Third Preseason Game Overshadowed by Injuries (Recap)

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  1. caruso81

    “His opposition Clay Matthews is almost guaranteed to come down with a nagging injury at some point this season given his track record.”

    I’d say it’s more likely Clay Matthews will disappear into the background, given his track record. #JAG

  2. Pandabucks

    Aaron Jones looks like our #2 back, though the other rookies are close. He just seems like the only one who ever cuts to daylight.

    I disagree on Hundley. Denver’s defense was dominating our line and smothering our receivers. Hundley looks very, very good, and would be a big upgrade for several teams right now.

    Denver’s 1st TD was starters against backups. One backup really looked good, and may have saved his job: Fackrell.

  3. Richard

    AR was not in the game when we scored our first TD, so in 2 drives he netted 3 pts.Hundley did not look great but I think it was just a manifestation of the entire offense since AR looked no better in his 2 series. Not many open receivers & poor line play. Defense looked pretty good. Held Denver starting QB to rating in the 50s, playing the entire first half.

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