2016 NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers Draft Board Risers and Fallers


UP S.T.A.R. The type of receiver that gives the offense an identity. At 6’3 219, he has the tools and toughness to consistently make impact plays. In a below-average receiver class, Laquon is the cream of the crop.

The Packers have a remote chance of drafting him at pick 27.



DOWNSome great college players just do not translate well to the pros. Bosa does a good job setting the edge and is often able to get full arm extension against blockers. What he does not do well is disengage from those blockers. He also struggles to locate the ball at times. Joey’s ceiling is as high as any because he has rare athleticism for his size (6’6 276), but where does he fit best as a pro? 

Bosa’s draft stock could fall due to those concerns, and if he is available at 27, the Packers should be wary of drafting another defensive lineman with position concerns.



UPTackling machine. Brothers’ knowledge of the inside linebacker position shows up on gameday. Does not have prototype size or athleticism, although he did weigh in at 6’0 249, at the Senior Bowl. He excels at locating the ball and taking away running lanes. Was also a productive special teams player in college, blocked 3 kicks in his senior season.

At this point, Kentrell is projected to be a 2nd-3rd round pick. Brothers would be an excellent fit at inside linebacker in Green Bay. His instincts and tackling ability could be a catalyst for an already ascending Packers defense.



DOWNIntense competitor, which leads to big plays. However, he may have trouble in coverage because he lacks suddenness in his movements. At 6’1 229, Wright is also not a thumper, so his ceiling could be limited at the next level. Makes a lot of noise behind the line of scrimmage, but takes poor angles to the ball and gets beat in space.

Scooby fits the mold of recent Packer draft picks like Carl Bradford, Jake Ryan, and (undrafted) Joe Thomas.



UPNFL position is unclear at the moment, but that’s not a bad thing. Dodd can beat blockers with a full arsenal of pass rush moves. 4-3 teams are sure to like him at Defensive End, but don’t be surprised if his pass rushing skills attract a 3-4 suitor.

The buzz surrounding Dodd is very similar to that of Datone Jones in 2013. Dodd (6’5 280)is slightly taller and more athletic than Datone, but they both receive praise for their work ethic and hand usage. Dodd could find his way into the back half of the 1st round and could be a need for Green Bay depending on the contract status of current Packers defensive linemen/rush linebackers: Julius Peppers, B.J. Raji, Leroy Guion, Mike Neal, and Nick Perry.



DOWNAt 6’5 244, Kyler has the size and speed to make an impact as an edge rusher in the pros. He does have some stiffness in his movement though. The tools are there but he needs to work on his hand use to maximize his talent.

Green Bay could see a lot of potential value if Fackrell is still available in Round 3, but Ted Thompson has steered clear of drafting players with prior ACL injuries. Aaron Rodgers is the only one that comes to mind.



UPFits the slot receiver mold. 5’10 163, but his quickness and route running make him extremely productive. Last season, Braverman recorded 108 catches for 1,367 yards and 13 touchdowns. He was not expected to declare for the draft, which makes him a mid-round sleeper this year.

The Packers have a reputation for finding value on the second and third days of the NFL Draft, and Braverman could be a player with too much potential to pass on in rounds 3-5. 



5 thoughts on “2016 NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers Draft Board Risers and Fallers

  1. Love Tredwall, Brothers, and Dodd. Also like more than ANYONE..Hunter Henry!!! Pull the trigger Thompson, even if you don’t “Feel” it’s a good value. The guy would be an instant star in Green Bay and take them over the top on offense. OMG… Could you imagine Nelson, Cobb, Montgomery, and Henry with Lacy in the backfield as your Base offense? I can, and it’s great!

  2. There is no way they take Treadwell if he drops to 27 (and I would be surprised if he fell outside the Top 10). If they need to, TT would likely trade down with a team that wants Treadwell if he was there. With so many weapons coming back from injury next year I would not expect a receiver until the late rounds, but I would love to see Brothers come in or if a miracle occured and Ragland or Jaylon Smith fell.

    1. I like all your choices for ILB Mike but if Hunter Henry is there you take him and don’t think twice. Ryan played better and better with each game he played and I think Ted could move up a few spots in the second to secure Brothers. TT loves his picks but he also “Over Drafts” players all the time. McMillion, Neal, Thronton, Richard Rodgers are just a few. Neal has turned out alright after they stopped trying to make him a 315 pound lineman, his body just broke down with all that weight. Thornton and Rodgers were both 6th rounders at best, McMillion a UDFA, or what about Ricky Elmore?

      The Packers will have 9 picks this year after the “Comp Picks” their awarded. If it took the Packers 4th or 5th round pick (Or Both) to move up in the 2nd round to get Brothers THEN DO IT!!! Rodgers was what, 27 or 28 when he won a SB? He’ll be 32 this year and there’s no guarantee he’ll play until he’s 38 like Brady. This is a “What have you done for me lately” business. IMO Thompson hasn’t done enough and if he doesn’t start he’ll have just that one SB in spite of having 2 of the best QB’s to ever play the game.

      1. No guarantee, but Rodgers has stated and believes he can play till 40 yrs old, much like Brady is going to. Unless of course a major injury occurs I think its more likely Rodgers plays 7 or 8 more years than not.
        Henry would be smart pick at TE. Dream scenario Darron Lee at ILB! He is the ideal fit at ILB for the Packers.

        I expect the comp picks to be on OL, one of either OT and OG, to provide depth and groom to take over for Sitton and Lang.

        Packers could definitely use an edge rusher too. Dodd would be my pick, but a couple others are possible. Brothers, Ragland and Scooby Wright strike me very much as 2 down ILB that will struggle in space/coverage much like Ryan and Barrington. Need a speed, chase and coverage ILB not another thumper type.

    2. I think Ragland is a 2 down NFL ILB. He may have been able to play in space but I don’t see him transitioning to that role in the NFL. Great 2 down ILB, but it doesn’t address the Packers need for a run and chase coverage ILB. Same goes for Brothers and Scooby Wright. They are going to be very much in the Jake Ryan mold for the Packers. With Matthews expected move outside again, the need to fast coverage ILB is accute.
      IMO Morrison from U of Florida and Terrence Smith better fit the speed and coverage ILB the Packers need. Dream scenario is Darron Lee falls to the Packers. He’s the IDEAL ILB for the Packers!
      Like Dodd alot as well, even if his position is debatable at the moment. His pass rush potential is as high as anyone in the draft. Either way he’s an edge rusher to take over Peppers role in the D.

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