Packers Therapy — Episode 308 — The Fall of the House of Hundley

Packers Therapy Podcast

Even Edgar Allen Poe was shocked with the flaccid, lurid, semi-life-like performance of a moribund Packers team that got shut out by the Ravens. Chris and Dave are adjusting to the new Rodgers-less Packers, puzzling over what the heck is wrong with Brett Hundley. At this point, Poe has more life than the Packers offense.


Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is the longest-running Packers podcast on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don’t always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.

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6 thoughts on “Packers Therapy — Episode 308 — The Fall of the House of Hundley

  1. Hundley has had his opportunity with three years of study and learning under the great Big Mike QB school. What ya got? Zero, like yesterday. It’s amazes me that MM pulls Mays out after a fumble, but he leaves Hundley in the game interception after interception which were definitely Hundley fault. MM has list this team totally. The only thing making MM relevant was Rodgers Same for TT and DC. If there are no changes Rodgers will decide to become a free agent and go to 49’s, California kid, or watm weather Tampa Bay. Maybe the Raiders? Lay it on me. Season is done!!

  2. Fall of Hundley? Hell, he hadn’t risen at all. Bears with Mitch? We got lucky on that one, be realistic loyal fans!!

  3. Elway just fired his offensive coordinator, McCoy. Elway said team played soft. Elway has balls. Elway can’t stand what he’s seeing!! Why Can’t the Packers see?????? Packers stay the same course to doom, no balls to change!

  4. Why didn’t ” dumb-dumb ” put Calhan in the game . He looked better then Hundley did in preseason . That’s ” dumb -dumb , can’t try to put someone in that might prove him wrong . Who is he going to start against pit ????? . T.T. best make a change , hopefully , the right one ….

    1. Thanks, glad I’m not the only one who thinks Callahan looked better, and far more Packer-ish than Hundley, who looks…zombie-ish.

  5. I see no urgency or intensity in Hundley. I can’t believe they didn’t even try Callahan in the 2nd half. I guess I see no urgency in McCarthy, either.

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