only 3 of SEVEN playoff games–two of those wins against the WORST team in NFC to qualify each year in ’12 and ’15.

          2. Hey Obama BOBO SUCKER–Packers have won ONE game in playoffs in past FIVE years against a GOOD team–the Cowboys in ’14. Against teams with winning records in PAST FIVE SEASONS–they’ve won 15, LOST 13–YOUR EDUCATIONAL LEVEL’S ON DISPLAY WITH YOUR VULGAR RUDENESS and LACK OF UNDERSTANDING 15-13 is barely above 50-50 against winners!!! GO TO VEGAS AND PLAY THOSE ODDS dimwit–see how much YOU win! About as little as Packers have in playoffs! The problem with McCarthy’s team? He doesn’t have enough PLAYMAKERS on defense to hold a lead against better offenses, he doesn’t have enough good O-linemen or depth to run his offense and run game. Ted Thompson has been willing to settle for MORE players instead of BETTER players–and it shows up when backups have to play.

        2. FYI – Randall got confused in his assignment on the long play with Fitzgerald. You are correct about tackling always being a problem with Capers defenses & McCarthy always saying how theyre gonna fix it yet they never do.
          I also agree that the Packers defense cant play zone coverage for shit& for Capers not to see that is in excusable.
          But there is plenty of talent on that roster. Remember, only the Packers & Patriots are the only teams that have made the playoffs the past 7 years in a row.

  2. Great article Ross. I agree with every point.
    #1 No receivers are needed. A-Rod has a lot of trust in Abby and even Adams, hence the consistent targets to Davante. 6 deep is plenty and there are street guys who will be available as well as promising practice squad guys.
    #2 I love and Respect Jones, but you’re right, there is no place for him anymore. His speed is now at the tight end level and he cannot get separation anymore. Hopefully he can retire with grace and jump into a player development role much like Edgar Bennett did after his retirement.
    #3 People calling for the heads of MM and TT are delusional to me. I will take consistent winning and consistently giving yourself a chance over mortgaging 10 years of futility for one shot at winning it all. Look at San Francisco, Denver in the near future, etc. They missed their chances and are now or are likely to become doormats.
    #4 Agreed again on that this team doesn’t need an overhaul. A small influx of talent will be great and there are some options in the draft and in free agency (LaDarius Green, Coby Fleener?) But this team is on the precipice right now. Look how well they played the consensus best team in football Saturday night.
    #5 Thank you for being rational about Ted. When he dips into FA, it works much more often than not. I respect that man a lot and the fact that he always has a roster that is envied by opponents, hence the raises to salaries of practice squaders who wouldn’t have been cut by other teams.

    Thanks for this. I was thinking of writing this myself, but you covered all my ideas beautifully.

    1. Agree with all except we do NOT have any promising practice squad receivers. If we had them, we would have brought one up instead of a CB at the end of the year. White and Johnson are nothing more than possession receivers. Johnson ran a 4.58

    2. You had me until you said those of us who wish McCarthy would leave are delusional. McCarthy is a JOKE! He doesnt make adjustments. Case in point:
      Yesterday he made mention of this by talking about not helping out the LT position when Bakthari went down. Duh! Did you see how bad Barclay was consistently getting beat on every passing play? Yet McCarthy wouldnt add an extra blocker to that side to help? How about sliding over Bulaga who was drafted as a LT & who started his last 2.5 years at LT at a Power5 B1G Iowa? Not that complicated & Im sure not a football genius but that seems to be more about football common sense.
      And nobody talked about this – On Saturday, with about 3 minutes to go & 2nd down and 10+ yards to go on the Packers own 20, McCarthy RAN the ball! Why? To eat up more clock against his own offense?
      I’m sorry, wait, no I’m not, everyone says the offense needs balance. Right? WRONG! Funny how the Patriots can pass the 11 straight plays without a running play & be successful! Now am I saying the Packers should do that? No. But if the run isnt working, stop trying to force it!

      1. Miller it was SECOND AND SIX yards to go with 3:20 on the clock. Nothing wrong with that call.

        1. Nothing wrong with the call? Really? When time is of the essence? Its not like the Packers were only down 3 points! They were down 4 which means they needed a TD! And the ONLY reason that call isnt brought up, is because whether it was Arians or Palmer who called for the pass play, that save the Packers some time on the clock!
          At least pretend to know something about football Arthur!

          1. Anybody that know a fucking thing about football, which you clearly don’t you fucking moron, knows you do not abandon half of you’re offense until you have to.

            1. You are clearly the ignorant one! You dont run the ball on 2nd & 6 on your own 24 with 3mins left to play in the game & youre down by 4!!!! Time is of the essence dumbass! I guess you have never played Madden?
              Abandon 1/2 your offense until you have to? When you have 76 yards to go in less than 3 minutes, you pass pass pass!
              Guess what else? Ive seen the Patriots pass pass pass to open up a game! Thats giving up 1/2 their offense BEFORE they have to!! How dumb are you Artie Aint Very Smarty?

            2. Jesus Christ are you ever one stupid asshole! I truly feel sorry for anybody that knows you personally. What a fucking bore.

            3. So tell me Mr Einstein of football, what’s the difference between a “misdirection” & a “counter”? If you know so much about football & nobody knows as much about you, tell me the answer to this without looking it up!

            4. How about you tell me what is the difference between millerforrest and a retarded asshole? That’s right, there isn’t any difference.

            5. Know the difference between YOU & a bucket of crap? THE BUCKET!

  3. Exactly. Thank you for posting this. With the one caveat – Peppers isn’t going anywhere next year. He wasn’t as dynamic as he was in 2014, but he was a pretty darn effective OLB overall, and they have the cap room.

  4. Ross will get a nice pat on the head by his betters at 1265 Lombardi.
    All is well in Packerland and the 2015 season was a success. Those darn injuries are the only reason the team is not in its 6th Super Bowl in a row.

    What a homer.

  5. I can agree with all the points except one…McCarthy has been outcoached in almost every big game (playoffs in particular) if you take out the superbowl season (where they caught some teams off guard). This team has underachieved despite the fact that Thompson has put a good quality roster together. Look no farther than their last game. Everyone was excited that we lucked out on another AR hail mary. Reality says we shouldn’t have been in that spot. Forget about blowing six of the last ten games against mostly marginal opponents…GB was blowing AZ’s D out early in the third Q running the ball….then we stop running. Like a fat Lacy or not, he could not be stopped, Packers score a touchdown, and then McCarthy gives him 2 carries the rest of the game. That appears to be coaching….you stop what is working so we can “surprise them”? GB should have never been behind after that. Despite the injuries, it looked like Ab and Janis could do the job better than Cobb and Adams against one of the best D’s in football. Coaching is probably the issue but GB is so worried about not returning to the marginal 1970’s (and keeping the money machine going) that they will never press for a higher level of performance and therefore retain a coach that can beat the marginal teams but seldom beat the good ones.

    1. That’s a logical fallacy. First of all you assume the teams could have did better. There is no proof they are even as good as they have shown, much less better. McCarthy may have coached great, but that the other coach coached better is a possibility. McCarthy may have out-coached the other coach, but the other coach had more talent because of the GM. McCarthy may have out-coached the other coach, but the other coach had more talent because of injuries. McCarthy may have out-coached the other coach, but the other coach got lucky. Example: how many tough catches of interceptions have you seen Sam Shields make in the playoff and regular season yet he dropped two that were fairly routine for him.

      Of course McCarthy sucking dog balls coaching-wise but Arians just sucking slightly less is a possibility also.

      1. Are you just dumb or were you born stupid Arthur? McCarthy has been blessed with Favre & Rodgers as his QBs. Look what hes done when he hasnt had either (2 years ago when Rodgers was out for 7 games). McCarthy has plenty of talent especially at THE position! Open your eyes! McCarthy wins because of the talent! Rodgers covers up many of McCarthys short comings!
        You think offenses have to have balance? Look at the Patriots! They can pass the ball 10 plays out of 12 & Ive seen them pass 11 plays in a row! Am I suggesting the Packers do that? No. But lets give Rodgers more opportunities to make plays!

        1. Holy fuck, did you just say teams win because of talent? You a bright on aren’t you? At least you can type, but apparently the brain power required to do that saps you of any other higher brain function you could possibly have. I spell the shit out for you like you are a fucking first grader and you still don’t get.

          1. The Packers win IN SPITE of McCarthy dumbass, not because of McCarthy! How much better can I spell it out for you ya uneducated butt pirate?

            1. Youre not just a member of the ALL RETARDS, but you are also the CLUB PRESIDENT! Congrats!

            2. And yet you still can’t come up with one shred of evidence that you are even close to being smart enough to be allowed to join the ALL RETARD club. No wonder you hate them so much. I pity you.

            3. You’re so dumb, I bet you don’t even have a G.E.D. because you cannot even spell “G.E.D” (Hint: I just spelled “G.E.D.” three times for you dumbazz!)

            4. Youre not just a member of the ALL RETARDS, but you are also the CLUB PRESIDENT! Congrats!

  6. The Packers need to add quality offensive linemen as their starters can’t stay healthy (right tackle for sure) and AR was shacked way to much.

  7. The Packers need to add quality offensive linemen as their starters can’t stay healthy (right tackle for sure) and AR was shacked way to much.

  8. In my humble opinion under TT the Pack will continue as also rans. Although Randall has played well this season he still can not make an open field tackle and would of been available in later rounds. TT could have addressed Team needs and selected Kendricks or Goldman with first pick, future long term stars, instead of letting them go to division rivals. If Packers did have a legitimate middle linebacker this season how far could they have went in playoffs. Also Arron will not be playing forever – need to win before he is no longer playing

  9. Couldn’t disagree more. Capers needs to go. McCarthy needs to manage games better and quit calling plays. He loves Lacey too much and Lacey needs to get better or get out. Starkes is the guy we need to have with an even better runner. Not to mention that the offensive line is not very good anymore. We will not have Rodgers much longer. Shavager is correct on all his points.

  10. For all of you Mike McCarthy lovers out there, lets see Mike exposed when he doesn’t have FAVRE or RODGERS at QB.

  11. It’s time for Ted to take a longer look at free agency for talent. We’re so close to a Superbowl and with over $30+ million in cap space there is no reason he shouldn’t sign at least one player from a different team to help get us over the hump. Signing Ladarius Green will fix our problem at tight end, and he’ll come fairly cheap. I’m glad someone acknowledged that we need another pass rusher. I think Peppers is likely to come back even with a $9.5 million salary since he had 10.5 sacks, but at age 36 he’ll see reduced snaps which means we’ll need another great pass rusher at DE on the left side to pair with CM3 and Mike Daniels. One option that no one is talking about is Mario Williams, the Bills plan to cut him and if they do then Ted should jump to sign him. He’ll come at a cheaper price then the other great pass rushers available and will make a huge impact. Another option is Malik Jackson, having either will allow Peppers to drop back in coverage more where he has proven to be effective. In terms of inside linebacker I think picking up someone like Demario Davis or Danny Trevathan in the second or third wave of FA would be a significant upgrade over what we have at the position right now. We can’t count on Ragland being available at pick 27, so signing someone in free agency is the safer bet. In terms of our own free agents I think Ted should let Neal and Hayward go, we’re set at DB and Neal has been average at best. Perry should come back but for no more then $2.75 million given his injury history. We should bring Raji and of course Crosby back, then draft some NT’s and OLB’s OL’s to replenish the positions. Hopefully Ted will stop acting so stubborn and give us the pieces necessary to get to the promise land.

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