Pack to the Future #44: Special Guest Lenny Pipkins

Brian has a chat with Lenzy Pipkins, an undrafted free agent rookie with the Green Bay Packers. Lenzy tells you what it feels like being a Green Bay Packer and his thought process behind signing with Green Bay.

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One thought on “Pack to the Future #44: Special Guest Lenny Pipkins

  1. I have been a die hard Packer fan. Since the first two Super Bowls. I feel,as strong,that the Packers are moving in the right direction with TT & MM and all the other coaches as well as DC in their approach to giving the Packers always a chance, year after year to go all the way! I never forget the lean years the 70s,the 80s since,the 90s we have been spoiled with winning!! just a reality check.I am proud to be a cheesehead. I live in,MA I don”r like anyything .N.E.except the lobsters and seafood, Their teams I respect, But it is fun to be a fan of America real team!!!

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