Packers Have to Look Secondary


When I picture Packers GM Ted Thompson on a day like today I see him sitting in his office with his phone turned off and his hands behind his head. Maybe he has diet soda on his desk, but nothing too eratic. While most teams treat free agency as a feeding frenzy, Thompson playfully nibbles on what is in front of him. If not for the resigning of linebacker Nick Perry, someone should have been hammering his door down. Maybe someone should do it anyway. The Packers locked Perry in for the next five years, but failed to retain safety Micah Hyde who was lost to the Buffalo Bills. Now the Packers desperately need to add someone to the secondary and not just through the draft. Preferably someone as reliable as Hyde.

In his four years in Green Bay Hyde missed only one game. Though he was not a regular starter his versatility to play safety and slot corner was a rare find. A component this ailing secondary needs and likely won’t find in the current market.

Hyde confirmed via Twitter the Packers did not even make an attempt to bring him back.

Did Ted just forget about him? We all know he was not making calls to other free agents.

Without Hyde the Packers are putting a lot of faith into undrafted free agent safety Kentrell Brice. Brice showed flashes in limited action last year. We know he can make a big hit, but he can’t return punts or make plays on the ball as well as Hyde can.

If Thompson is awake he better be on the horn with the agents of corners still on the market. Former Packers Tramon Williams and Davon House are names to weigh on. These two are not much to gawk at, but both are veterans comfortable with Capers’ 3-4 defense. Some familiarity is something this young secondary needs badly.

Other names I hope Thompson is considering at corner includes: Alterraun Verner, Captain Munnerlyn, and Darius Butler.

Wake up, Ted. Now is the ideal time.


Brandon Carwile was a Cheesehead at birth. His dad grew up attending games at Lambeau and passed on the legacy. He has covered the Packers for over five years and currently works with Find him on twitter at @PackerScribe.



9 thoughts on “Packers Have to Look Secondary

  1. Brandon, the Packers SHOULD NOT WASTE A BREATH ON CONSIDERING Tramon Williams for GB’s secondary!! When he played for Packers–he was ABSOLUTELY THE WORST DB in the league based on QB and TD Completion rates AGAINST him! Do ya’ really think he’s any better now?? HELL NO! And Davon House is only minimally better than he was in Packers career, he might, “might” be considered, but any other FA option out their NOT named Tramon Williams has to be better than House was in GB. Thompson’s GONNA HAVE TO GET OFF SOME MONEY IF HE INTENDS TO COMPETE FOR SB’s–he has NOT been willing to spend and he’s NOT competing in SB’s either! Belichik has, Belichik DOES!

    1. Do you feel that assured if Rollins or Randall goes down? You would roll with Hawkins and Dorleant? I’ll take Williams back. This secondary needs an old head in the film room.

  2. So what would you have been willing to give up to sign Hyde? THere’s no question that he will be missed. However, there is a cost to signing. There’s no doubt that something needs to be done.

    1. I would not give him 5 years. I would take that kind of security any day if I were him. With Burnett coming on like he did last year I would pay him over Hyde.

  3. as a soon to be” EX” TT supporter I can only think of Nero fiddling while Rome(GB) burned…

  4. Ted is a silent, save the cap, underachieving GM who hasn’t helped the defensive side in years, and is seeing a HOF QB time going to be wasted. No defense, no more superbowls. PERIOD!

  5. Yeah, wait Teddy. Draft and develop. Ted needs to be released in my opinion.

  6. I’ve never seen MicaH hYDE RETURN A PUNT. i HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN HIM RUN AFTER A CATCH & if he did, it wasn’t for much. Sure he was reliable,
    but not much else. Thompson has to fix the secondary. What good is a good offense, if the opponent just comes back & score again. like Atlanta did.If Thompson is relying on last years Cornerbacks, we’ll have another disgusting 2017.

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