The Minnesota Vikings were destroyed this past weekend in Philadelphia vs. the Eagles. This, along with the Patriots making their 76th Super Bowl appearance during the Brady/Belichick era, were the biggest takeaways from the weekend. Yet, as badly as the Vikings were destroyed, it can be argued they weren’t destroyed as badly as any semblance of courtesy and respect that Philly fans displayed on Sunday. The fact that Philadelphia fans are awful has been known for generations. Even a quick internet search about Philadelphia fans brings up articles from 7 years ago about how they’re the worst in America.

Hard objects, primarily beer cans, were hurled at anything not wearing dark green on Sunday. This included the Vikings team bus and women wearing purple.

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Case Keenum, the starting quarterback for Minnesota, reported his family was harassed at the game. Travel agencies around the state of Minnesota issued warnings for their fans traveling to the game. Enough of Philadelphia’s finest contingent picked up word of Vikings fans being warned. They reacted like sharks when the water is chummed. The warnings were taken as badges of honor well before the first beers were cracked on Sunday morning throughout the various dirty parking lots around Lincoln Financial Field filled with east coast citizens with high bravado and low IQs. By midday Sunday, numerous cans of Bud Light had been hurled at innocent bystanders. Gauntlets popped up around to terrorize opposing fans simply walking to their seats.


These are the biggest scumbags/cowards in American sports, maybe even in general. They are not tough. They’re the opposite of tough. Yes, of course the majority of Philly fans probably aren’t like this,¬† but a minority that’s way too large are. That minority is large enough that if an asteroid hit Lincoln Financial Field, it would be doing Darwin a huge favor.

An easy lesson can be gleaned from this spectacle of disgusting humanity: Don’t be Philly.

How often, at Lambeau Field, have you seen mobs of people harass opposing fans simply for wearing different colors and walking? How many times has the city had to grease it’s light poles because it fully expected mobs of extras from the movie¬†Idiocracy to be climbing them, win or lose? How many times have opposing fans in Green Bay been consistently assaulted with flying objects? If it’s easy to find reports and videos of these occurring at Lambeau Field, please post them in the comments section.

Now of course Lambeau Field has more than enough people with the mental capacity of cro-magnon man waltizing around with Miller Lites acting inappropriately. However, they don’t assemble in large groups, because there just aren’t enough stupid bumbling assholes as there are in the Greater Philadelphia metro. Let’s keep it this way.

And for all the complaining Minnesota fans have done about the arrogance and rudeness of Packers fans, they learned the truth the hard way.

This is a kid’s game. Be rational. Don’t be faux tough guys. Continue keeping Lambeau Field classy, even when present-day proof of Idiocracy makes it’s way to Green Bay in the guise of Philadelphia fans.


John Piotrowski is a UW-Eau Claire alum, spending most of his life in western WI. He makes the trek east to Lambeau whenever possible. Follow him on twitter at @piosGBP.