Do the Latest Ted Thompson Rumors Have Any Bearing?

Several reports came out this weekend stating that Ted Thompson has again rankled some feathers within the Packers organization. This isn’t anything new. Rumors were abound last year about Mike McCarthy being fed up with Thompson’s approach, or lack thereof, to free agency. Now, the cat is apparently out of the bag involving players and coaches alike expressing frustration for letting T.J. Lang walk.

In this age of instant information access and hyperconnectivity, every NFL fanbase is essentially an arsenal of armchair general managers that know how to run the team far better than the actual front office or coaching staff. I could visit a handful of bars tonight in my quaint Wisconsin town and would have no trouble finding several guys who would guarantee the Packers would be hoisting the Lombardi next year if they had the job of Thompson, McCarthy, or Dom Capers. When stories like this latest Lang one come out, the fanbase turns into a pool of piranhas with a wounded animal just tossed in.

So, some people employed at 1265 Lombardi Ave. are upset with Thompson. They have every right to be. I made my case for keeping Lang earlier this year. In eight months’ time, Thompson has let two All-Pro caliber guards walk. Neither was old in NFL years. Any sane person would keep two high quality guards on their football team to help protect their Hall of Fame quarterback. Like I said before, you protect your Ferrari by keeping it in a locked garage. You don’t park it underneath a lean-to in a neighborhood known for auto theft.

Plenty of pundits are coming to Thompson’s defense, and they also have legitimate reasons. He did draft Rodgers, has re-signed plenty of players to keep the homegrown talent, and made decisions that made business sense but broke hearts (releasing Charles Woodson, sticking with Rodgers when Favre wanted back in after “retiring” in 2008). Thompson may have no heart, but a good GM shouldn’t have one anyway.

So, what’s going to come from these latest rumors? Nothing. Ted Thompson is made of Teflon when it comes to noise from the outside world. “Teflon Ted” he should be called. He knows where his bread is buttered, and it’s not from the armchair GMs or “stockholders”. Some players and coaches may be upset, but they know where their bread is buttered too. Replacing T.J. Lang could very well be a seamless transition. When it comes down to it, every position is expendable but a franchise QB.


John Piotrowski is a UW-Eau Claire alum, spending most of his life in western WI. He makes the trek east to Lambeau whenever possible. Follow him on twitter at @piosGBP.



13 thoughts on “Do the Latest Ted Thompson Rumors Have Any Bearing?

  1. “People in the organization were upset at Lang walking out”

    A lot of fans were too.

    Its nice to be thrifty. But one wonders if the Pack would hsve been a mini-dynasty if TT had kept some of the D-backs we had since 2010. Especially seeng how the deep secondary got incinerated by Cardinals and Falcons in the last few playoffs. Just open up the checkbook once in a while.

    1. I agree, I can’t believe he let Hayward go and now Micah Hyde.

    2. Well, you may open your checkbook, but you may not have enough limit to pay the goods (you know, there is Salary Cap, isn’t it?)
      Also, I think injuries prevented that mini-dynasty more than anybody and anything else. To remind you and others – 2015 season divisional round Packers O played with 5th and 6th WR as starters. Last season, at NFCCG Packers lost Burnett and 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th CB in 1 Q while already played w/o 1st CB. Also they have some issues with ILB health.
      So, you basically says that TT should pay starters to be replacement. There is no space in Salary Cap for that.
      I love Packers, but as father of grown 2 kids, I can tell you, many of Packers fans behave as spoiled kids…
      Be aware. You might be sorry in the future when this era finish…

      1. We’re acting like spoiled kids because this era/window of Arod is closing and we have a GM who refuses to acknowledge we need to win now while we still have a hall of fame QB !!
        I mean how many years does it take to build a defense ? His stubborn ego really hurts our team . We play a 3-4 defense but he doesn’t acquire the right personal for this style of defense! My grandma could do a better job drafting a defense !!! Expect TT to trade down and draft more scrubs like an extra fourth round pick from Maine! Maybe he thinks the Packers are a hockey team. ! So yeah we’re intelligent passionate fans. By the way , IT’S NOT HIS MONEY !!

        1. Bravo, and what after all in? 20 years of Jaguars or Browns destiny? Bravo!

        2. Hmmm 1 superbowl, 3 NFC Championship Games., at some point you have to blame someone other than TT. How about MM coaching and players… A couple of Key interception that were dropped and a dropped onside kick could have easily propelled the Packers to 2 more SBs… hindsight if they win 3 SB;s they are a dynasty like the Patriots

  2. I understand that every coach and GM has an expiration date. I would like to hear viable replacements for these people instead of well anybody would be better than HIM.Put some thought into who’s out there and who would really help the Packers going forward.

  3. Since when is it ever a good idea to ever overpay an offensive guard? Especially an aged one with hip issues. They’re not tackles and look at what Taylor did last year for Sitton. If you wan’t to talk about Micah Hyde, IMO, Davon House is an upgrade. Hyde blew up ONCE! And that was an amazing day against Dallas. Other than that, he is a serviceable DB at most positions in the backfield but IMO, he’s not worth what the Bills paid the man. Good for him though! No doubt!
    With that, I have to say,props to TT for making the hard decisions and
    IMO this business about TT not being competent and somehow having some sort of malicious intent towards the players of the Green Bay Packers is serious BS! Suuuuuure! The evil Ted Thompson! Hysterical! This tells me there is nothing to write about. It comes from a few irrelevant gents and their sour grapes.#sourcesdryinguplikeamother#Bob’sawhinybeeyaatchass

  4. There are five or six men who get a paycheck at 1265 who could have a place at Canton. TT is one of them. He has by my count 2 top 20 picks, Hawk and Raji. Give the man credit, he is a coupon clipping GM, who has made others pay millions for our outgoing FAs.

  5. I think part of the anger in letting Lang walk was what TT offered Lang to stay in GB. It was essentially a one year deal with an option for a second year. The guarantee was only about $6.5 million compared to almost $20 million with Detroit. So Lang, a 30 year old Pro Bowl Guard who’s played injured for much of the last few years is only worth $6.5 million? What kind of message does that send to the other veterans on the Packers roster? I can understand how people could be angry about that.

    1. The wheels are about to fall off Lang… He also had good partners in Bulaga and Linsley… Bad hip, $20 million guaranteed.. pretty easy. Let him walk.

  6. What if…… What if the dropped interceptions and dropped onside kick is recovered and the Packers go to 3 SBs instead of one? Then we would be talking Dynasty like the Patriots (if they win). Some blame on the shortcomings belongs to the players and coaching. Last Years NFC Championship fiasco where the defense made ZERO adjustments to the fast Atlanta offense. TT doesn’t coach or Play. He evaluates and he is the Best period. Be thankful.. we could have had Matt Millen drafting for us…

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