Running Commentary vs. Falcons

As the Packers are the Sunday Night game and will end past my bedtime, my latest installation to PackersTalk is a commentary on the happenings throughout the night. I suppose I could wake up in the morning and whip something up, but the world’s crankiest 18 month old needs the attention during that time.



The list of Packers inactives results in immediate panic when seeing a backup tackle from Ashwaubenon High was named the starter at right tackle. For the next 45 minutes, I rapidly progress through the 12 step program. Already having a head start with acceptance (or surrender) of a thin line since training camp, I proceed quickly to Steps 9 and 10. By 7:25, and half a gin and tonic through, I am optimistic. That could still change any minute.



Dan Patrick announces the game will be delayed 5 minutes or so. It must be the mechanical sphincter of a roof malfunctioning in the stadium. The cameras show Jordy Nelson, and I’m reminded of him being the only Packer to show he had a set of balls last January.



Justin McCray is officially the starting right tackle. He’s strikes almost as much fear in opponents as Kyler Fackrell.



Martellus Bennett is dropping passes like his brother drops any semblance of a reliable story from a weekend in Vegas.



Jordy Nelson and Mike Daniels aren’t coming back. The guy from Ashwaubenon is not getting exposed at right tackle yet. Is it bad that I’ve completed the 12 step program on how to handle injuries? I don’t think so. It saves unnecessary stress from one’s life. Things have settled a little bit since the first drive by Atlanta that was essentially a continuation of the NFCCG.



NBC points out the modest concession prices in the new stadium. What a humanitarian move from Arthur Blank to make these decisions in a taxpayer funded stadium.



Rodgers is barking at someone or something on the sideline. Will his frustration light a fire under the rest of the team while down 17-7?



McCarthy has a point. That “pick” play can be a real game changer.



That ball was along the line. It’s not a fumble. Not that it probably matters. The most worrisome thing is how Rodgers got earholed by Vic Beasley.



Should I go to bed? It’s week 2. Easy. At least the Minnesota Twins had more points than the Vikings today.



This game has to be setting a record for phantom offensive pass interference penalties.

I don’t think this is a poor performance overall from the defense. The game plan against the Falcons is poor. That’s unfortunately all-too-common with a Capers unit. Losing your best player on defense doesn’t help either.



Kevin King is getting reps and I’m glad. He has looked like he belongs in with the big boys.

Is Nick Perry playing tonight?



Collinsworth sings praises for King. Deservedly so. He’s had 4 passes thrown his way with zero completions. He just stonewalled Tevin Coleman on a swing route as well.



At least they keep on bringing up the Super Bowl collapse by Atlanta.



Atlanta is hearing footsteps. Comparisons to the Super Bowl are coming to people’s minds. Settle down. Green Bay didn’t convert their 2 point conversion. New England did. If, by some miracle, Atlanta blows it again, then they will definitely never be the same.

The criticism for not kicking onsides is unwarranted. The strategy is sound here.



Well, that’s it. Hopefully nobody gets injured boarding the plane home.


John Piotrowski is a UW-Eau Claire alum, spending most of his life in western WI. He makes the trek east to Lambeau whenever possible. Follow him on twitter at @piosGBP.



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  1. Guess the Packers get all the breaks trolls will be quiet this week. Tough enough to play the defending NFC champs on the road and pumped up from a new stadium at full strength – let alone with five starters playing 0 to 5 snaps. Still a close game without phantom penalties / turnovers.

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