The Green Bay Packers are one of football’s finest franchises. With a dedicated fan base and highly competitive roster, they demand success. Usually, with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, they get it. However, their hard-hitting running back Eddie Lacy fell below his and the team’s expectations last season. The offense certainly suffered as a result. However, he has lost weight, refined his skill set, and changed his mindset. Could this be what Mike McCarthy’s men need to be achieve Super Bowl success this coming season?

Lacy, when in full flow, protects Rodgers and also gives him a break from throwing the ball. However, last season he let himself go, and the team struggled after that.

He was told not so subtly (publicly and certainly privately as well) to lose weight. He did just that. He spent time with Tony Horton, the founder of P90X, a famous workout regime.

It worked.

The two-month camp changed his body, his mind and the Packers’ chances of success. There’s plenty of sports to bet on this summer, but maybe it’s worth investing your time on Lacy’s Packers.

Horton explained “I wasn’t here to do football stuff. I mean, I made him do yoga. We went to boxing classes. We did P90X, we did P90X2, we did 22 Minute Hard Corps, we did a lot of my personal workouts. We did pull-ups and push-ups until we couldn’t lift our arms. We did everything.”

Lacy never had a problem playing football. He had a problem staying in shape. This could- and should- fix Lacy’s underlying issues. Which in turn should rapidly improve the Packers.

When Lacy was asked how much weight he lost, he simply replied, “enough to be lighter,”.

Everybody that has seen him believes he is in the shape of his life, and that can only be good news for the Packers.

When he is in good shape he can protect Rodgers, he can get the short-yardage plays needed to extend the drive. He can also burst in to the open field for big-yardage plays. He’s a classy player, with a brilliant football skillset. However, he let himself go, and that can’t be recovered during a tough NFL season. However, it can- and has been- fixed during the offseason. All of this and he hasn’t even started regular preseason training camp with the Packers.

If he’s in top personal shape then the Packers camp should only improve upon the fitness he obtained from Horton’s camp, and his football abilities should become second nature again.

We are a little ways away from the season, and Lacy is already more ready than he was last season. Just imagine how good he’ll be on opening day!

His weight loss might not just improve his career, but it makes the Packers top contenders to bring the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy back home.

Over to you, Lacy.