The Green Bay Packers will have spent at least four nights practicing under the lights before going into the first of their preseason games. After an opening week of intense training in the early morning, head coach Mike McCarty is turning his attention to the evening workouts, which should give NFL betting odds enthusiasts a little more data to analyze.

If Veteran Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is to be believed, then the intensity of nighttime practice will be made more bearable and enjoyable by the incredible fan support.

An estimated 66,000 warm bodies filled the seats at Lambeau Field for the annual family Night Practice on Sunday. McCarthy thought the Ninety-Minute Long practice session was fruitful, this despite all the distracting attractions in play.

The rookie that he is, Blake Martinez was expectedly awed by the astonishing reception from the crowd when he ran onto the field. For McCarthy, the sooner first-year players encounter the excitement of such an experience, the better.

A fourth-round pick from Stanford, Martinez chose to remain on the field after practice, determined to first watch the fireworks display above the Stadium. For Martinez, the experience was especially awe-inspiring because his open practices back at Stanford where lucky to attract thirty people during any given session.

The sixty thousand strong crowd was naturally astounding to the young player who had never seen so many people even during his actual games at Stanford. It isn’t surprising that Martinez had so much fun.

That feeling of elation, with tens of thousands of people rising to their feet and screaming your name at the top of their lungs, is one most people will never experience, and it left Martinez and his colleagues feeling pretty great.

The atmosphere probably delivered the results McCarthy expected, driving the players to exceed their own limits and perform at the peak. Martinez and crew have more than enough time to adapt to the NFL system.

The preseason is designed to afford the rookies numerous opportunities to play on grand stages, with things kicking off with the first exhibition matchup of the summer.

There are a lot of decisions to be made before the team flies to Cleveland on Saturday, decisions that McCarthy suggested wouldn’t be made until Friday when the Staff convenes.

Fans of Rodgers can look forward to a cameo; while he made no promises, Rodgers hinted that he might make a brief appearance, which might act as a Morale booster for the Packers as they prepare to face a Colts team who will probably play all their available players.

Rodgers had nothing to say about Mike’s plans for the team for the five preseason games. He simply said that he was ready to do whatever the coach commanded.

In each of the last two years, Rodgers has only appeared in two of the Packers’ four preseason games.

McCarthy and Ted Thompson (General Manager) are expected to pay extra attention to the new crop of Young Players this time round. Many of the new players have already begun contending for lead roles.

McCarthy will undoubtedly play it a little safer with his marquee players. Jordy Nelson’s unfortunate 2015 season would have driven him into a more cautious corner.