Green Bay Packers 2017 Draft: Cornerbacks

As we get closer to the NFL Combine, the Green Bay Packers options in the 2017 draft start to become more clear. While I will revisit this list after the Combine, lets take a look at the biggest need area for the Packers this offseason, which just happens to be the deepest position in this draft:


Likely to be gone at 29:

Marlon Humphrey – Alabama

He’s big (6’1”) and he’s fast (projected 4.48). He played at Alabama, so he’s well versed in NFL terminology and can play both man and zone. The main issue has been his ability to break the pass up when the ball gets there. The Packers would have to make a very aggressive trade up to get Humphrey.


Marshon Lattimore – Ohio State

Lattimore isn’t quite as athletic as Humphrey, but he demonstrated better ball skills in 2016. He’s a willing tackler, and has the ability of a number one CB, but his 40 yard dash at the Combine will be very telling. Lattimore would likely require a trade up by Ted Thompson.


Targets at 29:

Sidney Jones – Washington

Jones is solid all around. He combines good athletic numbers with great footwork and coverage ability. He’s not afraid to play the run (39 tackles with 2 forced fumbles in 2016). He doesn’t get all the attention the Humphrey and Lattimore get, but he may end up being just as good. We also know the Packers love Pac 12 guys.


Jalen Tabor – Florida

Tabor is another big CB with great athleticism. He is a gambler who will give up a big play for each one he makes. He also was suspended in 2016 for getting into a fight with a teammate (which was not his first suspension). Tabor does not seem like a guy Ted Thompson would view as “Packer people”, but his talent may be too much to pass up.


Quincy Wilson – Florida

How was Florida not better last year? Wilson is a really big body (6’1” 213lbs) corner who also has great measurables. Right now he’s a late riser up draft boards, but if he runs a sub-4.5 40 yard dash at the combine, he may be gone before the Packers draft. He seems like the perfect outside CB for the Packers.


Adoree Jackson – USC

Jackson is my favorite player in this draft. He is electric in the return game, and provides truly elite speed. He got beat in college because he would lose focus or his footwork would get sloppy. However, this tends to be the case with many players who have elite speed. He’s not going to get bored in the pros, and his ball skills would provide something the Packers defense sorely needs, the ability to take the ball away.


2nd Round Options:

Tre’Davious White – LSU

Gareon Conley – Ohio State

Cordrea Tankersly – Clemson

Jourdan Lewis – Michigan

Desmond King – Iowa


With the amount of depth at the Cornerback position, we could see some highly talented players getting pushed down in the draft. We could even see the Packers repeat by taking Cornerbacks with their 1st and 2nd round picks. It just happens to be a good year to have Cornerback as a need area entering the draft.

Andrew Mertig is a a lifelong Packers fan and draft enthusiast. He has covered the NFL draft for radio and television stations in Green Bay. He is currently a host of the Pack-A-Day podcast and a writer for You can follow him on Twitter @andrewmertig

13 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers 2017 Draft: Cornerbacks

  1. I see Desmond King as a safety, he did not look like he had enough speed during Senior Bowl practices to play effectively on the outside. I like Rasul Douglas from WVU in 2nd round, who was voted outstanding DB during practices at Senior Bowl

    1. King probably is a Safety in the NFL, but there is some disagreement among the experts. He may end up like fellow Hawkeye Micah Hyde as a hybrid.

  2. Take one in the first and take one of the others listed in the 2nd. Our CB situation is that bad.

    1. I would not be opposed to that either. Re-do on Edwards/Vinson/McKenzie or Randall/Rollins.

  3. I would love for the Packers to land Jones or Jackson. Then in a dream world they come away with Watt in the second. I can’t imagine my feeling of ecstasy, I would probably jump up and down like a kid on christmas morning.

    1. Sounds good to me. We have to take a chance on T.J.Watt.

    2. I doubt Watt will be there at the end of the 2nd. Could be an opportunity to trade up early in the 2nd and double up at CB/pass rusher.

  4. EDGE,corner back and running back it that order. TT has to not be afraid to trade up to get blue chip players early in the draft. He does have a lot of success in the middle rounds with filling in other team needs.

  5. As easy as it is to say the Packers need cornerback help, it’s an excellent draft for edge rushers. The Packers did their inexperienced and injury-ravaged secondary no favors by letting Matt Ryan and others sit back and pick them apart. I would go edge rusher first and cornerback second.

    1. Agreed. The defensive issues were a combination of awful coverage and no pass rush. My hope is that the pass rush can be addressed by free agency/trades.

  6. Bring in another Alabama player to the secondary. Humphrey could be another exciting player in our back end to go with Clinton-Dix.

  7. I can’t remember a draft with more talent at the corner back position. The Packers should go after an EDGE rusher first,even move up and get the blue chip rusher they believe will best help our pass rush.There will still be good corners left in the second round but EDGE rushers will be going fast in the first round. I also like the TE from Ashland. I can’t wait to see him at the combine.

  8. I think we need to move up in the first round and get this kid. Marlon Humphrey will start on opening day and automatically make our secondary better.We will never have a better opportunity to fix our secondary then this year.Contrary to what I’m hearing our defense did not play that bad in the front seven. They recorded over 40 sacks again this year. We must add an EDGE rusher also and I think our hometown boy T.J.Watt can plug and play. Fackrell also will increase his production with more playing time.There isn’t a lot to choose from this year with EDGE rushers. Connor Barwin I believe would be a nice addition from free agency and wouldn’t cost TT that much and is a leader on and off the field. FIX THE SECONDARY, THE RUNNING GAME AND TWEAK THE SPECIAL TEAMS. GO PACK GO!!!

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