Packers Push Win Streak to Five with Rout of Vikings

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  1. James C. Drumheller III

    Merry Christmas Mr. Shavager. Well we won another one, I know what you’re going to say. The secondary gave up an incredible amount of yards again.Thielen had 202 of them. But man. Aaron Rodgers is a BAD man. Jordy will get comeback player of the year. All we want for Christmas is a new DC, I think we also need to draft two corners.I going to keep smiling for now and praying our defense is up to the task or our offense can keep outscoring whoever we play down the road.Let’s finish strong with a win over Detroit and secure the division and a first round bye and playoff game at Lambeau Field. GO PACK GO!!! Run The Table!!!!!

  2. Peter Maiz

    Those corners have not been cutting it all season. There is not a good reason that they will be something they’re not against Detroit. Joe Whit
    has had the whole season to improve them. Nothing doing.

  3. James C. Drumheller III

    Micah Hyde will have to play corner if needed.Mr. Shavager what do you think of Rex Ryan as our next DC. I can’t believe we’ve heard nothing about Sam Shields since week one. Is he retiring,if so let us know.Could we have found someone in free agency? I know we draft and develop.I’m not giving up on our defense.Teams have gotten to the Super Bowl with defenses worse than ours.

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