2017 NFL Draft: Trading Down

The Green Bay Packers come into the 2017 NFL Draft with several needs, and the draft choices to only fill some of them. Ted Thompson traded down on several occasions earlier in his tenure as General Manager, and the depth of the 2017 NFL Draft offers him the chance to repeat history.


Here’s a look at a few possibilities for trade downs:


*Note: According to the NFL trade value chart the Packers 1st Round Pick (#29) is worth 640 points.


Cleveland Browns

Pick 33 (2nd Rd. #1) – 580 points

Pick 108 (4th Rd. #1) – 78 points


If the Browns are looking to move up to draft a QB at the end of the 1st Round, the Packers pick could be a target. The Browns have plenty of picks to use to move around, and may be willing to pay the price to get their signal caller of the future.

The Packers would still be able to target a pass rusher or Cornerback at 33, and add the first pick of Saturday as well.


New York Jets

Pick 39 (2nd Rd. #7) – 510 points

Pick 107 (3rd Rd. #42) – 80 points

Pick 150 (5th Rd. #6) – 31.4 points


Pick 29 could be the target of any team trying to position themselves for a player at the end of the first round, but I am going to focus on teams in need of a Quarterback. If the Jets wanted to move up 11 spots, it would likely cost them their compensatory 3rd rounder and their 5th round pick.

The Packers could use those additional selections to draft another CB, pass rusher, RB, Guard, or use them to trade up in another round.


Buffalo Bills

Pick 44 (2nd Rd. #12) – 460 points

Pick 75 (3rd Rd. #11) – 215 points


Dropping down to pick 44 is a risk because the Packers could miss out on the one impact player they might be targeting in the first round. However, this trade would allow Green Bay to pick four times in the first 93 picks. In a draft with this much depth, it would allow the Packers to fill several needs.


The 2017 Draft is one of the deepest drafts in recent history, and the deepest position groups are areas the Packers need help in. Adding selections would allow the Packers to address many of their weaknesses this offseason.

Andrew Mertig is a a lifelong Packers fan and draft enthusiast. He has covered the NFL draft for radio and television stations in Green Bay. He is currently a host of the Pack-A-Day podcast and a writer for PackersTalk.com. You can follow him on Twitter @andrewmertig

13 thoughts on “2017 NFL Draft: Trading Down

  1. I will be watching the entire draft and hope to not be disappointed with the Packers moving back out of the first after waiting all night. We can let the draft come to us and at 29 there will be many choices on the defensive side of the ball to choose from.There will be surprises almost from the first pick and so on down the line.If Forrest Lamp is still there at 29 why not go offense and lock up our future right guard for the next decade.Fixing the secondary is priority one though,and picking a starting corner for the 2017 season has many choices.I still like Humphrey or Moreau.

    1. TT has never drafted a guard that high and does not even consider the pro bowl guards he drafted on his own roster worth big money. What makes you think he’s interested in giving one first round guaranteed money when he’s struck paydirt on his line man repeatedly in rd’s 4-5 for far less money. Easier to sign them to a second contract at reasonable value as well without a first rounders expectations if the player does pan out. Don’t hold your breath waiting on TT to draft Lamp with his first rd pick.

      1. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Forrest Lamp (I love Lamp!), but TT doesn’t value Guard like some other GMs do. The Packers really play their Guard in a “phone booth”. They really just need to focus on blocking in their small area, so the transition isn’t as great as it is for other teams.

      2. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m sorry I brought up drafting Lamp. It’s just been a fact in recent years that TT’s first round picks haven’t done very well,so I was just suggesting a sure winner in Lamp. Mock drafts have at least 3 or 4 teams drafting him in the first round.We need defense and to fix the secondary and draft an EDGE rusher early. I like Watt mainly because at least 4 or 5 of the best edge rusher

      3. I’m not holding my breath I was just making a suggestion. I’m not worried about replacing T.J.Lang anymore then I was Sitton. I’m sorry I brought Lamps name up. TT has sucked in the first round lately and Forrest was a sure thing and will be long gone before 29.I like another T.J named Watt in the first. All the other first round graded EDGE rushers will be gone too. If we don’t fix the secondary with the talent this year at corner it won’t matter whoever else we draft.I’m still trying to figure out why we brought in two TEs from free agency when this years draft class is loaded with talent. There’s at least a half a dozen great prospects to choose from.

  2. yes.. like the trade with the Jets! one more: the Arizona Cardinals may pass on a QB at #13 but trade for #29. their pick #45 and #77 is valued at 450 and 205. that sum of 655 may be high and could be compensated with the Pack adding a 2018 5th round pick.

    1. Arizona is another interesting candidate. Much like the Bills example, the Packers would be falling a long ways to their first pick, so I think #77 is fair value without the Packers throwing in a pick.

      It will be interesting to see if teams value any of the QBs enough to move up to draft them.

  3. This is a year they should definitely consider trading down, there is a lot of value at RB, DL, TE, and even CB to some extent. Very deep draft at those positions. With need at RB, DL and CB, it makes sense this year more than ever. Also, Thompson has done extremely well in the 2nd round, whereas he busts a lot of 1st round draft choices.

    1. I agree 100% they could trade back and land a Chidobe Awuzie, Kevin King, Fabian Moreau or a few others. It is extremely hard for a CB to come into Capers system and make an immediate impact, they will have a learning curve and considering this I would really like to see TT make a run at Revis to add veteran depth and leadership and trade back for extra picks and use one to snatch up Sidney Jones who will need time to heal and develop coming off that Achilles tear at his pro day. if TT could get Revis on a reasonable two year contract he could help push for a SB this year while helping Jones as he gets better, It would be win win for all involved, Revis would get a chance to redeem from an overall subpar 2016 even though he looked much closer to the old Revis near seasons end when he had healed from injury. Watched an interesting piece on GMFB where Jets CB Buster Skrine said Revis taught everyone in the Jets secondary how to be pros, take care of their bodies and work, Skrine also said Revis was easily the smartest football player he’s played with and is still a master technician on the field. Skrine also went on to say he knows Revis is putting extra training right now in Florida prepping for the upcoming season. Packers would get another veteran press cb and the best cb prospect in the draft if TT could pull it off.

      1. Revis is interesting because it’s not clear if he can still play outside. He could be a really great replacement for Micah Hyde.

    2. It seems that so many years the Packers needs would never match up with the depth of the draft. It’s bizarre that almost every need the Packers have matches up with an area of strength in this draft (with the exception of Guard). I’m very hopeful they will come out a much stronger team.

  4. i found another potential trade partner. the Chargers are looking to find a successor to Phillip Rivers. after using their #7 overall, they may wish to get a QB at the end of round 1. they can trade their 2nd (#38), their 4th (#113), their 5th (#151) and their 6th (#190) for #29. the Chargers could be good trade partners with the Pack because their draft needs are quite different this year.

  5. I’d be in favor of trading with the Browns but after that they’d be dropping back to far IMO. The Packers pass defense was pretty bad last season, before and after Randall & Rollins were injured. Yes the injuries hurt their play but if you look at the pass defense before Randalls and Rollins were injured, it wasn’t any better than when they came back.

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