Before the usual Packers talk, let’s hear it for the Badgers! Bucky has treated us to some wonderful March moments in the past few years. This last win over Villanova was ridiculous because there were so many cardinal rules that were broken that almost always guarantee a loss. Ask yourself if you’ve seen a team win when:

  1. They have nearly twice as many turnovers
  2. Their top two players are on the floor for 50 out of a possible 80 minutes
  3. The team’s free throw percentage is 43%
  4. The opponent plays stifling defense

The free throw percentage alone is insane. A team losing a close game when missing their free throws deserves zero sympathy. Add the Badgers’ 14 turnovers to only 8 for Villanova along with Ethan Happ and Bronson Koenig riding the pine because of foul trouble, and a loss should have been guaranteed. I don’t know how in the hell Bucky pulled it off.

Now let’s have them pull a Happy Gilmore and rip the eye out of the Gators. A revenge game against Duke would’ve been what the doctor ordered, but seeing them bounced by South Carolina was still a pleasure to watch.

Now, onto the Packers after a much-deserved shout out to Bucky.

March is a month of traditions that will never go away: NCAA basketball, St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, and vacationing. The same two types of people always vacation in March: spring breakers and Ted Thompson.

Want proof? It turns out that the Russians (or was it Bears fan Obama?) wiretapped Ted Thompson’s office this past week. You caught the news first here. Here is the audio from inside the GM’s 1265 Lombardi Avenue office.

In the meantime, Darrelle Revis is supposedly in the works of reuniting with the defending champions that have already significantly upgraded their personnel this offseason. There are other proven cornerbacks looking for work that wouldn’t break the bank (Alterraun Verner, Brandon Flowers, Leon Hall, Darius Butler) sitting by their phones waiting for a call. One would think they could contribute to a defense ranked 32nd in pass yards allowed last year. Last I checked, there were 32 teams in the league, so that would make the Packers dead last.

Will any of this talent make it to Green Bay? Well, if the Badgers can commit a bunch of turnovers, lose valuable minutes from their best players, and shoot free throws with the accuracy of a 5th grade girls basketball team, then anything can happen.




John Piotrowski is a UW-Eau Claire alum, spending most of his life in western WI. He makes the trek east to Lambeau whenever possible. Follow him on twitter at @piosGBP.