Packers Training Camp, 2017 Season, Just Around the Corner.

After what has seemed like an interminably long off season, the Packers 2017 training camp is set to begin in less than a week.

For fans of perennially good teams like the Packers, the off seasons always seem too long. The disappointment of failing to win a Lombardi Trophy lingers and sits in their stomachs like a bad burrito. Eventually, it passes (pun intended) and the anticipation of another run at the trophy quells the uneasiness.

The excitement level this year has been unusually intense thanks to a rather unusual off season for Ted Thompson and the Packers. Normally quiet to a fault during the free agency signing period, Thompson re-discovered his trigger finger and fired off a few surprising shots, hitting the target on five, count ’em, FIVE free agent signings. And we’re talking about starting-caliber players, not guys from the leftovers plate Thompson normally dines on.

Martellus Bennett, Lance Kendricks, Davon House, Jahri Evans, and Ricky Jean Francois plus ten new rookies drafted back in April have Packers fans giddy at the prospects of an even stronger team in 2017.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have won at least ten games in seven of their last eight seasons, making the over on their projected ten wins in 2017 a comfortable bet, according to Sports Betting Dime.

Ten wins would very likely get the Packers in the playoffs again, but their aim is higher. After last year’s playoff destruction by the Atlanta Falcons, Aaron Rodgers expressed the importance of winning more regular season games to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Should they be able to do that, Packers fans could very well be rewarded with a Super Bowl winning season from their team.

The journey starts on Thursday, July 27th with an 8:15 practice at St. Norbert’s College.

Go Pack!



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2 thoughts on “Packers Training Camp, 2017 Season, Just Around the Corner.

  1. The first 6 weeks of the season will go a long ways in determining playoff seeding come January. I think they go 6-0 or 5-1 at worst. The game I’m most concerned about is Atlanta. The NFL stuck it to the Packers IMO because for the 2nd straight season the Packers are the team that has to open a new stadium. Last year in Minnesota and now in Atlanta. I think that’s a HUGE advantage for Atlanta. The fans are a little louder, a little more jacked up and the Falcons will play that much harder to open a brand new stadium with a win. IF the defense stays healthy the Packers will be the #1 seed and be in Minneapolis in February .

    1. Our defense will be the determining factor as always and I do believe we will show improvement. Our secondary could definitely show the most improvement with some new blood and veteran leadership.

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