It was a vastly disappointing year for the Green Bay Packers. They were on a fast-track to the Super Bowl, then Anthony Barr had to go and nastily grind Mr. Rodgers throwing shoulder into the turf.

Earlier in the season, before Rodgers went down, the Packers were the heavy favorites to win the NFC North, -235 to be exact. They were also at the top of the charts to play in the Super Bowl. But that all came to an end after Barr’s Bosworth-like actions.

The Packers will need to address some concerns in the offseason after a disappointing 7-9 season. But the Packers will start the season at the top of the NFC (as far as Vegas is concerned) leading the way with the Eagles and those damn Vikings:

2019 Super Bowl 53 Odds
New England Patriots 5/1
Pittsburg Steelers 8/1
Green Bay Packers 10/1
Minnesota Vikings 10/1
Philadelphia Eagles 10/1
New Orleans Saints 16/1
Atlanta Falcons 16/1
Dallas Cowboys 18/1
Los Angeles Rams 18/1
Seattle Seahawks 18/1
San Francisco 49ers 20/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 20/1
Houston Texans 20/1
Carolina Panthers 20/1
Los Angeles Chargers 30/1
Kansas City Chiefs 30/1
Oakland Raiders 30/1
Detroit Lions 40/1
Tennessee Titans 40/1
Indianapolis Colts 40/1
Arizona Cardinals 40/1
Denver Broncos 40/1
New York Giants 60/1
Washington Redskins 60/1
Miami Dolphins 60/1
Chicago Bears 100/1
New York Jets 100/1
Buffalo Bills 100/1
Cleveland Browns 100/1
Cincinnati Bengals 100/1

As you can see, the Packers are not only leading the charge in the NFC but technically in the top-three in the NFL to win Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl 52

It doesn’t really matter how much you despise the teams playing … it’s the Super Bowl and we are all going to watch. The Pats opened up as 6-point favorites over the dastardly Eagles, and it has since moved down to just 5 points. But we can almost guarantee that once Rob Gronkowski is cleared from concussion protocol, we’ll see that line move back up to 6.5 or 7 points. But, that’s not really what we are here to talk about. We’re here to look at some props and how you can use Las Vegas betting lines to make your Super Bowl parties more fun!You may not have noticed, but ever since the Super Bowl prop of whether or not William ‘the Refrigerator’ Perry would score a touchdown in Super Bowl XX, the props market has grown exponentially. Last year Westgate posted 400 props!

Let’s look at some of the usual suspects that you could use in your party similar in style to office pools.

The Coin Toss –This one is pretty self-explanatory. There are usually even odds on -110/-110 on whether the coin will land Heads or Tails.

The Gatorade Toss – No, it’s not really called that, but I thought it was funny following the Coin Toss. There are varying odds on which color the winning coach will get doused with … Orange usually leads the way.

National Anthem –  Will the song last for more than two minutes or less? Currently OVER 2:00 is the –160 favorite. Will the singer omit a word? And will the performer be wearing a hat are also on the boards each year.

Half-Time Show – There are a plethora of half-time show props each year, such as whether or not ‘Left Shark’ will make an appearance, will a performer have a wardrobe malfunction (you can thank Janet Jackson and her nipples for that one), how many wardrobe changes will there be, what will the first song be, and the infamous cleavage prop.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! To get your Super Bowl LII party rocking Be sure to check SBR as they will be updating the Super Bowl Prop Bets as the lines are released.