Packers Fan Completes Incredible Journey to Lambeau

Some would say Wrigley Field is to baseball what Lambeau Field is to football in terms of historical relevance. The two shrines of their respective sports gained an unexpected attribute in common this past week, as one fan completed his incredible 170 mile journey to the Frozen Tundra.

Beloit native Dennis Schulze, who last December left his hometown on a 118 mile wheelchair journey to Wrigley, decided to roll a bit further to his other favorite team. Leaving this time from Janesville, Schulze reached his destination Saturday after 44 days, six fewer than he had planned. Schulze lost his leg in a truck accident nearly five years ago.

These journeys have not just been for a physical challenge either, as Schulze has been raising awareness for multiple charities and encouraging donations mile after mile. In his Wrigley Field journey, Schulze raised an estimated $2,500 total for various charities. For his trip to Lambeau Field, he was raising awareness for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, UW Carbone Cancer Center, Alzheimer’s Association, March of Dimes and Law Enforcement Death Response (LEDR) Team. The LEDR link alone shows $450 in donations at time of publication as a result of traffic started by Schulze.

Upon reaching Green Bay, Dennis received a police escort for the final blocks, and rose out of his wheelchair and walked the final steps into the home of the Green Bay Packers with the help of his prosthetic leg. Among those to greet him was Packers GM Ted Thompson, who much like he had with at least a couple free agents over the years, let Schulze leave without a contract presumably.

Schulze said these journeys are on his heart after the warm receptions he received first in Chicago and now in Green Bay. He has told numerous outlets covering the story that the journeys have been about raising funds and showing the goodness of people he meets along the way.

To donate to Dennis’ charities, please visit the link provided here.


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  1. I go to Lambeau every year with my daughter for one home game and still get goose bumps every time I enter the stadium.It’s the mecca if you love football. I hope to get to Wrigley field this year and Madison Square Garden someday two other historic sports venues.

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