Will Joe Mixon be drafted by the Packers?

Just a couple days after the New England Patriots made a superfluous PR move to say they will not be drafting troubled Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, the Green Bay Packers took a step in another direction.

Mixon has turned off more teams than just New England with his numerous domestic violence incidents, including video released late last year of him striking a female Oklahoma student in a restaurant. The Packers met with Mixon this past week, joining the Lions, Raiders, Bengals, Broncos, Saints, Chargers and other teams that have expressed some interest according to various reports.

It would not be the first time Green Bay has taken a chance on a player with a troubled past. One recent example was Colt Lyerla, an Oregon tight end who had a history of drug abuse and quitting his team in college. Lyerla never made it to the final 53-man roster after being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2014. Other notable players with character issues that spent time in Green Bay during the Ted Thompson reign have included Koren Robinson, Johnny Jolly and Letroy Guion. Robinson caught one touchdown playing in parts of two seasons. Jolly enjoyed three productive seasons separated by a three year suspension, and Guion has now been suspended twice in the last three years for at least three games. Guion has had more tackles in three years with Green Bay than he did in six with Minnesota prior, but missing the first four games of 2017 with a performance enhancing drug suspension may wear on the Packers’ patience with him.

The main difference between Mixon and all of these players is what his on-field value may bring to the table. Although Lyerla drew comparisons to Rob Gronkowski at times and certainly Jolly and Guion have been lauded for their disruptive ability, Mixon is a first-round talent. His character issues and the ensuing media storm that would accompany a first-round investment will most definitely drop his stock out of that round, but experts tend to think he could be a second-day pick.

Still, that is a much higher investment than Lyerla, Jolly, Guion or Robinson, which is why this situation is so different from those. The Packers backfield is in need of a depth infusion, and a player like Mixon drawing Le’Veon Bell comparisons is tempting to any GM. Any team that drafts Mixon knows they draft a media microscope along with him, but if the Packers are bringing him in for an individual workout, they must be having conversations if the risk just might pay off.

What are your thoughts on adding Joe Mixon? What is the line for you on “character issues” for a player? Let me know in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Will Joe Mixon be drafted by the Packers?

  1. If they’re willing to answer all the questions that go along with drafting this guy…then do it. Heck of a talent and at pick 29, the risk is minimal. Plus, he’ll be gone by the end of round 2…so strike when you can. A trade back to an early round 2 spot, to make the selection and garner another pick would be ideal. All that said…draft TJ Watt at 29, if possible, and satisfy the entire state fan base, while drafting a comparable, albeit lesser rb talent in round 2 or 3.

  2. I will start by saying that I believe that no man should ever put his hands on a woman in anger. WALK AWAY. I also believe in second chances. If the Packers should draft Mixon it should be with the understanding he continues counseling and one slip up and he’s history. I also think they could draft two running backs with the depth in this years class.There’s a sixth round Denver Bronco running back being inducted into the HOF this year.

  3. Green Bay rarely ever drafts or signs anyone they have come in for an interview. Can anyone tell me who the last player was? Much less a young man with such a past.

  4. I believe TT will draft a corner with the first pick. He sees where the biggest need is and fixes it first. First picks should not only make the 53 man roster but should start opening day at the position they were drafted for. I’m really starting to believe TT will move back from 29 to gain another draft pick.

    1. Trust me, Ted will F it up!! Ted has a hard time speaking, let alone drafting or trying to acquire free agents to help the defense. You may disagree, but the defensive side has been poor to barely above poor for how long? Rogers and the offense are fine, defense has been the Achilles when needed most! Even an average defense would do.

      1. We must fix the secondary first and foremost and this draft class has the talent to make it happen. I think if the Chargers want our 29th pick we trade with them and get two second round picks 38 and 61. We should get their third round pick also and now have the 71st and the 93 rd picks in the third. Now we draft Watt at 38 and a starting corner at 61 like Sidney Jones who could be there or Fabian Moreau.Then a running back at 71 say Mixon or Perine. The choices are endless and we should be very successful in fixing our back end.

  5. Mixon would be great. Go for it. Get a little wild and crazy Teddy! Also, I’m a big Watt fan. Can’t go wrong wrong with Watt.

    1. I totally agree. T.J.Watt has to be the first pick. If not he won’t be there at 61,we’ll have to move up to get him. Who knows he may never be as good as J.J.,but we’ll be kicking ourselves if he becomes an all pro. You gotta love the motor. He won’t take plays off like some players. We can get two good corners out of this draft I like Awuzie to replace Hyde. Ilike Humphrey from Alabama or Conley from Ohio State to replace Shields. The talent at running back is amazing. I’d take a chance on Mixon. I like D’onta Foreman or Perine. W

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