2-Pack: But Seriously…How Good Does Eddie Lacy Look?

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  1. Dan Stodola

    I would consider the photo’s of Lacy a step in the right direction… Hopefully. Chance that the photo’s were photoshopped to make them look better, and its not a full length shot to really show his mid-section enough to say definitively that he’s lost weight. We’ll know much more when OTA’s and training camp arrive. Hopefully, he shows up looking like the Lacy that played at Bama and the combine, not the ever growing waistline Lacy that he’s really been since his rookie training camp. I want the 230 lb Lacy I saw prior to his 1st GB training camp, which was clearly about 10 lbs heavier. This has been coming gradually until it blew up in his face before training camp last year.
    Make it happen Eddie. Dedicate yourself to conditioning, watching what you eat and basically being a Professional the year round!

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