Pulse of the Pack: The New Normal

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The Packers lost to the Tennessee Titans, their 3rd in a row.  Jacob and Jason try to make sense, any sense, of what this Packers team has become.  It’s a new normal so how do we deal with it?  What can we expect from the Packers the rest of this season?  Is it time to start talking about big and legitimate changes?  The focus goes from keeping postseason hopes alive to bracing for what the Packers are going to look like the rest of the way and beyond 2016.  It’s here on Pulse of the Pack!

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One thought on “Pulse of the Pack: The New Normal

  1. It STARTS at the top–neither McCarthy or Capers’ schemes are working. McCarthy’s offense is stale and despite Dom Capers being given more than 60+ NEW defensive players in past 5-6 years, this team has improved very little. They CAN’T hold a lead, they can’t win games, especially when they continue to give up leads late in games. They need some FIRE in the HC’s job–something like “Chucky” Gruden, not ‘Sleepy’ McCarthy who looks asleep on sidelines most of game.

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