Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Throws Shade Towards Dom Capers in Instagram Post

The following day of cornerback Sam Shields release, Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix decided paid homage to Shields via Instagram. Shields was the lone veteran corner and only member of the secondary to play in a Pro Bowl until Clinton-Dix earned a spot this year. Clearly displeased with the decision, Clinton-Dix wrote critically of defensive coordinator Dom Capers:

“Thank you for lining up and playing whatever Dom capers called rather WE liked it or not you was all in.”

Here is the full post:

????I only give respect when respect is due and Soulja ima miss ya. Thank you for showing me the game on the field and wit des Babies. Thank you for showing me what real is and being solid. Shields thank you for showing up every game and never complaining. Thank you for always stepping up to the plate at any giving time. Thank you for having my back. Thank you for lining up and playing whatever Dom capers called whether WE liked it or not you was all in. Thank you for being 1K and showing me what representing the G is all about and always remaining the same you told me stay down till my time came and it's here. I'll never look back or stoop down to fit in with nobody who ain't on my level I love you G dawg. As long as I'm in this league and you free up from the family and baby girls We hangin live the game you love through me. I'm gone get loose. God100 ENJOY YOUR DOWN TIME BRUDDA! BOUNCE BACK!!!! S A L U T E S O U L J A 37 Cheesehead 4eva thanks for paving the Way STICK. #Samshields37 #God100 #Cheesehead #Gopackgo #MIAMI #SOTAMADE #SPEEDKILLS #100 #BRUDDA4eva

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Capers has been under fire recently due poor defensive play, but Head Coach Mike McCarthy assured everyone he would return in 2017. Capers defense ranked 22nd in 2016.

The release of Shields was not met with much animosity by spectators after he essentially missed the entire 2016 season. After suffering his fourth concussion in seven years in Green Bay it became too high of a risk. Headaches plagued Shields the entire year preventing doctors from clearing him to return to the field. It did not help he was charged with marijuana possession in January.

Clinton-Dix’s sympathy toward a veteran who showed him the ropes is admirable, however subtle jabs toward your play caller are uncanny.

It can be argued Capers called in questionable schemes throughout the season expecting first and second year corners to communicate well in zone coverage. But, in his defense he faced a tall task trying to overcome injuries. He better assure that him and his rising star safety are on the same page.



8 thoughts on “Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Throws Shade Towards Dom Capers in Instagram Post

  1. Simply reading the intellectually composed comments of Ha-Ha makes me wonder why he isn’t the Green Bay defensive coordinator.

  2. Another season of everyone passing against GB.McCarthy shouldn’t be the one to assure Capers return,of course he’s such a suck ass with Thompson,he would know.What the hell is wrong with the GB upper staff.Get rid of Thompson.Let Wolf take over.Fresh ideas.

  3. While I agree with Ha Ha, that was utterly classless. What a complete punk thing to do.


    1. I believe it was the heat of the moment. He just lost an outstanding teammate he looked up to. While bolstering Shields loyalty, he threw Dom under the bus. I am not sure it was intentional.

  4. Agree with you Packman, have never been impressed with TT’s draft picks and McCarthy makes too many dumb calls. As far as Capers is concerned he should of been gone seasons ago – a good coach adapts play calling to the players at his disposal not demanding that they play a defense for which they are not suited. And whos brilliant idea was it to cut an All Pro Lineman and not get any compensation just because he criticized MM’s stupid play calling.

    1. The Packers tried to find takers for Sitton, but teams decided to bid on him in FA.

  5. DON’T believe in players trying to run the NFL or teams they play for, but it’s OBVIOUS Dumb Capers is a NEGATIVE for this Packers team! PAST SIX CONSECUTIVE SEASONS–Capers defense, OR LACK OF DEFENSE, has contributed MORE POINTS SCORED, MORE Total yds gained, MORE PASS yds gained and MORE Run yds gained on average–than average production that McCarthy/Rodgers offense has produced! Aaron Rodgers takes Packers to playoffs–DUMB Capers defense BEATS THEM! Capers defenses since ’09–have given up the MOST POINTS ever scored against ANY Packers playoff team in 96 YEARS of history! In 2012–Capers defense gave up SECOND MOST points ever scored against a Pack playoff team AND gave up NFL RECORD RUN YDS for a QB–highest EVER recorded by ANY NFL QB! And in ’16, Capers defense gave up THIRD MOST points ever scored against a Pack playoff team. SIX CONSECUTIVE playoff losses does NOT indicate players or injuries are the ‘REAL’ problem–it STARTS AT THE TOP! The HC and the DC have let the Packers team and fans DOWN!! For CHANGE, it is necessary to MAKE CHANGE, it starts with Capers at this point–IF Packers blow this year’s playoff loss in ’17–it means McCarthy/Thompson AND Capers!

    1. I think you are measuring by Super Bowl appearances. Which is fine because we are Packer fans. Dom takes a lot of heat, but who do you want to replace him? Would we waste more of Rodgers prime implementing a new defense?

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