Oh I definitely remember the last time the Packers played the Texans, and you do too.  It was the “shhhhhhh” game.  Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has made a career of playing with a chip on his shoulder and backing up bold statements.  People remember “shhhhhh”, they remember R-E-L-A-X, will they remember “run the table”?

Why the Packers will win: The Texans don’t match up well with the Packers at all.  They would like to run the ball.  That’s something that the Packers have not been allowing in great numbers except against Dallas and when they’d stretched thin focusing on the pass because of an injured defensive backfield.  Houston will try and the run the ball and when they try throw it they’ll have to do it with Brock Osweiler.  Osweiler is not good.

Houston is just average defensively.  They currently rank 14th in DVOA, and 12th against the pass (that’s the number that matters with the way GB is calling plays).  To contrast Philadelphia was ranked 3rd overall in DVOA, and 2nd against the pass.  This is a weaker defense that’s playing at Lambeau field, instead of on the road.

Why the Texans will win: I haven’t doe this in a while, but……. they won’t!

Bottom Line: This is the game that will either provide belief for the rest of the season or prove that what happened in Philadelphia was a fluke.  If the Packers are able to win, they’ll even their record at 6-6 and draw even with Minnesota.  The goal, of course is to get to the week 17 game in Detroit with a chance to win the division.

If Harrison Smith has a long term injury, Minnesota’s season is over (it’s probably over anyway).  I don’t really think that there is any chance the Vikings win the North. This is either the Lion’s division, or a chase between the Packers and the Lions.  If that’s the case, Green Bay just has to find a way to get to Detroit within a game with the Lions.

You’ll remember that Detroit trailed at Lambeau Field, 31-3.  That first half was the best stretch of football for the Packers all season.  Green Bay held on to that win and therefore can win the North via tiebreaker if they win the game.  Detroit could certainly lose at the Giants, at the Cowboys and at the Saints this Sunday, putting them at 8-7.
Even if that happens it still means the Packers can only lose one of the next four games.  With a game coming up against the Seahawks, that loss can’t come on Sunday against Houston. Packers 30 Texans 17


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6 thoughts on “PACKERS FOOTBALL FRIDAY: Season saved?

  1. This will work out if Rodgers plays which is not a guarantee as of now.

  2. A hamstring injury can be a tricky thing. Rodgers will probably not be running for a first down any time soon. The Eagles game was certainly vintage Rodgers throwing the football.The defense has to do their part. Playing at Lambeau Field the next two weeks helps tremendously and a running game with Ty and Christine Michael will go a long way to help Arod out from having to run for first downs. We must involve the TE into the offense more often to open up the middle of the field.It looks like both Ryan and Martinez are close to being back on the field. GO PACK GO!!! I’m excited for Packer football and we must play every week from here on out in playoff mode.

    1. DITTO on EVERYTHING you just said! But if the Packers blow this one or play like they did the previous 4 weeks then it should be the beginning of the end of the MM and TT era. They beat a rookie QB on the road without their top WR and RB. The Eagles had been struggling almost as much as Green Bay before Mondays game going 2-5 in the previous 7 games. Not exactly a powerhouse. I really don’t know who will show up, the Packers who lost to the Colts or the team who beat the Eagles.

  3. Don’t buy into the idea GB somehow has a good run defense–they DON’T and it’s been exposed in the last 4 games–D-line hasn’t suffered any injuries, yet they’re giving up MORE yardage playing better opponents. GB’s season rests on DEFENSE, Coach DUMB Capers may be NFL’s greatest defensive “schemer” but he damn sure can’t COACH IT! Secondary has to be one of league’s WORST, lowest QB rating for DB’s was 118.0% according to league stats via NBC’s Mon. night football team. They can’t play man to man coverage and their ‘soft zones’ are so soft–a disabled person in a WHEEL CHAIR could get open and score TD’s against this secondary. Down middle of field defense has been a Capers weakness for at LEAST 5 years now and he ain’t changed it either. BET ON IT–Capers pass defense will make Brock Eisweiler look like an MVP QB like they did Cousins of Redskins. Aaron Rodgers will AGAIN have to ‘play keep away’ from Broncos’ offense IF Packers have shot at winning, ’cause Capers can’t provide much defense.

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