Pulse of the Pack: “We Ran Into A Buzz Saw”

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And just like that, the Packers season is over.  They were stomped, boat raced, insert adjective, by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game and are now looking ahead to 2017 instead of preparing to play in Super Bowl LI.  Jacob and Jason try to start sorting through the rubble and make sense out of what we saw from the Packers on Sunday.

Mike McCarthy said the Packers “ran into a buzz saw”.  What does that mean beyond just an incredible Falcons offense?  Were the Packers really just playing with house money the entire time and somehow able to knock off the Giants and Cowboys along the way?  Was this season a failure with a loss like that after winning eight straight?  What changes need to be made in Green Bay?  Cody Bauer (@CBauerNFLDraft) joins to talk about the future and some of the free agent and draft moves the Packers may be likely to make.

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2 thoughts on “Pulse of the Pack: “We Ran Into A Buzz Saw”

  1. Falcons simply outplayed and out coached the Packers in every aspect of the game. I also believe, they would have defeated any other NFL team that day on their field.

  2. LET ME INTERPRET IT FOR YOU: In EIGHT YEARS as defensive coordinator for Packers–THREE OF THOSE EIGHT PLAYOFFS SEASONS HAVE SEEN DUMB CAPERS DEFENSE GIVE UP–THE HIGHEST, SECOND HIGHEST and THIRD HIGHEST POINTS EVER BY A PACKERS PLAYOFF TEAM OVER Green Bay’s 96 YEAR HISTORY!!! 51 POINTS to Cards in ’09, 45 POINTS to 49ers in ’12 and 44 POINTS to Falcons in ’16!! Capers defense or LACK OF DEFENSE has cost Packers SIX CONSECUTIVE PLAYOFF SEASONS!! While McCarthy’s offenses have AVERAGED 28.5 POINTS per playoff game—DUMB Capers defenses have AVERAGED giving up 26.4 points PER playoff game–Packers are just 2.1 points BETTER than Capers ability to defend a lead, that’s a FG away from losing EVERY game by average. His defense has cost McCarthy as many losses in playoffs as Vince Lombardi, Mike Holmgren and Curly Lambeau COMBINED. NO Head Coach, NO GM would tolerate a defense this bad for so long and Green Bay should begin by FIRING Capers or waste Aaron Rodgers career.

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