Pack to the Future #33: The Jeff Sweep

In an especially musical episode, the guys discuss an MVP push for Rodgers, a potential 2017 Eddie Lacy reunion, and a resurgent offense. Brian Aviles drops in to discuss the upcoming clash with the Bears before the guys answer twitter questions and do some pregame analysis of their own.

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One thought on “Pack to the Future #33: The Jeff Sweep

  1. I’d love to see the Packers utilize Jeff Janis more in the offense. The toss sweep against the Seahawks gets our offensive line out in front blocking and works like a screen pass. Janis as great speed and getting out in the open field can break a play for huge chunks of yardage.Janis had a career game against Arizona last year and made the clutch catch to send the game into overtime.Players keep stepping up and making plays which is how you win important games down the stretch. GO PACK GO BEAT DA BEARS!!!!

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