Packers draft improves their Super Bowl chances.

The NFL Draft is now a few weeks in the rear view mirror, rookie camp is complete and the evaluations of the Packers newest players have begun in earnest. The Packers did both the expected and the surprising this year with their draft selections.

When Wisconsin favorite TJ Watt was presented to Packers’ GM Ted Thompson on a silver platter, he passed the plate to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for some additional dessert the next day. Thompson obtained the first pick in both Round two and Round four from the Browns and used the first of those picks to grab cornerback Kevin King, addressing perhaps the team’s biggest need.

Thompson continued to bolster the defense with the next three selections, addressing the safety, linebacker and defensive line positions.

The rest of the draft was offense all the way with a very surprising three running back selections (who drafts three running backs in the same year?) and also adding two more wide receivers to an already crowded position group.

There is little doubt The Green Bay Packers added some fine new players in the draft, and are definitely strong contenders for the next Superbowl.

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16 thoughts on “Packers draft improves their Super Bowl chances.

  1. Slobber over this draft IF you want–just remember Thompson only has 17 of the past 46 picks STILL on the roster–so it’s NOT as if he’s been a drafting king. He passed on one of draft’s best LB’s over M-O-N-E-Y, period! Cleveland got TJ Watt so Thompson could SAVE MONEY over a first round pick contract vs. second round. He selected Vince Biegel from Wisconsin to patronize Packers fans who were giddy to think Watt would be a Packer. Over all, he got ONE very good athlete who may improve this team slightly over how bad they were last year–Kevin King. CB Josh Jones MAY hang around after his rookie contract but there’s NO guarantee any of these new picks will last longer than that first contract they signed–just ask the 25 former picks WHO ARE GONE NOW. There is simply NO way this defense will be that much better than last year’s and it was BOTTOM OF LEAGUE–where HALF of Capers’ defenses have been over past SIX seasons–and the reason Packers CAN’T compete for a SB. His 2012 defense SET NFL RECORD for yards given up by defense–the league’s WORST pass defense just five years ago–he accomplished that feat again this past season–league’s WORST pass defense AGAIN. And that’s DESPITE Thompson drafting or signing some 70+ NEW players on defense over past SIX seasons–enough to BUILD SEVEN COMPLETE DEFENSES. Aaron Rodgers takes Green Bay to playoffs–DUMB Capers defense BEATS THEM every year. Nothing this year proves anything will change.

    1. King and Josh Jones are the good picks. As for the rest of the picks, questionable at best. Why draft 3 RBs over defense (in case if the secondary outside of King, Jones, and Dix is bad this year)?

      I would have drafted either Tyus Bowser or Hassan Reddick over Biegel to help the OLB woes and either Mixon or Perine over the 3 RBs drafted to get a real RB outside of Monty.

      Playoffs aren’t a guarantee (ask the 2016 Cardinals, 2016 Broncos, and 2016 Panthers). Pack may go 11-5 at best 10-6 prediction 8-8 at worst.

      Teds contract is up after the 2018 NFL draft along with McCarthy (and Capers), so when/if they leave, optimism could happen if new GM actually signs quality free agents (Bennett, Evans, Peppers, Cook, Woodson), drafts well (King, Jones, Dix, Daniels, Matthews, Cobb, Rodgers, and Nelson), and if new coach picks the right guy for DC and call the right plays when it matters the most.

      1. Personally, I’m angry that Thompson passed up TJ Watt with first pick so he could take King–like I said I’m convinced MONEY was the reason, NOT the athlete. Not saying King won’t help this team–but he’s a ROOKIE regardless of talent. Some FACTS about Capers as DC and the “STUCK ON STUPID” attitude that McCarthy/Thomson have—Thompson has DRAFTED/signed enough FA’s and undrafted FA’s to build SEVEN complete defenses in past SIX years–yet the 2016 edition was BOTTOM OF LEAGUE in pass defense yardage AGAIN–that’s after his pass defense SET AN NFL RECORD in 2012–WORST NFL TEAM EVER in passing yardage. YEAH–we all know about INJURIES–BUT IF THOMPSON HAD TALENT ON BENCH–Packers most likely would NOT have missed Sam Shields as much as they did–but then again–the WORST pass defense in 2012 ALSO HAD SAM SHIELDS PLAYING AS WELL AS RETREAD DAVON HOUSE ON THAT TEAM TOO!! In PAST SEVEN YEARS–Capers defense HAS given up: MOST POINTS EVER in a playoff game, SECOND most points ever in playoff game and THIRD most points ever in playoff—and that’s 96 YEARS OF PACKERS HISTORY and a total of 35 YEARS of playoffs–DUMB Capers defenses have managed to GIVE UP MOST, SECOND, THIRD MOST POINTS EVER–while having the WORST NFL PASS YARDAGE in 2012–GAVE UP NFL RECORD RUN YDS TO A RUNNING QB—AND the ‘kicker’–Capers/McCarthy are FIRST DC/HC in Packers HISTORY to LOSE TWO CONSECUTIVE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. WHY would you keep the REASON you can’t make a SB on the team so long?? They would’ve CUT a player that performed as badly–just ask LB Eric Walden after Kaepernick embarrassed the team in ’12 or TE Brandon Bostick who FUMBLED the onside kick against the Seahawks in 2014! Oh yeah–Capers DEFENSE has AVERAGED giving up MORE POINTS, MORE Total yds, MORE Pass yds, MORE Run yds in past SIX seasons than Rodgers/McCarthy offense can AVERAGE–THAT is the reason they LOSE every playoff run. We’ve ALL seen the results–Capers “D” BLEW 16 point lead AND A CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014, BLEW the lead and game vs. Cardinals in 2015 and BLEW a 23 POINT lead in ’16 vs. Cowboys before Crosby saved the playoff game to get TORCHED by Ryan in SECOND consecutive Championship LOSS. LOSING—THAT’s NOT SOMETHING PACKERS FANS WOULD EVER TOLERATE–BUT THAT’s the McCarthy/Capers Packers—LOSERS in SIX consecutive playoff runs and TWO CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES.

        1. McCarthy, Thompson, and Capers shouldn’t get new contracts after this one is finished. Period! I would have fired Capers after 2012 SF game, McCarthy after Seattle choke job, and Thompson after the Atlanta blowout if I was the Packers. Like I said, their contracts are up after next year (after 2018 NFL Draft). There have even been rumors about Ted stepping down or taking a different role to let Wolf be the GM and for Ted to advise him before 2016 ended. Heck, even in the press conference after the 2017 NFL Draft, he was asked how much longer he would continue drafting and he said “I don’t know, how do I look?”. Well, the way I look at is this, he is getting older, not younger, and his time with the Packers is coming to an end after next years draft. McCarthy’s contract expires at the same time as well. So maybe in 2018-19 with a new GM (Eliot Wolf), new coach (one of the Patriots assistants), and new defensive coordinator (hopefully Vic Fangio from the Bears), there should be optimism about the future by then.

  2. I really hope the players and coaching staff read everything this man has to say and use it as fuel for the fire this season. I do believe he loves the Green Bay Packers and is just disappointed that we don’t do everything to please him. I think TT has done a very good job the last two years bringing in talented players who will help bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown.I say it again,there are 31 other bandwagons to jump on Mr. Shavager who will also do things that won’t satisfy you and your very high standards. GO PACK GO!!

    1. James–do ya’ REALLY think Holmgren or Lombardi would put up with this CRAP called “Packers” football? NO–Capers would’ve BEEN GONE, AND QUICK. They make playoffs because of TWO REASONS—Aaron Rodgers and A WEAK DIVISION, NOT McCarthy or Capers. P.S.–these North rivals AIN’T the Lovie Smith Bears or Dennis Green Vikings anymore. P.S.–I watched Lombardi MAKE CHANGES to make his team better and compete–FIVE Championships out of six ain’t bad and at least Holmgren and Brett Favre QUALIFIED for TWO SB’s–Aaron Rodgers next SB appearance might HAVE to be on a different team IF he wants to play in one, ’cause this one’s STUCK ON STUPID.

      1. Rodgers should have been in three Super Bowls already. Only Packers fans remember the 2011 season when we started 11 and 0 and finished 15 and 1. Our only loss was to the Chiefs in Kansas City. We also lost Derek Sherrod our first round draft pick to a compound fracture of his leg and lost him forever after that. On defense Cullen Jenkins had been traded and I believe Nick Collins career was over.Losing the playoff game at home to the Giants should have never happened. I guess McCarthy lost that game for us since the defense only gave up 20 points I believe. Then there’s the game in Seattle that I

      2. The point is I’m as disgusted as you are but we have to play the hand we’re dealt. It’s going to be hard to fire a coach with the record McCarthy has,even though it’s mostly because of Rodgers who TT saw fit to draft when 23 teams passed on him.I wanted T.J.Watt big time even though alot of people kept asking me if I only felt this way because of J.J. Hell I wanted us to jump up and draft him when the Texans took him at the 11th pick. Hell I’ve been watching Joey Bosa for years and wanted him. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. The draft is a crap shoot at best some times. I’m rooting like hell for Biegel and Fackrell this year. With this years offense our defense I believe will be good enough to keep us in every game and Rodgers and company will do the rest. Here’s to agreeing to disagree and hope to see you in the Super Bowl in the Vikings new stadium. Bleeding Green and Gold until the day I die. GO PACK GO!!!!

        1. That’s the POINT James–put Aaron Rodgers on almost ANY other team–they will compete for division–but for SIX consecutive years now–it’s DUMB Capers defense that has beat Packers. Adding two rookies, King and Jones in backfield with Randall and Rollins ain’t gonna make this secondary good enough to beat anybody come playoff time. Do ya’ really think Davon House is so improved from 4 years ago? He adds experience, that’s about it. They had league’s WORST secondary last year–just FOUR years removed from Capers/NFL’s WORST SECONDARY based on yards given up over season. I’d take Rob Ryan as DC just to get CHANGE that will make players produce/perform better. “The Man in the Sky” hasn’t done a thing in 7 years to make this defense any better–I don’t care if it’s Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, Stauback, Joe Montana or Bart Starr, or even Aaron Rodgers–it’s a 50-50 toss whether a Capers defense can stop the next drive by an opponent AFTER Rodgers has led team down to score. Offense wins games–DEFENSE wins Championships–right now AARON RODGERS IS THE PACKERS DEFENSE–KEEP the ball in his hand at the end, you gotta shot to win–put it in Capers defense–they’ve got a SIX YEAR STREAK OF LOSING. Nothing’s changed. Like I said before, Lombardi, Holmgren, even a Mike Sherman or Ray Rhodes would’ve stuck with Capers this long without improvement–and he’s headed backwards.

          1. A pass rush helps the secondary. Without a pass rush, secondary will struggle. You can still have Aqib Talib, Janoris Jenkins, Kam Chancellor and Haha Clinton Dix, but it wouldn’t mean a thing without a pass rush. A great pass rush helps the secondary. The pass rush and inside linebacker will be the concern of the team this year. While King and Josh Jones (and maybe a bounce back year from Randall) should help the secondary improve a little better than 31st last season (I would rank it 22nd), it will still struggle because of the pass rush. Like I said, the pass rush will be the concern of this team (inside and outside). It is what makes players in the secondary look better.

            1. I think we have our ILB in Clay Mathews and maybe Vince Biegel. Fackrell has to step up his game and Elliott gets his last possible chance.We should have brought in a free agent pass rusher from Phila.Connor Barwin was available and the Rams got him.I think our DL could get more pressure this year with the rookie Adams and Clark’s second year. I agree a solid pass rush is your secondarys best friend.

          2. I’ve not been defending Dom Capers at any time. I also agree he should have been gone years ago. I also believe that takes a new GM to make these decisions. I also agree although TT should retire. You and I will remain disgruntled until a new GM,hopefully Ron Wolfs son takes over. I’m sick and tired of wasting the best years of the best QB in the NFL. Brady has five Super Bowls now but God knows he should only have three. Seattle gives the ball to Lynch instead of passing it they win. Atlanta’s loss will go down in history as the stupidest playcalling and clock management misuse in the NFL. They had the best backfield in the NFL and are throwing the ball with a 25 point lead.We need a more aggressive GM in free agency to bring in help for our defense. We need a new DC, and I had suggested one of the Ryan brothers too.Listening to interviews with Ted Thompson,he really is showing his age. Believe it or not Mr. Shavager I want the same thing you want Our offense this year should be unstoppable and I do believe our defense,staying healthy could be improved enough to bring the Lombardi back home. Wishing you good health and Bleeding Green and Gold IN Pottstown Pennsylvania for 52 years..

            1. James, I agree with Ted. In his 2017 NFL Draft press conference, when he was asked how longer he would continue drafting, he responded by saying “I don’t know, how do I look?”. Well the way it looks, age and health issues have caught up to him. Hell there has even been rumors of Ted stepping down this year (and I’ve also heard this year that Dorsey would be a candidate to replace Ted). Last year, there were also rumors about John Schneider coming home once Ted leaves as well. Teds contract is up after 2018. McCarthy’s and Capers contracts are up at the same time as well.

            2. I am very optimistic about the upcoming season. I probably say that every year,but I really like the direction this team is going offensively. Sometimes it only takes a player or two on both sides of the line of scrimmage to turn things around. We have most of the pieces in place and with a solid running game and a much improved secondary good things can happen. Having a first round draft pick like King on one side makes Damarius Randall feel more secure on his side. I’m not a big believer in bringing back Davon House except for the fact he knows Capers scheme and can help the rookies get comfortable. Josh Jones has to play along with King and Clinton-Dix. Jones and Burnett bring a physicality to our defense that’s been missing.

            3. I love the King pick, as I do with Jones. Josh Jones is Micah Hyde 2.0 but faster. By the way, Eliot Wolf was doing some of the draft this year (he drafted King, not Ted). I think Randall will bounce back, but I’m not solid on House. I do agree he knows the system (that’s the only thing I like about it), but he is inconsistent in my opinion. The secondary should be improved (I’d rank it 19th) from last year but it’s the pass rush I’m concerned about (hopefully Biegel can play like he did in Wisconsin).

  3. I think this years defense will be capable of at least forty sacks. That’s an average of two and a half a game. Last year we had 15 and a half in the first four weeks and 14 and a half in the last four weeks. I’m not sure what the total was,but I’m sure it was forty or more. A healthy Mathews and Perry have proved their capable of double digit sacks.Daniels and company with the addition of Adams could contribute double digit and the rest will be spread around. We must get off to a fast start at home against Seattle. Then it’s payback in Atlanta. Playing the NFC South this season will truly test our secondary.I’ll remain optimistic until proven to the contrary. GO PACK GO!!

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