Kevin King Could Be a Day One Starter

The moans and groans of Packer nation bolstered as just a couple picks before 29 Ted Thompson accepted a deal from the Cleveland Browns to move back to the first pick of the second round. TJ Watt, Reuben Foster, and Dalvin Cook were still on the board, but they were not persuading enough for the ingenuity of draft connoisseur Ted Thompson. Thompson remained patient and had a good nights rest before deciding to address the team’s most pressing need. Cornerback. When the Packers selected Kevin King it gave this team everything they needed in the secondary. He possesses the speed, length, and coverage skills to hang with any receiver. King’s versatility to play press, zone, and in the slot could jolt him into the Packers starting corner conversation as early as the first game of the season.

Third year corners Quinten Rollins and Damarious Randall failed to a step forward last season and instead experienced sophomore slumps in 2016. Injuries were a contributing factor, but they are far from a scapegoating ploy for a bottom feeding pass defense. The additions of Davon House and Kevin King should make Rollins and Randall uneasy about what used to be assured playing time.

Randall had the worse season of any Packer corner with a Pro Football Focus rating of 39.6. Quite a drop from the 69.4 rating he received as a rookie.

Rollins has always been more affective in the slot and should continue to see snaps there. He may be joined by Randall there as well. In fact, Randall and Rollins will possibly be scrapping with Ladarius Gunter for nickel and dime package snaps throughout the season. Just a few months ago, no Packer fan would have believed the corner position would be crowded with talent heading into 2017.

If House can get back on track with the progression he saw with the Packers before he left in 2014; it may lead to him being the number 1 corner come the season opener. The same could happen for Kevin King. If he can use his rare combination of size and speed to prove why he should of been a first rounder, then he could be the Packers number 2 on the outside alongside House.

King has that chip on his shoulder now from dropping out of the first round, which will help him gain the edge in training camp. After day 1 of the draft he headed straight for the weight room after realizing he would have to wait even longer to find out where he would be playing.

King comes into the best situation of any NFL team in need of a corner. He joins an elite defense with one of the best coordinators in the game in Dom Capers. The Packers need his help immediately and his skill set is exactly what they were lacking.


Brandon Carwile was a Cheesehead at birth. His dad grew up attending games at Lambeau and passed on the legacy. He has covered the Packers for over five years and currently works with Find him on twitter at @PackerScribe.



10 thoughts on “Kevin King Could Be a Day One Starter

  1. Kevin King will be a plug and play day one starter. It’s who is on the other side is the question mark.

  2. He joins an elite defense with one of the best coordinators in the game in Dom Capers?…not the Defense I saw…it was weak!

  3. “He joins an elite defense…”

    A statement like that undermines anything good in the article.

    One of the few words overused by sportscasters and writers almost as much as the word “great” is the word ” elite”. It would be a major improvement for fans and listeners if the people using them would be more judicious.

    1. Uhh they have three pro bowlers with a building young secondary. This defense is elite. They have a pro bowler on the line, possibly 2 at linebacker, and HaHa who is one of the top safeties in the league. Come on, sir.

      1. These are a few of the 2016 defensive statistics and remember to consider the the Packers defense was helped by having one of the “elite” or at least better offenses in the league last year:

        1. defense ranked 30th in yards allow per play
        2. defense ranked 27th in time of possession – in other words, they couldn’t get off the field
        3. defense ranked 32nd or dead last in the league in yards allowed per play
        4. defense ranked 25th is scores allowed and remember this is with a very good offense playing against the opponents defense.
        5. and finally the defense ranked 32 or dead last again in passing yards allowed per game.

        Thus, for you to use the word “elite” when referring to our Packers defense is tantamount to egregious.

        I do appreciate you writing an article and I mean this critique/comments to be constructive and not confrontational.

  4. Yeah King is a beast and it would be nice to have a lock down corner. Though I did read somewhere that he is not as fast as his 40 might suggest. I personally feel Josh Jones may steal the thunder. This guy looks like he could be a thumper and another enforcer along side Ha-Ha!
    However, I really feel like Randall had some injury issues which contributed to the putrid sophomore slump but I wouldn’t count him out. Hell, with the abuse that secondary took from both the players and the media, who knows, maybe it was the motivation they needed.

    1. Shavager will tear apart anything good that might be said about our defense. He’ll continue to tell you how bad Dom Capers is and that our defense even with four or five starters who are first round and pro bowl picks sucks.

  5. I have absolute confidence in this young man, especially after reading a recent article having to do with the 5 time pro bowler Hardy Knickerson’s own assessment of Kevin. Seems Hardy is a bit of a fortune teller. Lol. It was pretty cool and definitely worth the read. Plus, how can you not give Hardy a little credibility.
    We all knew it was gonna be deep in CB’s in this years draft and to pick up a guy where the Packers did who has the speed and length that he does means 1 thing to me. Green Bay chose this man to start. TT did his homework, gleaned as much as he could from his scouts and other professionals and pulled the trigger on a pick that could be remembered for a long time.
    So yes, I’m gonna have to say Kevin King will be starting day 1.

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