Cheesehead Radio: Marry, Date, or Dump (Hundley) with Peter Bukowski

Remember “Marry, Date, or Dump”? The Green Bay Packers are debating their own version of the old classic with quarterback Brett Hundley, whose bottom-rung performance on Sunday as coach Mike McCarthy still saying “Marry”, while the rest of Packer Nation is clearly not as committed. We’ll talk all about Hundley, along with our special guest, […]


PTTF Episode 61: Buzz Lightyear

The guys discuss a bad Hundley performance – and the Packers QB options moving forward, a solid defensive performance – or maybe a poor Ravens offense, and the Packers playoff chances – or lack thereof. Jeff Hartman of Behind the Steel Curtain joins to help break down the Steelers side before the guys do a little game preview of […]


Packers Radio Voice Makes a Compelling Point

Wayne Larrivee, the voice of the Packers Radio Network, is a pro’s pro. He’s the best radio announcer in the NFL. He’s clear, concise, and paints a wonderful picture of the game through his words over the radio airwaves. While he’s pulling for the hometown team, he isn’t over the top about it. He keeps […]


Packers Therapy — Episode 308 — The Fall of the House of Hundley

Even Edgar Allen Poe was shocked with the flaccid, lurid, semi-life-like performance of a moribund Packers team that got shut out by the Ravens. Chris and Dave are adjusting to the new Rodgers-less Packers, puzzling over what the heck is wrong with Brett Hundley. At this point, Poe has more life than the Packers offense. […]


Hundley Is Who We Thought He Was: So Stop Crying About It

Okay, Packers fans. Time to chill out on Brett Hundley. He is who he thought he was–at least prior to the draft. After a particularly miserable performance on Sunday, in which Hundley threw three interceptions, lost a fumble, repeatedly hung onto the ball too long and had difficulty going through his progressions, Packer Nation has […]

Share Game Predictions: Packers at Ravens

Cory Jennerjohn (@coryjennerjohn) I know Joe Flacco got himself a Super Bowl win last season, but I still don’t respect him as a passer. Added to that is Ray Rice’s bad hip and the Ravens will need to get creative just to keep drives alive. Look for Jermichael Finley to get behind a collection of […]