Football Outsiders Predicts Packers Win NFC North in 2017

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NFL teams are still in the process of rebuilding and reloading for 2017, but Football Outsiders has released preliminary predictions for how teams will finish in the coming season. The ESPN partner site had the Packers finishing 12-4 and winning the NFC North in 2016, a prediction that was not too far off. The Packers ended up 10-6 in the regular season, winning two more games to reach the NFC Championship despite a rash of injuries.

In 2017, Football Outsiders have the Packers finishing atop the NFC North once again.

  1. Green Bay Packers: 10-6
  2. Detroit Lions: 7-9
  3. Chicago Bears: 7-9
  4. Minnesota Vikings: 6-10

Football Outsiders saw the overall NFC shaking out like this:

1. Seattle
2. Green Bay
3. Arizona (wild card)
4. Dallas
5. Carolina
6. Atlanta (wild card)
7. Los Angeles Rams
8. New York Giants
9. Philadelphia
10. Detroit
11. Washington
12. New Orleans
13. Chicago
14. Tampa Bay
15. Minnesota
16. San Francisco

The site said this about the Packers in 2017:

“When Aaron Rodgers is on his game, the recipe for the Packers is simple: good team if the defense is bad; great team if the defense is good. Our projections lean a bit more toward the former than the latter, but the Packers are still well ahead of the rest of their division.”

Football Outsiders also said the Lions will not pull out as many wins in 2017, despite winning several close games last season. The Bears were predicted to improve, but likely run into some bumps in the road on offense. The Vikings meanwhile appear poised to carry their 2016 second-half collapse into 2017 and plummet to the bottom of the NFC North.

The Packers 2017 regular season schedule has not yet been released, but they will face the following opponents:

Home: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks

Away: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys

What are your predictions for the Packers and NFC North in general in 2017? What do the Packers need to do in the draft and beyond to ensure they return to the playoffs? Let me know in the comments.



11 thoughts on “Football Outsiders Predicts Packers Win NFC North in 2017

  1. Last years draft was a perfect example of how two blue chip picks,even though Dak Prescott was vastly underrated as a fourth round pick can change a team. Dallas went from a losing record to 13 and 3. This years draft is so loaded with talent that every team should be able to find two starters for their offense or defense. The problem is no matter how much you evaluate a players athletic abilities you can’t measure their heart and commitment to playing winning football.I’ll stick with T.J.Watt for the Pack because I believe the talent and bloodline are there. He’s the type of guy who will not take a down off and will be an overachiever.This class of corners is just what the doctor ordered for the Pack. TT will find us a replacement for Lang and bring in another running back in the middle rounds where he does his best work.

    1. It would be nice to see OL & D-Backs on the Draft choices. I think Sherman & Peterson, as solid as they have been athletically, have serious potential to be cancer in the locker room. That means 2-3 Draft choices at RB & D-Back

      McCaffrey really is intriguing, but his stock has really skyrocketed. Looking for a CB at 29: Humphrey, White, Conley seem to be the best of will be available.

      Lamp at Guard also interesting.

      1. I mentioned Lamp and got grief for it. He’s a solid first round pick and you know how Ted has done lately in the first picks.Lamp is all over the first round from top to bottom and would guarantee protection for Arod and could be a ten year starter. He’s a plug and play opening day starter.

        1. Wish I was sold on Watt, but I just can’t 1st Round value.

          I hope the Pack draft absolutely zero tight-ends

          Looking for OL, DL & DB’s in any order. A mid-round RB/LB is good

          Trading down for a 2nd & a 5th looks like the best scenario. Too many positions need help.

          1. How’s this sound. The Packers drop out of the first and trade picks with say the Chargers who need a QB for the future. In exchange the P

          2. Watt is a gem. Miss him and it will be a huge mistake. Motor, gamer!

            1. I like Watts – just not in the 1st.

              More that I’ve thought about it, trading the 29th for a early 2nd & a 4-5th rounder makes sense.

              If McCafferty is available though, I’d love to see him

              Still happy no Sheeman trade or AP signing.

  2. How’s this sound.The Packers trade the 29th pick to the Chargers who want this pick. In return the Packers get the 38th pick which is the Chargers second round pick and their pick 61st in the second. Also they get the Chargers third round pick which is the 71st pick in the third and the Packers third round pick which is 93.The Packers now have two seconds two third and two fifth round picks with their compensatory pick for Casey Hayward who they traded to the Chargers last year.Hayward led the league with 8 ints. last year. Now we draft Watt at 38 and a corner at 61 say Fabian Moreau or Rasul Douglas. Then a running back at 71 maybe Mixon or D’onta Foreman.I also like Cooper Kupp at 71 or 93. Just spitballing and putting thoughts out there to ponder.GO PACK GO!!! 2017 schedule tonight at 8pm.

  3. Win the NFC north? Maybe, but I hope their goal is much higher. The defense will fail again I’m afraid. Hope not, but my gut says it will not be much different this year with TT attitude toward building a defense to compliment the offense.

    1. I’m not disagreeing. I want T.J.Watt first round. Then a corner. Third round I’d like running back then back to defense. Two picks on offense a running back and a guard. Every other pick on defense. Fixing the secondary is priority one. I remember a Ron Wolf draft with the first four picks were corners or safeties. I like Budda Baker if he’s there in the second.

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