Why the Packers Won’t Draft a Running Back in Round One

The last time the Packers drafted a running back in the first round of the NFL draft the year was 1990. With the 19th overall selection they took Darrell Thompson from the University of Minnesota. Thompson played five seasons all for the Packers, but he did not start in half the games he appeared. The Packers do not prioritize the running back position. They never have and never will. That is why they did not bring Eddie Lacy back and it is the reason why Christine Michael was resigned. Michael a guy notoriously known for not following blocks and failing to grasp the playbook is now the Packers backup. The Packers will not waste their first round pick for a third running back who may or may not have an immediate impact. A backup for Ty Montgomery is far from this team’s most pertinent need.

In the past five Packer drafts a defensive player has been chosen in the first round and this years draft will not be any different.

In Mel Kiper’s lastest mock draft he has the Packers taking running back Dalvin Cook from Florida State. Cook was initially projected to be a top 20 pick, however his stock is dropping after his combine was underwhelming and shoulder injuries at FSU are now a serious concern.

The good news is Mel Kiper will probably be wrong once again. Not even a guy whose sole purpose is to dissect what player teams will draft can get inside the head of Ted Thompson. Thompson targets what this team needs and does not worry about making a flashy pick.

Gambling with a running back in the first round would be every bit of a wasted pick. Whether it’s Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, or Dalvin Cook, the Packers do not need urgent help behind Aaron Rodgers. Once again help is needed on the other side of the ball.

Packer backers may not want to hear this because they want Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense to have every opportunity to succeed. Nevertheless, it will certainly be a reality come April 27th that a running back is not the answer. An outside linebacker, run stopping lineman, or defensive back will be this years first round pick.


Brandon Carwile was a Cheesehead at birth. His dad grew up attending games at Lambeau and passed on the legacy. He has covered the Packers for over five years and currently works with packerstalk.com. Find him on twitter at @PackerScribe.



9 thoughts on “Why the Packers Won’t Draft a Running Back in Round One

  1. Edge rusher above all. If we don’t consistently press their QB it won’t matter who we have in our defensive backfield.

  2. For the SIXTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR–Thompson will HAVE to focus on DEFENSE in the draft, either he’s NOT very good at judging talent OR DUMB Capers is INCAPABLE of teaching DEFENSE, schemes and FUNDAMENTAL TACKLING–something Packers have lacked for SIX years now. Capers defense has AVERAGED giving up more POINTS, Total yards, Pass yards AND Run yards over the past SIX playoff years than McCarthy/Aaron Rodgers offense can generate–THAT is why, once again, Thompson MUST focus on fixing a defense that seems impossible for he and Capers! The BAD NEWS? This year’s Packers defense, short of deep jump into FA by Thompson, looks to be THE WEAKEST DEFENSE Dumb Capers has fielded in past SIX years. The result of that is potential the Packers DON’T win their division and FALL OUT of playoffs in a ‘rebuilding the defense AGAIN’ year. Packers fans–Thompson’s FIRST job is putting a team on field that keeps FANS PAYING FOR TICKETS AND TEAM GEAR TO KEEP REVENUE FLOW GOING, winning a championship is icing on cake–but something HE DOES NOT FOCUS ON, otherwise they would’ve been structured to WIN with a more talented defense and bench instead of BARGAIN BASEMENT players and CHEAP depth.

  3. Listen..you dumb..jerks..you are gonna make this the best dang offense in the nfl.and if available..you will take..Christian mccaffery with the 1st..pick you iiidiots..and .get devobta Freeman in the 3rd round avnd guard or Cb with the 2nd pick..dalvin cook sucks..he is like christine michael..get the best dang offense you can for rogers..he isthe only only only one who makes this team look good so get him the talent he needs !!!!

  4. With dumb crappers as the defensive coordinator our defense will sucl..TT you drafted all defense last year and they nothing. Except Blake Martinez

  5. Get free agent d on defense…this year it better be all offensr TT ,,!

  6. Running Backs are a dime a dozen. Draft defense, defense, and then more depth on defense. GB started out ok on defense last year, and then it was injuries every week until they started bringing back rookies they cut in pre-season just to fill holes from injuries.

  7. Cook won’t get picked because of his injury history. Christian McCaffrey won’t get picked because TT won’t pick a RB who can’t pass block and Christian McCaffrey can’t or won’t pass block.

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