BREAKING – Packers Draft Jamaal Williams, RB. BYU 134th Overall

Analysis (Andrew Mertig): Williams led the Cougars in rushing all four seasons at BYU. He has great size (6’0″ 212lbs) and can overpower defenders. He’s a decisive runner who will locate the hole and hit it fast. He will drag defenders to gain extra yards and should be able to contribute in the goal line package.

At times, Williams will miss open running lanes, and he doesn’t possess the athleticism to avoid defenders. He will have to improve his vision to make an impact in the NFL, but does possess the build to be the physical back behind Ty Montgomery.

Team Fit (Mike Wendlandt): Jamaal Williams isn’t quite as big as Ty Montgomery but his running style is a perfect complement to #88. Williams is a power runner who is as decisive as it gets when hitting the line of scrimmage. He has exceptional leg drive which will immediately help with the short yardage situations.

Player Comparison (Mike Wendlandt): With his running style and his love for running guys over, Williams has a lot of the same skills as a young Frank Gore. Like Gore, Williams will not back down from anyone and was productive in college with the potential to do so in Green Bay.

Rank (Ross Uglem): 99. Ted gets another top 100 guy.  Williams is a power back who is better on film than he is in shorts.

PFF Draft Guide (Ross Uglem):  forced 67 missed tackles and was not brought down on first contact on 32.7% of his runs.


One thought on “BREAKING – Packers Draft Jamaal Williams, RB. BYU 134th Overall

  1. I can’t wait to see an explosive running game in Green Bay and who better to open with at home then Seattle. Eddie Lacy comes back to Lambeau in a Seahawks uniform.I hope we can shut him and their entire offense down.Giving Arod a running game with two exciting running backs and the Ripper leading the way. A two TE offense will be exciting also. GO PACK GO!

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