Cheesehead Radio: Jerry Kramer for Pro Football Hall of Fame

Cheesehead Radio and are joining the massive effort across Cheesehead Nation on July 8th to give one final push to get Jerry Kramer nominated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is the final year Jerry’s family is going to make that push to the NFL Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, and we need your help! Follow the #JerryKramer4HOF hashtag on Twitter, follow all of the amazing articleson nearly every Green Bay Packer blog dedicated to this Packer great, and most of all, help out by writing all of the Nominating Committee members with a polite, but frank letter requesting they give Jerry Kramer his due.

To honor Jerry, Cheesehead Radio has dug deep into the vaults to bring you two priceless interviews, the first with Jerry Kramer himself. Listen in as the CHR gang listen to all those great stories of the Lombardi era, only as Jerry can tell them. Then, Jerry’s daughter, Alicia, joins us for an interview detailing all the efforts she’s made over the years to help get her father nominated with so many of his teammates into Canton. It’s a great show, so listen in today on Jerry Kramer for Hall of Fame Day!

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3 thoughts on “Cheesehead Radio: Jerry Kramer for Pro Football Hall of Fame

  1. The NFL Hall of Fame supposedly recognizes the best players and their contributions for teams they played for. It is ridiculous that arguably one of the two best guards of his time who not only was a vital cog in his team’s offense but is the ONLY offensive linemen ever to substitute for team place kicking duties and score most of that team’s points in an NFL title game, the 16-7 Packers win in 1962 Championship. Kramer was a vital cog in that famed “Packer’s sweep” that led Green Bay to 5 of 6 NFL championships and two Super Bowl titles in an incredible 7 year span that NO NFL has ever repeated. I personally believe Kramer has been blackballed because of his book “Instant Replay” which I’m sure many of those connected with Hall of Fame either dislike for him opening doors into the locker room before acceptable or just jealous Kramer was able to do so before they were. IF individual talent and contributions to his team’s success are most important–Jerry Kramer should’ve been a Hall of Fame inductee long before many others who have been elected.

    1. You may be onto something with “Instant Replay.” It makes no sense otherwise to keep him out of the Hall.

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