4 Things Ted Thompson Shouldn’t Do On Day 1 of the Draft

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With the silly season of the NFL fully underway and only pickings becoming slim in free agency, it’s time to turn our attention fully to the Ted Thompson’s reason for existence, the Draft.

And while this has the potential to be a very good class with a ton of talent, there are some pitfalls that could cause it to deteriorate quickly. A good first day is imperative for the Packers this year, and there are some things that would completely ruin the weekend Thursday night.

That’s why I’m here. I have been around the Draft and writing about it for long enough to figure out the Packers strategy well enough to figure out what they should avoid. So here are 4 things the Packers should avoid on Thursday night, April 27.

  1. Reaching for a Corner at the end of the round
    I know that corner is a need. Last year did not go well for either Damarious Randall or Quentin Rollins, but they are still incredibly talented guys who battled through crippling groin injuries. For corners, that’s the worst non-knee ailment that could occur. And while I think they should address the position, unless you can get someone like Gareon Conley at 29, then pull the trigger. But don’t reach for a corner who is limited like Teez Tabor. There are a ton of corners available in this draft that can help the team in Rounds 2-4. Guys like Kevin King, Fabian Moreau, Sidney Jones (if he proves he can come back), Cordea Tankersley will be there in Round 2 most likely. So Ted can wait.
  2. Drafting a Running Back
    Another running back will surely be taken by the Packers in the Draft, likely on Friday, but at pick 29, there shouldn’t even be the thought of taking a back. Ty Montgomery has shown legitimate talent in the backfield and if you can fill the backup slot in Round 3 with a guy like Marlon Mack, Wayne Gallman, or even Joe Mixon (if he can prove that he’s a capable adult now). While envisioning an offense with Christian McCaffrey or Dalvin Cook is fun, there’s no need for the Packers to take either of them in Round 1 with more pressing needs.
  3. Drafting an Interior Offensive Lineman
    Similar to my point above, this position isn’t a vital part of the team. That’s why Josh Sitton and TJ Lang aren’t around anymore. It is a position that can easily be manned by mid-round picks and free agents (like Byron Bell, please sign him Ted). Forrest Lamp I have no doubt will be a solid player, but there are guys in Rounds 3 or 4 (where Ted earns his money) that will be just fine as starters for a long time. Guys like Dorian Johnson of Pittsburgh. Essentially, guard isn’t a first round type of need.
  4. Trading Up
    Finally, this one is tricky. There is some serious top flight talent in the first half of the first round. Guys like Marshon Lattimore, Hassan Reddick, and Reuben Foster would look great in the Green and Gold. But it’s fool’s gold. The cost to trade up and get them would be exorbitant for Ted Thompson, and he’s no fool. He knows that at this point, the Packers need bodies. There are a lot of strong prospects in this class, from Round 1 through undrafted free agency. It’s an incredibly deep group. So trading up, while flashy and something a lot of people are clamoring for, is not wise for the Packers this year.

Mike Wendlandt is originally from Iola, Wisconsin and graduated from Drake University in 2015 with a degree in History. With a significant journalism background both in writing and broadcasting, Mike can be heard as the play-by-play voice of Central Wisconsin High School sports on WDUX FM 92.7 and on Twitter @MikeWendlandt.

Mike Wendlandt is a writer covering the Green Bay Packers for PackersTalk.com.



13 thoughts on “4 Things Ted Thompson Shouldn’t Do On Day 1 of the Draft

  1. Nice work and I completely agree with all 4 points..obviously Pack needs to go heavy on defense in first 4 rounds unless a stud running back falls to them in rounds 2 and 3..Uncle Ted please don’t take guys with injury history or projects because the time is NOW for THE PACK to do what it takes to win the LOMBARDI TROPHY and bring it on back to the frozen tundra!!

    1. Agreed on the injury risks, at least in Round 1. If Sidney Jones is there in Round 2 or even Round 3, I say take him. He is a Top 15 talent if healthy and apparently his rehab is going well from his achilles tear.

  2. I agree. I might try to get Cleveland, which has 27 picks in the draft, to let us trade up in the 2nd using Hundley. Cleveland needs a QB.

  3. What about this? Should TT try to trade Hundley for Cleveland’s first pick of the 2nd round? That’s what I would do.

    1. I wouldn’t trade try to trade Hundley yet. He missed almost all of the preseason last year and so he has just one year of film. No team would even entertain the thought of a 2nd round pick yet. Maybe next year. It also is good to have a talented backup in case something were to happen to A-Rod.

  4. i agree with everything except Kevin King.. he may go in round 1.

    1. He might, especially with the injuries to Jones and Fabian Moreau. But I am tending to think he might fall because of other rising corners like Adoree Jackson and the potential of numerous teams trading out so teams desperate for a QB will move back into Rd 1 for them.

  5. I think they’ll be several teams looking for Cleveland’s pick at the top of the second round. Hundley may be just what they’re looking for if they take Garrett with the first pick and then I’ve seen O.J.Howard with the 12th pick. Wouldn’t that be great to take Watt at 29 and then a stud corner like King with Cleveland’s second round pick. C’mon Ted work your magic. We need another Raji,Mathew draft.

  6. I really think if there was ever a draft that GB should drop out of the 1st round and get someones higher 2nd round pick, and a additional 3rd rounder, it’s this draft. Deep TE, DL, and RB positions make this a great draft to get an additional higher pick and may serious hay.. I’d even consider taking a guard in the 2nd round of this draft.

  7. Mike did a nice job on his article. All good points for Thompson to consider.

    Thompson is smart cookie and I’m confident he will heed your recommendation. Good luck to you in your career.

  8. I just read about a sleeper Kyle Kalis a three year starter at Michigan at right guard who will be entering the draft and would be a great fit in Green and Gold.

  9. The only way we would trade up is if by some coincidence a player with top ten talent slides down and was high on our board. I’m positive TT has our first pick ready on our board but everything is subject to change once the first pick’s name is called.

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