Pack To The Future #39: The Rantings of a Lunatic

In a feature-length season sendoff, the guys try to keep things light-hearted…for a while. They look into Aaron’s comments about going “all in” in 2017, and Ian Rapoport’s comments about being more aggressive in Free Agency. Then, they try to figure out just what went wrong for the defense in Atlanta, and how Clay Matthews fits into the future of the team.

Warning: Jon drinks an 11.3% ABV tall boy and gets a little crazy.

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6 thoughts on “Pack To The Future #39: The Rantings of a Lunatic

  1. Coach DUMB Capers may be the best ‘schemer’ in NFL, he can’t COACH a damn when it comes to PERFORMANCE on the field by ANY defense he’s had in past SIX consecutive seasons. Packers fans: Capers DEFENSE AVERAGES giving up–27 POINTS PER GAME IN PLAYOFFS (from 2011 to 2016), gives up AVG 402 TOTAL yds, PER playoff game, give up 274 PASS yds PER game and 139 RUN Yds PER game. Mike McCarthy’s OFFENSE AVERAGES: 26 POINTS PER GAME, 362 TOTAL Yds, 250 PASSING Yds and 113 RUN Yds PER game. Dumb Capers DEFENSE HAS: given up MORE POINTS, the SECOND MOST POINTS and THIRD MOST POINTS in playoff games than ANY team in Green Bay playoff HISTORY, and Packers have a 96 YEAR history. Capers DEFENSE has LOST TWO CONSECUTIVE NFC TITLE games–something NO other Packers DC has ever done. They’re being OUTSCORED, and OUT-GAINED IN EVERY CATEGORY! And McCarthy thinks he should keep Capers at DC??

    1. It’s our eternal bachelor, Teddy Thompson that lives in lunar space.

      1. Peter, the old axiom applies–keep doing the SAME thing over and over, expecting a different result is definition of INSANITY! DUMB Capers has a consistent record of FAILURE–ONE successful season as a head coach, ONE successful season as Defensive coordinator in Green Bay. IF he’s the DC next year, it’s an INSTANT REPLY of LOSE in playoffs AGAIN. I don’t think Capers can beat the Cowboys again and it’s obvious he doesn’t have a defense that can stop Falcons. Some bloggers/Pack fans-say he doesn’t have enough talent–but Thompson has drafted and signed some 70+ NEW players over past SIX seasons–Lombardi, Holmgren, Sherman, probably a Belichik, Bill Cowher, “Chuckie” Gruden or Tomlin would’ve RUN Capers off the team by now. But we see that’s a McCarthy weakness–he just will NOT fire anyone unless forced. And I ain’t convinced Thompson’s willing to FIRE Capers either.

      1. Packers fan–Posted the petition on Facebook–PACKERS FANS–you CAN’T GET “CHANGE” WITHOUT CHANGE!! DUMB Capers lack of defense has COST Packers SIX consecutive failures in playoffs–they ALLOWED MORE POINTS to be scored than McCarthy’s offense AVERAGED, they were OUTGAINED in total yds, PASS yds and RUN yds. His defenses have given up the MOST POINTS ever by ANY Packers playoff team and in ’12 gave up SECOND MOST Points ever and in ’16–the THIRD MOST points ever scored against ANY Packers playoff team over 96 YEARS of Pack history!! IF the DC isn’t CHANGED–the same result IF they even make playoffs in 2017.

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