According to People, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn have split. The couple had dated since May 2014, and been subject to much scrutiny as Rodgers experienced seemingly un-explainable dips in play and reportedly stopped talking to his family.

Munn responded to an off-handed remark by ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky in a 2015 article, which suggested off-the-field difficulties with Munn may be the cause of a slightly down season.

Munn responded with a tweet directly to Demovsky:

“Playing it fast & loose w/the journalism @RobDemovsky. Your professional skills are lacking… you must be having personal problems at home.” – @oliviamunn

An episode of “The Bachelorette” also brought the Rodgers family issues into the spotlight, as Aaron’s brother Jordan spoke on camera about Aaron’s lack of contact. Aaron spoke with E! News shortly after the episode:

“As far as those kinds of things (Aaron’s relationship with Jordan) go, I’ve always found that it’s a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I’m just — I’m not going to speak on those things. But I wish him well in the competition,” Rodgers said.

Now, all of that is over, at least all of it that concerns Olivia Munn.

This would normally be the part of the article where I delve into the statistical relationship while Rodgers’ dating Munn, and how his stats looked before they dated. The thing is, there is no relationship. Here are just a few stats to prove the lack of a negative impact. The 2013 season was omitted due to Rodgers missing seven games with a broken collar bone.

Packers average regular season wins from 2008-2012: 10.4

Packers average regular season wins from 2014-2016: 10.667

Rodgers average touchdowns from 2008-2012: 34

Rodgers average touchdowns from 2014-2016: 36.333

Rodgers average completion percentage from 2008-2012: 65.9%

Rodgers average completion percentage from 2014-2016: 64%

Rodgers average passing yards from 2008-2012: 4,266.4

Rodgers average passing yards from 2014-2016: 4,210

Rodgers average interceptions from 2008-2012: 9

Rodgers average interceptions from 2014-2016: 6.667

So, in summary, Rodgers led the Packers to slightly more regular season wins, threw more touchdowns, only slightly fewer yards, slightly fewer completions and fewer interceptions while with Olivia Munn. Of course, the average is one way to look at it, but critics will point to Rodgers’ 2015 campaign as evidence of a potential distraction. Pundits were quick to judge the minutiae of Rodgers’ life as he passed for career lows in yards, completion percentage and quarterback rating.

The reason Rodgers’ struggles in 2015 was much closer to the field than Munn sitting in a luxury box, Jordy Nelson. Nelson, who tore his ACL in his right knee in a preseason game that year, was the Packers only number one receiver at the time. Randall Cobb is an asset in the slot, and Davante Adams has since grown into his role, but the Packers simply had no one who could beat man coverage without a deep threat taking the top off the defense. After the Denver Broncos exposed Green Bay mid way through the season, teams began to throw man at them until anyone could break off of it.

As for Munn having anything to do with Rodgers’ family contact, I would say Rodgers has as much business knowing your family issues as you do knowing his. Either way, it is reportedly over, so Packers fans can go back to hoping Aaron acknowledges their Twitter requests to marry him while Rodgers looks at them like this.